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A powerful mine that detects the presence of MOAB-Class Bloons and will explode causing lots of damage.
~ Bloons TD 6 description

MOAB Mine is a Power in Bloons TD 6. It can be purchased for BloonjaminsIcon50. When placed, it sits on the track. If a MOAB-class Bloon is in range, it explodes, causing massive damage to it. Up to 10 MOAB-class bloons can become touched by one MOAB Mine; if the limit is reached the MOAB Mine disappears. Non-M.O.A.B. Class Bloons will simply ignore it. Each explosion deals 300 damage (400 with MaulingMoabMinesIcon Mauling MOAB Mines MK) to the affected target, enough to destroy standard MOABs, but not Fortified or any higher ranked blimps. In Contested Territory it is also a Relic Knowledge, in which it has up to 1 use per game.

MOAB Mines can also target Boss Bloons. They can only explode on Boss Bloons once, but if you quit the game to home and re-enter the Boss game after a round has passed, they can explode again if the Boss bloon is close enough.



Mostly used to counter Round 40 MOABs, which pose a threat mainly due to the MOAB layer itself. Popping a blimp will always spawn its direct offspring, as its hits do not soak through blimp layers. If using it against a Round 40 ABR MOAB, be wary that 100 more hits are necessary to break off that tough outer layer and destroy its offspring.


  • Do not rely on this for the late-game rounds, as the majority of bloon spawns consist of MOAB-class bloons, and therefore will eat away at the MOAB Mines too quickly to sustain. Instead, use MOAB Mines for countering early blimps.

Contested Territory Tips[]

  • The Relic Knowledge variant from Contested Territory grants the player one use of MOAB Mine, which are effective on Least Tiers tiles in particular because it evades the need to have MOAB-class popping power if rounds end before Round 54, or just to mitigate some troublesome MOAB-class rounds.
    • For rounds up to Round 55, only the Round 40 MOAB should be beaten normally, which afterwards the next MOABs can be dealt with purely the MOAB Mine.
    • Beating Round 40 and 50 without MOAB Mine allows up to Round 56 with MOAB Mine.
  • MOAB Mines serve useful on Least Cash for similar reasons to Least Tiers, although not quite as important in comparison.
  • On Boss Bloon Event tiles, this power is generally only useful for chipping more damage to the boss itself, and is outclassed by Super Monkey Storm if available.

Version History[]

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When placed:



  • MOAB Mine can be placed on any type of lane (including non-water lanes) despite looking like a sea mine.
  • It takes 5000 MOAB Mines to destroy Tier 3 Elite Bloonarius in its entirety, as shown on this Reddit post on r/btd6.