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For the functionally similar BTD5 upgrade, see Cripple MOAB (BTD5).
Deals much more damage and immobilizes MOAB class bloons for a short time.
~ BTD6 description

Maim MOAB is the fourth upgrade of Path 1 for the Sniper Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It allows the Sniper Monkey to temporarily stun MOAB-class bloons (MOABs are stunned for 3 seconds, BFBs are stunned for 1.5 seconds, and ZOMGs and DDTs are stunned for 0.75 seconds), as well as deal 30 damage per hit instead of 20, with an additional 15 damage to Ceramics for a total of 45. It can stun all MOAB-class bloons types except BADs, which cannot be stunned at all. Camo detection, accessible via the Night Vision Goggles crosspath or by external means, is required to detect DDTs. With Shrapnel Shot, each shrapnel piece deals 6 damage instead of 4 from Deadly Precision, and stun MOAB-class bloons upon damaging.

Compared to its BTD5 predecessor, Maim MOAB is significantly cheaper & deals extra damage especially against blimps.

It costs $4,250 on Easy, $5,000 on Medium, $5,400 on Hard, and $6,000 on Impoppable.



Maim MOAB is a useful long-ranged option for immobilizing MOAB-class bloons with its stuns. It may have limited stun potential versus groups of blimps, but for its price it not only stuns blimps from an infinite range but it can also deal considerably high damage to them and its children too.

Compared to other stalls, such as MOAB Glue, Bloon Sabotage, and Icicle Impale, Maim MOAB is better against single-target bloons, although opting for the Shrapnel Shot crosspath instead of Even Faster Firing can be effective against grouped blimps especially when positioned carefully. While Maim MOAB isn't nearly as reliable as the other two at slowing down groups of blimps, its infinite range advantage allows it to become an easy and reliable option for stalling.

On higher rounds, especially Rounds 85, 94, 96, 97, and 98, one single 4-0-2 Maim MOAB can almost completely stall in place one ZOMG when set on Strong immediately to Last. This will set the ZOMG far away from the map, leaving it almost completely behind all defenses. This is extremely useful to recharge abilities or specifically synergise with Perma-Spike to create absurdly large spike piles capable of defeating dense rounds.

Outside of that, Maim MOAB is decently powerful during the midgame and extremely helpful against DDTs during lategame by clumping them up when immobilising them.


  • One Monkey Knowledge called "Cheaper Maiming" will reduce the cost of Maim MOAB by $1000, regardless of difficulty. This will save a significant amount of money when spamming Maim MOABs.
  • Similar to most Sniper Monkey upgrades, it is best to set the Maim MOAB on Strong on most occasions. On a few select cases, such as attempting to increase the stockpile of Permaspike spike piles, setting one Maim MOAB on Last ensures that one single ZOMG remains unable to reach the map until it pops into BFBs.
    • Do note that Strong targeting can cause MOABs to leak if a BFB is on the screen. Ensure your other towers can defeat these MOABs.
    • When using 4-0-2, most of the time setting on Strong is better, but sometimes setting to Last is more important to focus on permastunning one single ZOMG rather than simply reducing progress of multiple ZOMGs.
    • When using 4-2-0, place the Sniper such that the shrapnel can damage multiple MOAB-class bloons per shot. In these cases, setting on First or Close might suit better at certain angles.
  • On Hard Difficulty, a single 4-0-0 Sniper costs $11,020 ($5400 + $3240 + $1620 + $380 + $380 = $11,020). This could be useful when planning budget spending for CHIMPS Mode, as income generation is banned during the game.
    • Adding both Path 3 upgrades increases the total price per 4-0-2 Sniper to $11,880.
    • Alternatively, adding both Path 2 upgrades increases the total price per 4-2-0 Sniper to $11,830.
  • The better crosspath for Maim MOAB depends on the occasion. 4-0-2 is superior at pure single-target stunning, while 4-2-0 stuns multiple blimps per shot for superior grouped stunning. In general, 4-2-0 is superior, because a majority of late-game rounds contain dense groups of blimps.
    • Use the 4-0-2 crosspath for near permastunning single ZOMGs or to highly clump individual strong blimps.
    • Use 4-2-0 crosspath for stunning groups of blimps in general. Both bullets and shrapnel from a 4-2-0 Maim MOAB stun any blimp damaged by them. Not only that, but shrapnel gains even more damage. 4-2-0 is the better option for stunning groups of MOAB-class, especially against groups of BFBs or MOABs. Placement matters much more for a 4-2-0 Sniper in order to optimize its shrapnel, and try targeting the 4-2-0 Sniper such that it shoots opposite to the direction of the blimps.

Version History[]

Maim MOAB was a lot cheaper than its BTD5 functional counterpart when BTD6 was first released. However, with other viable anti-MOAB slowdowns and stuns out there, Maim MOAB simply was once outshined outside simple Perma-Spike stall strategies. It gained some buffs including a price reduction over updates.

Maim MOAB, like many other Sniper Monkey upgrades, had received crosspathing changes aimed to discourage exclusively Path 3 crosspathing. For this upgrade, 4-2-0 Maim MOAB now deals more shrapnel damage and can stun blimps, making this crosspath viable against grouped blimps.

  • Buff Maim MOAB deals more damage (18 → 30)
  • Change Correctly applies stun art.
  • Change No longer applies stun art to BADs.
  • Buff Maim MOAB costs less ($7,000 → $5,000)
  • Buff Maim MOAB now deals +15 damage to Ceramics (from the Deadly Precision buff)
  • Buff 4-2-0 Maim MOAB increases Shrapnel Shot fragment damage (1 → 3)
  • Buff 4-2-0 Maim MOAB increases Shrapnel Shot fragment damage (3 → 6)
This tower felt like it's [sic] strength too heavily required the xx2 upgrade, and that this harmed crosspath choices. So we increased the base attack rate while nerfing the increase from these upgrades. This is a slight overall buff
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring mostly to base Sniper attack speed buff
  • Buff Affected by base Sniper attack speed buff
To retain value in more Lead-heavy situations including against DDTs, this upgrade that has always allowed Lead popping to main attack will now also grant this to the Shrapnel from any shrapnel shot snipers mixing in this upgrade
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to 1-2-0 Sniper's shrapnel
  • Buff Affected by 1-2-0 Sniper buff
Trading off rate of fire for shrapnel crosspath doesn't work well for Maim MOAB as it's all about being a stall tower, so instead of focusing on a damage increase here the shrapnel will now apply the benefits of the sniper's stun & debuff to turn this crosspath choice into a question of preference in grouping vs single target. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Maim MOAB and Cripple MOAB with Shrapnel Shot
  • Buff 4-2-0 Maim MOAB shrapnel fragments now also benefit from stun

Description changes[]

  • Change Description changed from "Immobilizes MOAB-Class Bloons for a short time." to "Deals much more damage and immobilizes MOAB class bloons for a short time."



  • The stun times for all MOAB-class bloons (except the BAD, which cannot be stunned at all) is greatest on the weakest blimps but least on the strongest bloons.
  • While the damage increase is an objective buff, the damage buff makes its stalling last shorter, making it a nerf in certain cases.
  • This upgrade is one of the few upgrades that replaces the role of a present Tier 5 upgrade of the same name that originated from BTD5. In this case, Maim MOAB replaces the role of Cripple MOAB.
  • Maim MOAB since Version 12.0 is cheaper than the Cripple MOAB from Bloons TD Battles Mobile.