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Magic Man will appear every few rounds and kidnap a random character.
~ BATTD description

Magic Man is up to his old tricks. Every 3 rounds, starting at round 5, he'll abduct one of your characters and whisk them away from the fight.

The character is chosen randomly. Try not to rely too heavily on any one character in case you lose them.

~ Cuber's description to Magic Man rule in the Martian Games
Rules icon magic man

Rule icon for Magic Man

Magic Man is a non-playable character who appears in the game Bloons Adventure Time TD. He operates the entire Martian Games by hosting a new Martian Games event every two days, each with two to three different special rules added to the chosen map for extra challenge. He also makes appearance in the Martian Games as the kidnapper while the rule "Magic Man" is active. Every three rounds completed after completing Round 5, he will fly down to the map to kidnap a random tower (including interactable sub-towers such as Warrior Bubblegum's Candy Archers and Moe's MOs, excluding on-track towers such as Banana Guards) on screen and say "Magic! You're welcome" while kidnapping. The kidnapped tower cannot be rescued; it will effectively be sold for 0 cash. However, the kidnapped tower will become available to be placed again.



The general strategy in the Magic Man ruleset is to place as many low-cost towers and sub-towers as possible, and hope that he does not steal your expensive characters. Be prepared to encounter him starting from the end of Round 5.


  • Warrior Bubblegum can lessen the chance of Magic Man targeting key towers, as her summoned sentries may be kidnapped instead. Since Warrior Bubblegum resummons her sentries automatically for free, losing a summoned sentry will cost the player nothing. In Allies Only, Moe or Party God (with Party Crashers) can serve the same purpose.
  • Regardless, it is also advised to prepare for worst-case scenarios by saving up spare cash in order to replace critical kidnapped towers, especially the highly expensive Supermonkey.
  • When combined with Deflation, depending on sentries and RNG to make high rounds in Martian Games events becomes more important, as the player has a limited amount of money to spend in the whole game, and Magic Man will eventually take away all towers the player has placed.
  • Powering up Finn with Princess Bubblegum's Royal Promise may be dangerous if Magic Man is present, because if Magic Man kidnaps either Finn or Bubblegum with Royal Promise active, the player will lose 50 lives. Be prepared to heal with the Thought Cannon Wand, Treetrunks, or Apple Pies if this happens.


When flying down to target and kidnapping it:




  • Characters with negative effect protection cannot protect themselves from getting kidnapped.
  • Kidnapped units will perform their sell animation, even though they do not give the player refunded cash.
  • If Princess Bubblegum has the Royal Promise upgrade active, and Magic Man abducts Finn or PB, the Royal Promise penalty will trigger, since this counts as selling them.
  • The portal from a Magic Man’s cameo animation reuses the same texture from Magic Door Portal and Sam’s “Mystic Portal” upgrade.
  • Magic Man’s texture for characters being abducted also reuses it from Abraham Lincoln's Penny’s character being dispersed.