Mage Spire

Mage Spire is a Specialty Building for the Monkey Apprentice. It costs Monkey Dollar750 to purchase (1000 in the iOS version) and increases Super Monkey cost and upgrades by 5%. When fully upgraded, it generates an additional seeking magic bolt, helpful for many of the earlier rounds. If all upgrades are bought, it will cost a total of Monkey Dollar2500 (Monkey Dollar5250 in mobile).

Even though this Specialty Building may not be as suitable for players who are total fans of Super Monkeys, this Specialty Building may suit better for those who are overconscious about Lead Bloons and Camo Bloons, which the Monkey Apprentice may easily do for a pretty low price (2/2 or better is recommended).


Picture 2

  • Initial cost is Monkey Dollar750 (1000 in the Mobile version)
  • Second upgrade costs Monkey Dollar750 (1000 in the Mobile version)
  • Third upgrade costs Monkey Dollar1000 (1500 in the Mobile version) (Magic bolt can pop 5 bloons, 6 with Monkey Fort, but pops up to 7 in the Mobile version due to Monkey Lab upgrades)
  • (Bloons TD 5 Mobile only) Fourth upgrade costs Monkey Dollar1750 (based on the premium upgrade Tiny Tornadoes)



  • The price of this Specialty Building and its upgrades has been increased in Bloons TD 5 Mobile.
  • This specialty building is exactly the same as the one in the background of the Bloons Monkey City's starting screen.
  • The Mobile version's Tier 2 description is wrong; it actually increases the attack speed by 10%, like Flash, and the range is unaffected by it. Same happens with the Tier 2 Heli Hangar effect.
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