Pro Upgrade - Abominable! Snowman now lasts 20 rounds before melting, has a faster pop and freeze attack, and an Abominable Activated Ability that gives him turbo snowballs.
~ Official Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe description.

The Mad Snowman Pro is the Pro version of the Mad Snowman Special Agent. It is unlocked after placing down 50 Mad Snowmen.


It allows the snowman to throw faster and to melt after 20 rounds instead of 10. It also unlocks the Abominable Ability. This Pro is no longer recommended for Short-Lived (a special mission).

Abominable AbilityEdit


The Abominable Ability is the ability that is unlocked along with the Mad Snowman Pro. It allows the agent to throw snowballs at hypersonic speed for 10 seconds.


  • The Mad Snowman Pro gets a red and green scarf, gets an evil grin, and doesn't have a hat on his head.


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