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MOAB Maulers do much more damage to MOAB-Class Bloons and ceramics.
~ BTD6 Description

MOAB Mauler (sometimes shortened to Mauler) is an upgrade to the Bomb Shooter in BTD6. This upgrade returns as the third upgrade of Path 2, like in BTD5. Unlike BTD5, it shoots missiles that deal +18 damage to MOAB-class bloons instead of 10 damage, along with +4 damage to Ceramics. It still deals 1 damage to normal bloons. Additionally, MOAB Mauler adds bonus range on top of the Missile Launcher upgrade.

It also costs the same prices as in BTD5 too, costing $765 on Easy, $900 on Medium, $970 on Hard and $1080 on Impoppable.


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The MOAB Mauler is a cheap option to bolster your MOAB defense mid-game. You can choose to use it as your main form of MOAB popping by using many MOAB Maulers, or buy a small amount for support. The latter is usually considered, as many good towers deal well with MOABs already, and it can be quite tedious to buy many MOAB Maulers. Consider using it, especially if when paired with Striker Jones as your active hero.


  • Always set the targeting of your MOAB Mauler to Strong unless you need to hit another blimp/ceramic earlier.
  • Place MOAB Maulers at the start of the track, as this is the area where blimps will spawn in.
  • Pair the MOAB Mauler with anti-bloon towers such as Recursive Cluster as it is not strong enough to deal with MOABs on its own.
  • The MOAB Mauler can be be used in tandem with the Top Path Monkey Village very well. It benefits the most from the increased range from Primary Training, the free Tier 1 upgrades and further range buffs from Primary Mentoring, and even more from Primary Expertise's free Tier 1 and 2 upgrades.
  • Use Striker Jones with MOAB Maulers. They synergise well and removing the immunity of black bloon properties will help a lot.
  • For crosspaths, the top path increases its damage (including all bloons and blimps) by 1, pierce by 10 and explosion radius, while the bottom path extends its range by 17.5% and adds frags. There is not dominant crosspath, but top path can be useful in case the extra damage or pierce is needed, while the bottom path extends the range, which can be bought for a slight buff, while the Frag Bombs upgrade allows the MOAB Mauler to pop blacks and also slightly increase its bloon popping power.
  • Frag Bombs (x-x-2) is better against spaced blimps, due to increased range bonuses, while Bigger Bombs (1-x-x) is better against grouped blimps, due to its explosion size being more than double the 0-3-0 explosion size. Heavy Bombs is not really required for an effective MOAB Mauler against grouped blimps (unless you can get it for free via Primary Expertise), as it only provides 1 extra damage, though every little extra damage still counts. For earlier rounds, 0-3-2 MOAB Maulers will suffice, while later in the game 1-3-0 MOAB Maulers will become suitable for popping more MOAB-class bloons and Ceramics.

Update HistoryEdit


Buff MOAB Mauler deals more damage to MOAB-class (11 --> 16)


Buff MOAB Mauler now has increased attack speed from the Missile Launcher upgrade (every 1.2s --> 1.02s)

Buff MOAB Mauler now deals +5 damage to Ceramics as well.


Buff Base MOAB Mauler range increased from 44 to 49


Buff MOAB Mauler deals more damage to MOAB-class (16 --> 19)


Buff MOAB Mauler attacks faster (1.02s --> 0.9s)


Nerf MOAB Mauler deals less Ceramic damage (+5 --> +4)



  • Version 12.0's description for MOAB Mauler has changed to include the words "...and ceramics" (in lowercase) at the end of the official description to accommodate the extra Ceramic damage buff.
  • Compared to BTD5, a MOAB Mauler without crosspaths in BTD6 costs $2150 on Medium ($600 + $250 + $400 + $900), while a MOAB Mauler without crosspaths in BTD5 costs $200 more on Medium.
  • Although fans anticipated an inevitable nerf for MOAB Maulers leading towards Version 20.0, MOAB Maulers only received a nerf to its Ceramic damage. Ninja Kiwi stated that this was done to make MOAB Maulers "intended to be more of a MOAB Specialist". This was because before then, a Striker Jones + MOAB Mauler spam strategy was extremely effective at both MOAB-class and Super Ceramics, but the Version 20.0 nerfs made the synergy less effective against Super Ceramics.
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