For the Boomerang Monkey upgrade, see MOAB Press.
Can collide with and shove MOAB-Class Bloons, impeding their movement.
~ BTD6 descrpiton

BTD6 artwork

MOAB Shove is the third upgrade of Path 3 for the Heli Pilot in BTD6. It allows the Heli Pilot to push back MOAB-class bloons (except BAD). It costs $4250 on Easy, $5000 on Medium, $5400 on Hard, and $6000 (?) on Impoppable.

MOAB Class ShovesEdit

The MOAB Shove will shove MOAB-class bloons in different ways, dependent on the bloon types along with the quantities of the MOAB-class bloons crammed near the Heli Pilot.

  • MOABs - Single MOABs will be pushed back substantially by a single MOAB Shove Heli Pilot. Single MOAB Shove Heli Pilots can only handle a certain number of MOABs before MOABs push through that Heli Pilot.
  • BFBs - Single BFBs will be stalled at the current spot if the Heli Pilot is locked in place. Single MOAB Shove Heli Pilots can only handle a certain number of BFBs before the BFBs push through that Heli Pilot.
  • ZOMGs - Single ZOMGs will be only slowed down.
  • DDTs - Cannot be pushed without camo detection. Massively slows it down otherwise.
  • BADs - No effect at all. No amount of MOAB Shoves can slow down a BAD.

Having multiple MOAB Shoves will not enable ZOMGs to be pushed back. However, more blimps can be stalled than with only one MOAB Shove.



  • MOABs shoved back by MOAB Shove do not turn. Link to a video example. This is intentional, since the shoves are typically done perpendicular to the side of the MOAB and thus do not deviate the angle of the MOAB as it is shoved back along the map.
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