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Deals much more damage and immobilizes MOAB class bloons for a short time.
~ In-game description

Maim MOAB is the fourth upgrade of Path 1 for the Sniper Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It allows the Sniper Monkey to temporarily stun most MOAB-class bloons (MOABs are stunned for 3 seconds, BFBs are stunned for 1.5 seconds, and ZOMGs and DDTs are stunned for 0.75 seconds), except BADs and Boss Bloons, which cannot be stunned at all. It deals 30 damage per hit instead of 20, with an additional 15 damage to Ceramics for a total of 45. Camo detection, accessible via the Night Vision Goggles crosspath or by external means, is required to detect DDTs. With Shrapnel Shot, each shrapnel piece deals 6 damage instead of 4 from Deadly Precision, and stun MOAB-class bloons for 66% of the full duration upon damaging.

Compared to its BTD5 predecessor, Maim MOAB is significantly cheaper & deals extra damage especially against blimps.

This upgrade costs $4,800 on Easy, $5,650 on Medium, $6,100 on Hard, and $6,780 on Impoppable.



Maim overview

4-0-0 Maim MOAB stunning a MOAB

Maim MOAB grants the Sniper Monkey a ghillie suit in place of the jacket and beret, with two dark green bands over the camo pattern on its helmet. Its rifle is also entirely black, rather than possessing two red stripes, and its barrel gains a suppressor.

Path 2 crosspathing grants it night vision goggles and a yellow explosion symbol on its helmet. Path 3 crosspathing dyes the bands on its helmet grey, then orange.

Maim MOAB increases the base damage to 30 and causes every shot to stun MOAB-class bloons for a short time; MOABs are stunned for 3 seconds, BFBs for 1.5 seconds, and ZOMGs and DDTs (if visible) for 0.75 seconds. If given Shrapnel Shot, the shrapnel chunks deal 6 damage, retain 4 pierce, and stun MOABs for only 66% duration compared to the main bullet:

  • MOAB: 2 seconds
  • BFB: 1.5 seconds
  • ZOMG and DDT: 0.5 seconds

Targeting Priorities[]

Maim MOAB targets bloons using the standard targeting priorities. It shoots a snipe attack.

  • First: Targets the first bloon visible within its range.
  • Last: Targets the last bloon visible within its range.
  • Close: Targets the closest bloon visible within its range.
  • Strong: Targets the strongest bloon visible within its range.

Can receive Camo Prioritization with Night Vision Goggles, allowing it to prioritize Camo Bloons over other types.

Full Popology[]


Updated as of Version 36.2
Base stats
  • Bullet:
    • Snipe projectile, normal type, infinite range, 1.59s attack cooldown, 30 damage, 15 bonus Ceramic damage (45 total Ceramic damage), 1 impact. Stuns affected MOAB-class bloons (MOABs: 3s, BFBs: 1.5s, ZOMGs and DDTs: 0.75s).
Crosspathing interactions
  • 4-1-0: Gains camo detection.
  • 4-2-0: Bullet creates Shrapnel, which are normal damage type, spray of 5, 6 damage, 2 pierce, and inflicts stun to affected MOAB-class bloons for 66% duration (MOABs: 2s, BFBs: 1s, ZOMGs and DDTs: 0.5s).
  • 4-0-1: Bullet attack cooldown reduced from 1.59s to 1.11s.
  • 4-0-2: Bullet attack cooldown reduced from 1.11s to 0.779s.
Monkey Knowledge interactions
  • EliteMilitaryTrainingIcon Elite Military Training: All Military Monkeys get a one-off +1000 XP and earn XP in-game 5% faster permanently.
  • CeramicShockIcon Ceramic Shock: Ceramic Bloons shot by all Snipers are slowed down for 2 seconds.
  • CheaperMaimingIcon Cheaper Maiming: Maim MOAB cost reduced by $1,000.
    • $4,250, $5,000, $5,400, and $6,000 reduced to $3,250, $4,000, $4,400, and $5,000 on Easy, Medium, Hard, and Impoppable, respectively.
  • FlankingManeuversIcon Flanking Maneuvers: Attacks 10% faster when set targeting priority to "Last".
  • MilitaryConscriptionIcon Military Conscription: First military tower costs only ⅔ of the original cost.
    • Sniper Monkey base cost from $300, $350, $380, and $420 → $200, $235, $255, and $280 on Easy, Medium, Hard, and Impoppable, respectively.
  • AdvancedLogisticsIcon Advanced Logistics: All Military Monkeys base costs reduced by 5%.
    • Sniper Monkey base cost from $300, $350, $380, and $420 → $285, $330, $360, and $400 on Easy, Medium, Hard, and Impoppable, respectively.
      • If Military Conscription is also enabled, the final cost will be $185, $215, $235, and $260.
  • MonkeyEducationIcon Monkey Education: All Monkeys XP earn rate increased by 8%.
  • BetterSellDealsIcon Better Sell Deals: All Monkeys sell for 5% more. Increases sell potency from 70% to 75%.
  • VeteranMonkeyTrainingIcon Veteran Monkey Training: All Monkeys reload time reduced by 3%.

