Heavy Kylie boomerangs hits MOAB-Class Bloons multiple times per throw and sometimes knocks them back a short way along the path.
~ BTD6 Description

MOAB Press is the 4th upgrade on the bottom path of the Boomerang Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It adds an additional boomerang attack that pushes back MOAB-Class Bloons while dealing 5 damage per 0.1s contact, inflicting an average of 70 damage on MOAB-class per special boomerang. The pierce of these special boomerang attacks is 200 without Path 1 crosspathing, 300 with Improved Rangs, and 420 with Glaives. These special boomerang attacks trigger only on any MOAB-class bloon except BADs, and are thrown every 10.0s (every 7.5s with 0-1-4 or every 5.625s with 0-2-4).

It costs $1870 on Easy, $2200 on Medium, $2375 on Hard, and $2640 on Impoppable.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

MOAB Press is an extremely powerful tower in the game as its cheap price allows it to be easily tagged on to many defenses. In combination with most other blimp stallers, most notably MOAB Glue, it is able to use its strong pushback and decent damage to support other towers weak against hyperdense rounds. In an strategy with a high number of MOAB Presses, it is possible for it to serve as the main MOAB DPS tower.

The weaknesses of MOAB Press comes from their poor ceramic-popping power, as well as poor popping power versus DDTs and BADs, but usually towers such as 3-2-0 Spiked Balls army or 0-2-5 Permaspike can handle those weaknesses easily and work in tandem to create an extremely powerful strategy.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • MOAB Press is an extremely strong tower dealing fair damage to MOABs while pushing them back. While it has most seen use on Round 100 to push back spawned ZOMGs, it is still extremely useful in the rounds before due to its low price.
  • Adding the Glaives upgrade provides the special boomerang attacks with +50% extra knockback and just over double pierce, which can be handy versus large groups of blimps, especially rounds such as Round 96 and Round 98.
  • Although both the base Kylie Boomerang attack and the special boomerang attacks already have very high pierce already, 18 pierce and 200 pierce respectively, Path 2 is often seen as more favorable, but crosspathing with Path 1 will benefit the MOAB Press better against higher-density rounds, which works towards its main strength.
  • For most situations, it is more worth going for Path 1 over Path 2, to greatly push back dense groups of blimps. Having a good number of 2-0-4 MOAB Presses can actually handle difficult grouped blimp rounds pretty well, especially along straight lines. Add Path 1 for spaced or faster blimps such as early MOABs, or to fill in the lack of knockback between the 2-0-4 MOAB Press attacks.
  • One 0-0-4 MOAB Press costs $4565 on Hard Difficulty. Especially useful for CHIMPS Mode.
    • The cost increases to $5025 on Hard Difficulty with the 0-2-4 crosspath. Saving money off Primary Mentoring reduces that cost to a minimum of $4705.
    • The cost increases to $5065 on Hard Difficulty with the 2-0-4 crosspath. Saving money off Primary Mentoring reduces that cost to a minimum of $4755.
  • MOAB Press is very potent in combination with MOAB Glue, due to its cheap price and slowing capabilities, allowing MOAB Press to affect more blimps with one heavy boomerang. Since both of these are primary towers, using a top-path Village to boost them is ideal.
    • Because MOAB Presses push blimps by a set amount of units, rather than by a percentage speed backwards, adding MOAB Glue will additionally make the MOAB Press's knockback effect significantly more apparent. Other stalling towers will apply a similar effect.
    • MOAB Press also appreciates other stallers such as Icicle Impale and Striker Jones, but they are harder to add on to a strategy compared to the cheaper MOAB Glue.
  • MOAB Press armies benefit greatly from Primary Mentoring, saving a good amount of money per MOAB Press while also boosting range of each MOAB Press.
  • Adding an army of MOAB Presses can be used to inflict massive stalling power and damage against MOAB-class bloons besides DDTs and BADs. Pair with towers that are suitable for countering Ceramics, DDTs, and BADs, as these are the only main weaknesses for MOAB Press armies.
    • 3-2-0 Spiked Balls army or 0-2-5 Permaspike can be used to clean up the Ceramics underneath.
    • 2-4-0 Spike Storm or 0-2-5 Permaspike + Acidic Mixture Dip can be used to handle both DDTs and BADs.
    • Having a large MOAB Press army + The Biggest One is surprisingly good at beating high-density blimp rounds on moderate length maps, as The Biggest One counters the Ceramic weaknesses, while the MOAB Press army deals with the high-HP blimps.
  • If possible, place MOAB Press so that it throws in a straight line against the direction of the track, so that each special boomerang attack can hit the same MOAB-class bloon more often, thereby inflicting much more knockback and damage to the affected MOAB-class bloons.

Rare Usages[edit | edit source]

  • Because the special boomerang can activate as soon as the upgrade is bought, it is possible to buy-and-resell a MOAB Press to deliberately knockback blimps backwards at will. When used for the purposes of buy-and-resell, it is better off using the 2-0-4 crosspath, but be sure to buy the Glaives upgrade before upgrading to MOAB Press in order to add the extra knockback benefits.

Update History (BTD6)[edit | edit source]


Nerf.png Knockback Boomerangs no longer have infinite range.

Buff.png MOAB Press deals more damage to MOAB-class bloons (50 → 70)


Buff.png Special MOAB Press attack is now affected by crosspaths.


Buff.png 2-0-4 Boomerang now increases the knockback power of MOAB Press by 50%.


Nerf.png MOAB Press price increased ($1800 → $2000)

[...] MOAB Press spam is overperforming with a high 024 preference, so we are moving pierce from the base 004 into a 204 buff to give this choice some more high density round value.
~ Version 21.0 patch notes
  • Nerf.png 004 MOAB Press pierce reduced (300 → 200)
  • Nerf.png 104 MOAB Press pierce reduced (350 → 300)
  • Buff.png 204 MOAB Press pierce increased (410 → 420)
MOAB Press still feels dominant but not wildly outpacing other options so a small price increase has been made.
~ Version 22.0 patch notes
  • Nerf.png MOAB Press cost increased ($2000 → $2200)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to Version 19.0, costing only $1800 on Medium, it was the tied 4th tier cheapest upgrade in the game along with the Dart Monkey's Juggernaut. It was also the cheapest alongside Snowstorm until Version 7.0 when Snowstorm received a price nerf (although Arctic Wind price buff was more than the Snowstorm price nerf).
  • MOAB Press's upgrade icon features a boomerang moving in an arc, even though neither of the MOAB Press's boomerang attacks do move in an arc.
  • It takes at least 10 mid-path crosspath MOAB Presses in order for the free Tier 1 upgrades benefit of Primary Mentoring to save more the cost of the Primary Mentoring upgrade itself. At least 9 top-path crosspath MOAB Presses will fulfill the same thing.
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