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What could be better than free money?
~ BATTD description

The Magic Coin Purse is an Epic Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It has no character restrictions, letting any character equip it. When equipped to a character, it grants an extra $300 starting cash for each game, similar to its BMC counterparts. This bonus cannot stack, however; only one Magic Coin Purse can be active at one time.


Magic Coin Purse is a sack of money. Outside of it are a few stacks of gold coins.


The Magic Coin Purse is an remarkable trinket that can help players with relatively low starting cash. This can affect the sooner display of placing down more costly characters such as Commander Cassie or to buy several upgrades.

Another addition to add about Magic Coin Purse is its availability to be equipped to any character. Due to this trinket being a one-time use and not certainly beneficial for attacking as a trinket, it is advisable to equip this trinket to characters who are least worthy of attacking like Warrior Bubblegum, since her attacks are prolonged, or a setup like Eco Finn, since it mainly features an effective tool for producing income.

One of the advantages the Magic Coin Purse has is its prevention for Martian Games modification, No Trinkets. So, it provides greater reason to equip this trinket.



  • It is the only trinket to bypass the Martian Game's No Trinkets modification.
  • It is possible to bring more than one Magic Coin Purse, but since they cannot stack it isn't really wise to bring more than one Magic Coin Purse into the game or even own more than one Magic Coin Purse.
  • If it actually was possible to stack Magic Coin Purses up to the maximum possible (up to 10 times since only one character may have the same trinket, and up to 10 characters may be brought into the game), then it would be possible to get $3,000 extra starting cash.