Attack Interactions[]

See also: Attack Interactions/Bloons TD 6/Military
Updated as of Version 36.2
Base attack(s)
  • Bullet:
    • Normal Type (pops Black, White, Purple, Lead, Frozen) Normal
    • Single Projectile Single Projectile
    • Snipe Snipe
    • Impact Impact
    • Full Map Range (unspecified description of how the tower can attack beyond basic range) Full Map Range
    • Extra damage to all bloon types (20 -> 30) Extra Damage (30)
    • Extra damage versus Ceramics (unspecified damage) Extra Damage to Ceramics (+15)
    • Stun (MOAB-class Bloons, unspecified alt effect variant) Stun MOAB (MOAB: 3.0s, BFB: 1.5s, ZOMG and DDT: 0.75s)


Updated as of Version 43.0. Listed prices exclude external buffs, any sacrifices, and Monkey Knowledge.
[Module | Data] Purchase Sell
Costs Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade (4-X-X) $4,800 $5,650 $6,100 $6,780 -
Total (4-0-0) $9,045 $10,650 $11,505 $12,780 $6,332 $7,455 $8,054 $8,946
Crosspath (4-1-0) $9,255 $10,900 $11,775 $13,080 $6,479 $7,630 $8,243 $9,156
Crosspath (4-2-0) $9,635 $11,350 $12,260 $13,620 $6,745 $7,945 $8,582 $9,534
Crosspath (4-0-1) $9,425 $11,100 $11,990 $13,320 $6,598 $7,770 $8,393 $9,324
Crosspath (4-0-2) $9,805 $11,550 $12,475 $13,860 $6,864 $8,085 $8,733 $9,702

This upgrade's prices (or included crosspath's prices) are affected by the following MK: MilitaryConscriptionIcon Military Conscription, AdvancedLogisticsIcon Advanced Logistics, CheaperMaimingIcon Cheaper Maiming, BetterSellDealsIcon Better Sell Deals



Maim MOAB is an incredibly useful long-ranged option for immobilizing MOAB-class bloons with its stuns. Without the appropriate crosspath, it may have limited stun potential versus groups of blimps, but for its price it not only stuns blimps from an infinite range but it can also deal considerably high damage to them and its children too.

Compared to other stalls, such as MOAB Glue, Bloon Sabotage, and Icicle Impale, Maim MOAB is better against single-target bloons, although opting for the Shrapnel Shot crosspath instead of Even Faster Firing can be extremely effective against grouped blimps especially when positioned carefully. While Maim MOAB is not as consistent as the other three at slowing down groups of blimps, its infinite range advantage, ability to near-permanently stall a single MOAB, and very solid damage makes this one of the best mid-game towers. Not only that, but a 4-2-0 Maim MOAB can be extremely helpful against DDTs during lategame by clumping them up when immobilising them.

The better crosspath for Maim MOAB depends on the occasion, but in general, 4-2-0 is superior. This is because a majority of late-game rounds contain dense groups of blimps, allowing the Main MOAB to constantly stall many MOABs each round, especially against groups of BFBs or MOABs. The 4-0-2 path is superior at pure single-target stunning, but quickly gets overwhelmed against multiple MOABs.


  • The CheaperMaimingIcon Cheaper Maiming MK will reduce the cost of Maim MOAB by $1,000, regardless of difficulty. This will save a significant amount of money when spamming Maim MOABs or just getting a Maim MOAB in preparation for MOAB rounds.
  • Similar to most Sniper Monkey upgrades, it is best to set the Maim MOAB on Strong on most occasions. On a few select cases, such as attempting to increase the stockpile of Perma-Spike spike piles, setting one Maim MOAB on Last ensures that one single ZOMG remains unable to reach the map until it pops into BFBs.
    • Note that Strong targeting can cause MOABs to leak if a BFB is on the screen. Ensure that the other towers can defeat these MOABs.
    • When using 4-0-2, most of the time setting on Strong is better, but sometimes setting to Last is more important to focus on permastunning one single ZOMG rather than simply reducing progress of multiple ZOMGs.
    • When using 4-2-0, place the Sniper such that the shrapnel can damage multiple MOAB-class bloons per shot. In these cases, setting on First or Close might suit better at certain angles.
    • Use the 4-0-2 crosspath for near permastunning single ZOMGs or to highly clump individual strong blimps. #Ouch typically favors the 4-0-2 crosspath to consistently stun ZOMGs, as there are very few angles that properly take advantage of shrapnel via 4-2-0.
    • Use 4-2-0 crosspath for stunning groups of blimps in general. Both bullets and shrapnel from a 4-2-0 Maim MOAB stun any blimp damaged by them. Not only that, but shrapnel gains even more damage. Placement matters much more for a 4-2-0 Sniper in order to optimize its shrapnel, and try targeting the 4-2-0 Sniper such that it shoots opposite to the direction of the blimps.
  • On higher rounds, especially Rounds 85, 94, 96, 97, and 98, one single 4-0-2 Maim MOAB can almost completely stall in place one ZOMG when set on Strong immediately to Last. This will set the ZOMG far away from the map, leaving it almost completely behind all defenses. This is extremely useful to recharge abilities or specifically synergize with Perma-Spike to create absurdly large spike piles capable of defeating dense rounds.
  • For Boss Bloon Events, Main MOAB set to Last is an easy and effective stalling option for later rounds on Least Cash or Least Tiers weeks, though rarely the most optimal one.

