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Super-Hard-Rending-Engine-Driven-Razors shred MOAB-Class Bloons.
~ In-game description

MOAB SHREDR is the Tier 3 upgrade for Path 2 for the Spike Factory in Bloons TD 6. All spikes from the Spike Factory now deal +4 damage to MOAB-class bloons, dealing up to 25 damage to a single MOAB-class bloon per 5-spike pile. Unlike its Bloons TD 5 Counterpart upgrading to the MOAB SHREDR upgrade does not grant the Spike Factory with a substantial attack speed bonus but its compensated with a much greater damage bonus versus MOAB-class plus a considerably lower price tag.

It costs $2,125 on Easy, $2,500 on Medium, $2,700 on Hard, and $3,000 on Impoppable.



The main body of this Spike Factory is now purple on top, black on the bottom with the two side vents extended upward and sharing the same color scheme; the actual vents are also green, and the main port's teeth are now triangular.

Crosspathing with path 1 adds a red rim along the main port before switching it out for a red main body and orange-yellow flame symbol; the spike piles become visibly denser and then glow white-hot.

Crosspathing with path 2 turns the bottom half, excluding the feet, a light blue, then adds light grey gears on either vent.


MOAB SHREDR retains the increased attack speed of Even Faster Production, and adds +4 MOAB damage to every spike, for 5. It is otherwise identical to its previous upgrade.

Targeting Priorities[]

MOAB SHREDR defaults on Normal targeting priority, which dispenses the spikes onto nearby bloon track in a semi-sporadical behavior. If given Smart Spikes, it will also receive Close, Far, and Smart.

  • Normal: Targets spike piles in a somewhat sporadical way, spreading spikes as evenly as possible within its range.
  • Close: Targets the closest region(s) of track within range.
  • Far: Targets the furthest region(s) of track within range.
  • Smart: Prioritizes the track with the Bloon the farthest through it, then targets the spot on that track closest to the exit.



MOAB SHREDR excels most at MOAB damage, but due to the nature of its attack, it requires time to build up its spikes and specific usage to prevent its spikes from being wasted on bloons, which it deals no extra damage to. This makes it difficult to use to its maximum potential.

Unlike most Spike Factory upgrades, it is often useful to place the MOAB SHREDR near the entrance to deal very high damage against MOABs that are entering the map as there's little to no point stockpiling the spikes due to resulting children.

Therefore, it is generally only used as MOAB damage on rounds where there are not a lot of regular bloons (most notably Round 40, 60, 80, 100, etc.), or as a stepping stone to Spike Storm.


  • It is almost always better off going for 2-3-0 than 0-3-2 MOAB SHREDR, because the larger spike piles massively increases the Spike Factory's overall popping power. In addition, the White Hot Spikes upgrade allows it to pop Lead Bloons and Frozen Bloons, and can be a big help against defeating DDTs.
  • 0-3-2 outputs more overall stockpile damage on longer maps, due to the much increased spike lifespan from Long Reach and the brief start-of-round attack speed bonus from Smart Spikes.
  • MOAB SHREDR deals far more DPS versus MOAB-class bloons for its cost than any other Tier 3 Spike Factory or below. Even when a 0-3-0 MOAB SHREDR is compared to a 3-2-0 Spiked Balls or a maxed out 0-2-3 Long Life Spikes, MOAB SHREDR ends up outbeating either two at simply MOAB-class damage. Bear in mind that the optimal Tier 3 Spike Factory competitors work better at tanking normal bloons, however.
  • It is sometimes viable to avoid the bloon children while wreaking havoc to MOAB-class bloons. If two pathways are very close to each other, the spikes may only get in contact with blimps, but not with the insides. A good example of this is the entrance and exit of Winter Park.

Version History[]

MOAB SHREDR is slightly stronger than it was when it was first released. The slight price drop and MOAB-class damage bonus has helped its performance versus MOAB-class overall.

  • Buff MOAB SHREDR is now cheaper ($3000 → $2500).
  • Buff MOAB SHREDR deals increased damage to MOAB-class (4 → 5).
  • Nerf Base projectile lifespan reduced from 70s to 50s.
  • Buff Spike Factory attack speed increased (0.99s → 0.98s).


Official artwork[]


  • MOAB SHREDR is the only upgrade in the entire franchise whose upgrade name consists of only capital letters and spaces. The IFR upgrade also consists of only capital letters and no lowercase letters, but there are no spaces in the name of the aforementioned upgrade.