MOAB Madness is an achievement in Bloons Tower Defense 5 that is awarded to the player upon successful completion of the MOAB Madness Special Mission that give you $150 of Monkey Money and will reward you with AwesomeIcon20.


  • This achievement also appears in Bloons Tower Defense 4; it can be achieved by completing the 50 MOABs challenge and it rewards you with AwesomeIcon25 instead of 20.
    Moab madness
  • The easiest way to beat this mission is by using 2 2/4 Monkey Aces, although you need to time the abilities correctly. In BTD4, spamming fully upgraded monkey ace also works.
  • On Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile You can also use 2 4-1 or 4-0 helicopters.
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