Heavy Kylie boomerangs hits MOAB-Class Bloons multiple times per throw and sometimes knocks them back a short way along the path.
~ BTD6 Description

MOAB Press is the 4th upgrade on the bottom path of the Boomerang Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It adds an additional boomerang attack that pushes back MOAB-Class Bloons while dealing 5 damage for 14 times during the pushback, inflicting a total of 70 damage on MOAB-class per special boomerang.

It costs $1700 on Easy, $2000 on Medium, $2160 on Hard, and $2400 on Impoppable.


  • MOAB Press is an extremely strong tower dealing fair damage to MOABs while pushing them back. While it has most seen use on Round 100 to push back spawned ZOMGs, it is still extremely useful in the rounds before due to its low price.
  • Since all Kylie Boomerangs (including special MOAB Press Boomerangs) already have good amount of pierce, with 18 pierce each by itself, Path 1 upgrades are not as helpful as Path 2 upgrades.
  • To optimize the heavy boomerang attacks, it is more worth to purchase Path 2 over Path 1, for the significantly increased attack speed, although Path 1 is also somewhat useful with the Glaives upgrade if extra knockback is necessary.
  • One 0-0-4 MOAB Press costs $4350 on Hard Difficulty. Especially useful for CHIMPS Mode.
    • The cost increases to $4810 on Hard Difficulty when Path 2 upgrades are bought too.

Update History (BTD6)Edit


Nerf Knockback Boomerangs no longer have infinite range.

Buff MOAB Press deals more damage to MOAB-class bloons. (50 --> 70)


Buff Special MOAB Press attack is now affected by crosspaths.


Buff 2-0-4 Boomerang now increases the knockback power of MOAB Press by 50%


Nerf MOAB Press price increased ($1800 --> $2000)



  • Prior to Version 19.0, costing only $1800 on Medium, it was the tied 4th tier cheapest upgrade in the game along with the Dart Monkey's Juggernaut. It was also the cheapest alongside Snowstorm until Version 7.0 when Snowstorm received a price nerf (although Arctic Wind price buff was more than the Snowstorm price nerf).
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