Heavy Kylie boomerangs hits MOAB-Class Bloons multiple times per throw and sometimes knocks them back a short way along the path.
~ BTD6 Description

MOAB Press is the 4th upgrade on the bottom path of the Boomerang Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It adds an additional boomerang attack that pushes back MOAB-Class Bloons while dealing 5 damage for 14 times during the pushback, inflicting a total of 70 damage on MOAB-class per special boomerang. It costs $1,530 on Easy, $1,800 on Medium, $1,945 on Hard, and $2,160 on Impoppable.


  • Again, since all Kylie Boomerangs (including special MOAB Press Boomerangs) already have good amount of pierce, with 18 pierce each by itself, Path 1 upgrades are not as helpful to help MOAB Press Boomerangs as Path 2 upgrades. It is worth going for Path 2 for the 50% faster attack speed to increase both the overall DPS from the normal boomerangs and the special MOAB Press boomerangs, rather than by simply adding only up to +9 pierce from Path 1 upgades.
  • One 0-0-4 Boomer costs $4350 on Hard Difficulty. On CHIMPS Mode, it is a very useful cheap tower that can used to knockback ZOMGs without spending too much money.
    • The cost increases to $4790 on Hard Difficulty when Path 2 upgrades are bought too.

Update History (BTD6)Edit


Nerf Knockback Boomerangs no longer have infinite range.

Buff MOAB Press deals more damage to MOAB-class bloons. (50 --> 70)


Buff Special MOAB Press attack is now affected by crosspaths.


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