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Fires out a powerful radial of sharpened spinning blades
~ Short description
File:BP maelstrom.png

The Maelstrom is a powerup in Bloons Pop!. It creates 4 streams of spiraling blades in the center of the map, that can pop all bloon types except for Lead Bloons. One Maelstrom can be collected from the completed scene Monklantis every 12 hours.


The Maelstrom is very useful for cleaning up scattered bloons, making it slightly better than the Spiked Ball Storm in that regard. Keep in mind that it may be less effective against Regrow Bloons as its blades have relatively low damage and pierce and can cause a Regrow farm. Obstacles also pose a similar threat, as they block and deflect the blades.



  • The icon for Maelstrom is almost identical to Super Maelstrom's ability icon in BTD6.
  • The functionality of the Maelstrom power is similar to Super Maelstrom except without lead-popping.