Main Street is one of three Extreme Difficulty tracks. It was released on May 10, 2012 alongside Lightning Scar. It is unlocked at Rank 50 (55 in Deluxe.)


At least Rank 50 and a cost of Monkey Dollar25 for each attempt is required to play Main Street and all the other rules for Extreme Difficulty apply. However, in the iOS version, Monkey Dollar50 is required.


The track is in the shape of a plus symbol with two paths intersecting at the centre. The Bloons emerge from the left and the top, following their respective roads until they reach the opposite side before exiting. There is water in the top right corner where you can place aquatic towers. In the other corners there are buildings and grass. There are sidewalks bordering each corner section.


Rewards Easy Medium Hard
Awesome Points* 50 125 250
Experience Points 100,000 250,000 500,000
Monkey Money** $900 $1,200 $1,800

* - Only awarded in BTD5

** - Only awarded in BTD5D

BTD5 Mobile Token rewards:






Name Awesome Points Image
Main Street Bronze AwesomeIcon50 Main-Street-Bronze
Main Street Silver AwesomeIcon125 Main-Street-Silver
Main Street Gold AwesomeIcon250 Main-Street-Gold

Differences between BTD5 Flash and BTD5 MobileEdit

Nerf It now costs more to play Main Street (Monkey Dollar 25 —> Monkey Dollar 50)

Buff Winning on Main Street earns the same amount of rewards as other Extreme tracks (rather than half the amount).

Strategies and TipsEdit

Main article: Main Street/Strategies



Dart Monkeys on the road

Not safe realistically but at least these Dart Monkeys don't get run down by Bloons.

  • This is the second Extreme Difficulty track in all of the Bloons TD series.
  • You get half the rewards as Bloontonium Lab but it costs half as much to play.
  • This track is almost identical to the Consecrated Ground map in BMC, with the exception that Main Street has water; and the Consecrated Ground map has a slightly longer path going left to right.
  • The horizontal path of the track is longer than its vertical counterpart.
  • The illustrations of the paths are of the widest compared to any other BTD track.
  • It is possible to place towers on the road but not on the white road markings, since that's where the bloons float along.
  • It is considered the easiest extreme track in BTD5, due to the crossing over of the two lanes. It is also arguably easier than some expert tracks such as Death Valley and Down the Drain because having 2 paths that touch.
  • Oddly, the bloons are moving on the lane lines instead of the lanes like real cars do. This is probably if it did, there would be 4 entrances and 4 exits (like a real intersection) and the track would be way more difficult to complete.

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