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This page contains strategies for MOAB Graveyard.

In general, you will want towers effective against MOAB-class bloons near the start of the track, and crowd-control towers near the end. Most strategies use a Monkey Village to save on cash, and upgrade it to 2/1 for the most effective boosts.

Examples of MOAB-effective towers: 1/3 Spike Factory, 2/3-4 Bomb, 4/1 Sniper, 4/0 Bloonchipper.

Examples of crowd control towers: 3/0 and 2/3 Ice Monkey, 3-4/x or 2/3-4 Boomerang, 2/3 Glue Gunner, 4/x Tack, 1/3 or 4/2 Ninja, 3/2 Bomb, 2/3 Dartling, 3/2 Spike Factory, Super Monkey at 2-3/x.

High damage towers such as 4/0 Monkey Ace, 4/0 Heli Pilot, and 2/3 Super Monkey will also work well.


  • Monkey Boosts may help if you are struggling.
  • ~10 well-placed 2/3 Bomb Shooters surrounding a 2/1 Monkey Village should break ZOMGS into Ceramics or lower (possibly less with Bomb Shooter Monkey Knowledge levels).
  • A 3/2 Ice Monkey and 2/3 Dartling at the end of the track should clear all normal bloons.
  • 6 1/3 Spike Factories near the end surrounding a 2/1 Monkey Village will clear this mission, NLL.
    • The 2 Spike Factories closest to the end of the track can be 1/2 with Spike Factory Monkey Knowledge lv3+.
    • For easier setup, a 2/3 Super Monkey can replace 3 of the Spike Factories.
  • 2 4/0 Monkey Aces in the radius of a 2/1 Monkey Village near the end of the track will clear the mission, NLL.
  • By replaying this track through "My Tracks," you can gain 1.25k city cash in around 4 minutes. This is great for beginners who cannot repeatedly complete Concecrated Ground (5k city cash in around 3 minutes), but want to fast-track their progress.