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For the Boomerang Monkey upgrade, see MOAB Press.
Can collide with and shove MOAB-Class Bloons, reversing or slowing their movement. Shove is amplified by Bigger Jets and IFR upgrades.
~ BTD6 descrpiton

MOAB Shove is the third upgrade of Path 3 for the Heli Pilot in BTD6. It allows the Heli Pilot to push back MOAB-class bloons (except BADs). When the MOAB Shove touches the hitbox of any MOAB-class bloon, it pushes the first collided blimp backwards. The MOAB Shove effect is more effective against weaker blimps but weaker against stronger blimps. With Bigger Jets, the shove effect becomes stronger.

It costs $2,975 on Easy, $3,500 on Medium, $3,780 on Hard, and $4,200 on Impoppable.


MOAB Shove allows MOAB-class bloons to become pushed back whenever it is near the Heli Pilot's helicopter. MOAB Shove can only affect one blimp per helicopter and the helicopter shoving effect can only stack once.

Visually, the helicopter gains a large grille on the front of it. Additionally, its side wings now have two green arrows per wing instead of one. The upper rudder is now green instead of grey like the rest of the helicopter.

MOAB Class Shoves[]

The MOAB Shove will shove MOAB-class bloons in different ways, dependent on the bloon types along with the quantities of the MOAB-class bloons crammed near the Heli Pilot.

  • MOABs - Single MOABs will be pushed backwards by 33% (pushed backwards by 44% with 0-1-3 or 0-2-3) by a single MOAB Shove Heli Pilot. Single MOAB Shove Heli Pilots can only handle a certain number of MOABs before MOABs push through that Heli Pilot.
  • BFBs - Single BFBs will be stalled at the current spot (pushed backwards by 11% with 0-1-3 or 0-2-3). Single MOAB Shove Heli Pilots can only handle a certain number of BFBs before the BFBs push through that Heli Pilot.
  • ZOMGs - Single ZOMGs will be only slowed down to 33% speed (slowed down to 22% speed with 0-1-3 or 0-2-3).
  • DDTs - Cannot be pushed without camo detection. Slows down to 33% speed, but does not improve with crosspathing.
  • BADs - No effect at all. No amount of MOAB Shoves can slow down a BAD.

Official sources give the following as the values for the MOAB Shove, which indicate the speed of the blimps while affected by the shove.

Blimp Shove value (003) Actual effect (003) Shove value (013) Actual effect (013)
MOAB -0.33 Move backwards at 33% speed -0.44 Move backwards at 44% speed
BFB 0 No movement -0.11 Move backwards at 11% speed
ZOMG 0.33 Move forwards at 33% speed 0.22 Move forwards at 22% speed
DDT 0.33 Move forwards at 33% speed 0.33 Move forwards at 33% speed

Having multiple MOAB Shoves will not change the amount of knockback inflicted on the same blimp. However, more blimps can be stalled at once if there is more than one MOAB Shove on screen.

MOABs have a few seconds immunity to MOAB Shove after entering the map, and after coming out of their parents.



MOAB Shove is the cheapest option for stalling MOAB-class bloons in the whole game, but it comes with low overall damage. The main benefit of MOAB Shove comes from controlling where it pushes back MOAB-class bloons, although it can only stall one MOAB-class bloon at a time. With more reliable options such as Maim MOAB or MOAB Press, MOAB Shove tends to be outclassed by those two options in popular CHIMPS games.


  • On many cases, it is better to go for 0-1-3 or 0-2-3 if the only purpose is to provide simple helicopter knockback to blimps. This is because adding Bigger Jets allows the Heli Pilot to travel faster, while the subsequent IFR upgrade allows the Heli Pilot to knockback DDTs. In addition, 0-1-3 and 0-2-3 can deal greater knockback versus MOAB-class.
  • On a couple of cases, 2-0-3 MOAB Shove is useful, as it can help follow blimps without requiring extra micro.
  • In general, a MOAB Shove isn't all that good of a support tower late-game, due to doing poorly against multiple MOAB-class Bloons. MOAB Press and MOAB Glue are superior options.
  • MOAB Shove is the cheapest but reliable way to near-permanently stall a MOAB, and it is even cheaper than a Maim MOAB in that regard. Therefore, it can be used if the Round 40 MOAB itself is a major problem for the defense.

Version History[]

MOAB Shove has the greatest effect on near-permanently stalling early MOABs, but with many other anti-MOAB support options available, its power doesn't scale as much in late-game. Alongside a price cut, it has received a buff to its crosspath interaction with Path 2.
  • Buff MOAB Shove cost decreased ($5,000 → $3,500).
  • Buff 0-1-3 MOAB Shove now pushes blimps further
    • M.O.A.B. speed: -0.33 → -0.44
    • B.F.B. speed: 0 → -0.11
    • Z.O.M.G. speed: 0.33 → 0.22
  • Change Description changed from "Can collide with and shove MOAB-Class Bloons, impeding their movement." to "Can collide with and shove MOAB-Class Bloons, reversing or slowing their movement. Shove is amplified by Bigger Jets and IFR upgrades."



  • MOABs shoved back by MOAB Shove do not turn. Link to a video example. This is intentional, since the shoves are typically done perpendicular to the side of the MOAB and thus do not deviate the angle of the MOAB as it is shoved back along the map.
  • It makes sense for Bigger Jets to improve the shoving effect of MOAB Shove, as increasing the size of the jets increase the overall motor power of the helicopter, so it can gain more propelling power to push back MOAB-class bloons harder.
  • Strangely (but also intended possibly) the MOAB Shove can push back MOAB-class bloons even if the front of the helicopter is not pointed at the MOAB.