Version History[]

Balance Changes[]

Maim MOAB was a lot cheaper than its BTD5 functional counterpart when BTD6 was first released, and still is with subsequent updates. However, with other viable anti-MOAB slowdowns and stuns out there, Maim MOAB simply was once outshined outside simple Perma-Spike stall strategies. It gained some buffs including a price reduction over updates. The most significant buffs were its slightly lower price and increased viability of Path 2 crosspath as a grouped stun option.

Maim MOAB, like many other Sniper Monkey upgrades, had received crosspathing changes aimed to discourage exclusively Path 3 crosspathing. For this upgrade, 4-2-0 Maim MOAB now deals more shrapnel damage and can stun blimps, making this crosspath viable against grouped blimps.

Initial release (compared to BTD5)
  • BUFF Maim MOAB (named Cripple MOAB in previous games) costs less ($12,500 → $7,000)
  • BUFF Maim MOAB deals more damage (18 → 30)
  • BUFF Maim MOAB costs less ($7,000 → $5,000)
  • BUFF Maim MOAB now deals +15 damage to Ceramics (from the Deadly Precision buff)
  • BUFF 4-2-0 Maim MOAB increases Shrapnel Shot fragment damage (1 → 3)
  • BUFF 4-2-0 Maim MOAB increases Shrapnel Shot fragment damage (3 → 6)
This tower felt like it's [sic] strength too heavily required the xx2 upgrade, and that this harmed crosspath choices. So we increased the base attack rate while nerfing the increase from these upgrades. This is a slight overall buff
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring mostly to base Sniper attack speed buff
  • BUFF Affected by base Sniper attack speed buff
To retain value in more Lead-heavy situations including against DDTs, this upgrade that has always allowed Lead popping to main attack will now also grant this to the Shrapnel from any shrapnel shot snipers mixing in this upgrade
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to 1-2-0 Sniper's shrapnel
  • BUFF Affected by 1-2-0 Sniper buff
Trading off rate of fire for shrapnel crosspath doesn't work well for Maim MOAB as it's all about being a stall tower, so instead of focusing on a damage increase here the shrapnel will now apply the benefits of the sniper's stun & debuff to turn this crosspath choice into a question of preference in grouping vs single target. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Maim MOAB and Cripple MOAB with Shrapnel Shot
  • BUFF 4-2-0 Maim MOAB shrapnel fragments now also benefit from stun
[...] Maim MOABs grouped stun potential when crosspathed with Shrapnel feels it is overperforming too much so the shrapnel will now have a reduced stun amount compared to the initial target hit
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF 4-2-0 Maim MOAB's shrapnel stun reduced by about 33% effectiveness
    • MOAB 3s → 2s
    • BFB 1.5s → 1s
    • ZOMG and DDT 0.75s → 0.5s
While there is some level of strategic placement to the 420 crosspath, Maim MOAB has high effectiveness for unlimited range slowing without any necessary spam use so is seeing a small price increase with a larger reduction on the T5 cost.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Maim MOAB cost increased ($5000 → $5400)
Sniper Monkey has some very powerful upgrades but also many poor stepping stones. We felt this tower needed a big price shuffle all around, pushing down the cost of many underwhelming upgrades but returning this back into stronger upgrades.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Maim MOAB price increased from $5400 to $5650
    • Overall price increase is +$50 due to Large Calibre (-$200).

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

  • Change Correctly applies stun art.
  • Change No longer applies stun art to BADs.
  • Change Description changed from "Immobilizes MOAB-Class Bloons for a short time." to "Deals much more damage and immobilizes MOAB class bloons for a short time."

Extra Notes (Version History)[]

  • While the damage increase in Version 7.0 is an objective buff, the damage buff makes its stalling last shorter, making it a nerf in certain cases.


Official artwork[]



  • The stun times for all MOAB-class bloons (except the BAD, which cannot be stunned at all) is greatest on the weakest blimps but least on the strongest bloons.
  • This upgrade is one of the few upgrades that replaces the role of a present Tier 5 upgrade of the same name that originated from BTD5. In this case, Maim MOAB replaces the role of Cripple MOAB.
  • Maim MOAB since Version 12.0 is cheaper than the Cripple MOAB from Bloons TD Battles Mobile.