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Magic Monkeys Only, also known as Magic Only,[1] is a game mode in Bloons TD 6. It is unlocked after beating Standard Hard Difficulty. As the name suggests, it restricts the usage of towers similar to prior game modes Primary Only and Military Only, featuring the Magic Monkeys (Ninja Monkey, Wizard Monkey, Super Monkey, Alchemist, and Druid), as well as any Hero the player chooses.





Tower Strategies[]

  • Given the limitations of only 6 types of towers to utilize on top the difficult penalties that Hard poses on the player, the player must understand what each tower can provide.
    • Druid provides a cheap and effective early game popping power to hold off the bloons as more expensive towers can be saved up for. Mid-to-Late game requires strategies such as Poplust or using Druids as support against non-MOAB class bloons with the Path 1 upgrades and Druid of the Jungle. In late game, Spirit of the Forest can accumulate many pops on longer maps.
    • Wizard Monkey provides general popping power, with Shimmer serving as a great general Camo denial system in the correct places and Arcane Mastery providing a decent mid-game bloon popping tower that ignores Line of Sight issues. Also, the middle path provides a cheap Lead Bloon popping power and Wall of Fire is extremely effective earlygame. Prince of Darkness is very effective lategame.
    • Ninja Monkey has an interesting role, being able to provide the large bulk of the player's early-to-mid game defense, as well as it having access to Bloon Sabotage. Additionally, Sticky Bomb and Bloonjitsu help to clear the denser levels of MOABs, as well as Flash Bomb helping on critical bloon rush rounds of 63, 76 and 78. Ninja Monkey is also arguably the most reliable way to beat Purple Bloons and Camo Bloons and when combined with a Berserker Brew or Obyn Greenfoot, it becomes a power bloon-popping force.
    • Alchemist helps to establish a decent Lead popping power tower for cheap in the mid-game, as well as providing Berserker Brew and Unstable Concoction to help support the attacking monkeys. Berserker Brew with Stronger Stimulant is arguably the best supporting tower in this game mode, as it almost triples the power of Super Monkeys. Alchemist additionally possesses a superior method of income generation via Lead to Gold and Rubber to Gold on this game mode, as Jungle's Bounty is rendered less useful without Banana Farms.
      • Lead to Gold can be highly utilized on Camo Lead rounds by having a x/x/3 Wizard nearby to decamo the Camo Leads without themselves popping them, allowing Lead to Gold to convert the decamoed Lead Bloons into gold for huge income profit.
    • Super Monkey serves as the late-game tower of choice, providing a large bulk of popping power in turn for its high costs. Combining the likes of a Plasma Robo Monkey or an Sun Avatar with a Berserker Brew or Stronger Stimulant allows for a very powerful force (though Version 6.0 nerfed this synergy by expiring the Alchemist buffs after specified amounts of hits). A large weakness however is Purple Bloons once Laser Vision or higher is purchased, requiring another tower to pop them.
  • As the game mode is centered around Magic Monkeys, the hero of choice is likely to be Obyn Greenfoot, as his bonus of increasing pierce of all Druids nearby by +1, or all Magic Monkeys in his radius by +2 on top once Level 11+, allows Druids to increase their popping power of thorns to 4x. This bonus is also well felt with the Super Monkey, tripling its popping potential as well. He also works as an early Lead popping power if Alchemist is used as a supportive tower instead.
    • Other heroes can also be used as well despite the bonus, as the inclusion of a non-energy firing Hero can help pop Purple Bloon rushes that can overwhelm Super Monkeys when Druids or Ninjas are not enough. Also, every magic monkey besides the Ninja Monkey has at least one weakness against Purple Bloons.
  • No magic towers can be placed onto the water, meaning it is harder to complete this mode on tracks with lots of water such as Spice Islands, Flooded Valley and Peninsula. Alongside, the towers have expensive base tower costs which makes it harder to build multiple defenses on maps with split pathing such as Quad and Muddy Puddles.

Version History[]

  • Change Round 100 or every 100 rounds Instamonkey now only rewards Magic instamonkey for that same category from this game mode.



  • As of the 2.0 update, Magic Monkeys Only alongside other separate game modes have their own medals that can be collected and displayed on the map's border.
  • Among the “X Monkeys Only” gamemodes available, Magic Monkeys Only is the only one in the sub-mode menus to use the “X Monkeys Only” format instead of the “X Only” format.