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The hat that makes Magic Man magic. Grants incredible power to the wearer but also drives them mad
~ BATTD description

The Magic Man's Hat is an exclusive Martian trade Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD.



The Magic Man’s Hat is a yellow hat shaped like a cone, with blue tape around it.

Special Properties[]

Adds random magical attack with a cooldown of 1s. These effects are the same as Betty Grof’s attacks.


Due to having the same random effects with Betty Grof, this trinket is rightfully treated as a suitable replacement for her, giving more space to the limited Allies storage, being more cheap and possibly more effective due to the character’s faster speed.

This trinket is also a combination of most allies abilities. The effect of sucking a soul of a bloon, including MOABs and above (exluding B.A.D. is applicable for Hunson Abadeer, and with its power of painting bloons golden can also replace King of Ooo ultimately, while having much better chances for the effect to happen.

This trinket is open to a wide variety of strategies, but due to having the same compilation of passive and offensive effects, will create a disadvantage of Unpredictability, so the user should expect that if they are willing to get a large excess of money, may benefit or damage (due to flamebits, butterflies and popping) their goal.

If Magic Man’s Hat is equipped, it is recommended to remove any damage boosting trinkets or weapons, since multiple effects can stack into a Bloon and damaging it by a lot will waste the true potential of the trinket, similar to Betty Grof, she has no damage initially, which is both an advantage and disadvantage, while allowing to open for effects to stack, will not help in actually trying to attack Bloons, so it is important to pair this with other speed trinkets as well. Finn is the best character for this for his extra speed boost with Bound By Word.


Magic Man’s Hat is a medium priority, while like an alternative choice for Betty, is still not great in-game, spend Martian Crystals on other trinkets that may benefit in-game.

Magic Man’s Hat is a trinket that is not to be toyed with as something beneficial, treat this trinket for doing spontaneous experiments.



  • Betty wears this hat, having acquired it from Magic Man at the end of the episode "You Forgot Your Floaties".