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For the Bomb Tower's upgrade in BTD4, see MOAB Mauler (BTD4).

MOAB Mauler is an Achievement in Bloons TD 4 Mobile and Bloons Monkey City.

BTD4 iOS[]

Destroy 500 MOABs.
~ Locked BTD4 GC description
You destroyed 500 MOABs.
~ Completed BTD4 GC description

MOAB Mauler is a Game Center Achievement in iOS versions of BTD4. To earn this achievement, the player must pop 500 cumulative 500 MOABs. This achievement is worth 50 points on Game Center.


Mauler bmc achieve

BMC award

Moab Mauler is also an achievement in Bloons Monkey City. It is unlocked when the player destroys 1,000 M.O.A.B's and gives the player AwesomeIcon50.