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Improved glue formula allows it to stick to MOAB-class Bloons.
~ BTD6 Description

MOAB Glue is the third upgrade of Path 3 for the Glue Gunner in Bloons TD 6. It allows the Glue Gunner to target and slow down MOAB-class Bloons (excluding BADs and bosses), slowing them by 37.5% for 12 seconds. MOAB Glue will slow all other bloons by 75% for 24 seconds, similar to its previous upgrade Stronger Glue.

It costs $2,890 on Easy, $3,400 on Medium, $3,670 on Hard and $4,080 on Impoppable.


Tower Prices[]

Updated as of Version 28.2
Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade Cost (x-x-3) $2,890 $3,400 $3,670 $4,080
Total Cost (0-0-3) $TBA $4,195 $4,525 $5,035
Total Cost (0-1-3) $TBA $4,295 $TBA $TBA
Total Cost (0-2-3) $TBA $6,095 $TBA $TBA
Total Cost (1-0-3) $TBA $4,395 $TBA $TBA
Total Cost (2-0-3) $TBA $4,695 $TBA $TBA


MOAB Glue has become a staple of a wide variety of successful CHIMPS runs as a support tower, highlighted by its slowdown attack on MOAB-class bloons without the need of abilities such as Bloon Sabotage, along with the capability of becoming highly discounted via Monkey Commerce. At a relatively low cost, each blob of glue can slow down MOAB-class bloons by 37.5% for 12 seconds, which proves especially useful on DDTs (when provided camo detection). When combined with more powerful attack towers, MOAB Glue becomes significantly more helpful at reducing the bloon speeds of almost any powerful bloon type, helping save money in the long run.

As this upgrade alone is only useful on blimps (MOAB-class bloons), it is usually best used on Rounds 81+, where significant quantities of them spawn at everso increasing speeds per round. Placing MOAB Glue Gunners near the beginning of the map not too far from the main defense will allow them to encourage attacking towers to have an easier time dealing with blimps, which will allow the glue to last on blimps within the range of the main defense.

As MOAB Glue serves mostly as a support tower, it does not require much support bonuses, besides camo detection via Radar Scanner. However, it does help to put MOAB Glue in range of Primary Training to allow the gluing of +1 additional bloons so that additional blimps can become slowed. As glue cannot ever soak through blimp layers regardless of upgrades, extra pierce is the most highly valuable asset to become paired with MOAB Glue. Thus, alongside adding Primary Training, it is better off to purchase Path 2 crosspaths for MOAB Glue for the extra pierce rather than dealing insignificant damage-over-time to affected blimps.


  • MOAB Glue is the easiest method for specifically slowing down MOAB-class bloons. Simply place it somewhere close to where blimps may congregate and set it on Strong, or on First for the blimps furthest along the track.
  • MOAB Glue can further slow down MOAB-class bloons with the "Aviation Grade Glue", slowing them down further to 50%.
  • 0-1-3 MOAB Glue is the best choice for MOAB Glue to start off with. Glue Splatter can be added if handling hyperdense rounds like Round 96 or 98, but isn't always necessary.
  • It is worth knowing that the price of a 0-1-3 MOAB Glue on Hard Difficulty is $4635 (since $295 + $130 + $430 + $3670 + $110 = $4635). This is handy in CHIMPS Mode, where every dollar spent counts towards a successful or unsuccessful outcome.
  • If considering adding MOAB Glue as slowdown, avoid adding 2-5-0 Glue Storm or 5-x-x Bloon Solver, as these two glue types will easily override MOAB Glue, wasting the slowdown effect it provides.
  • MOAB Glue pairs well with MOAB Press, clumping up multiple blimps for the MOAB Press to knockback and stall them for longer.

Version History[]

MOAB Glue has been nerfed in many updates due to how universal and reliable its slowdown effects on MOAB-class bloons are.

  • Buff MOAB Glue now uses Stronger Glue effects on non-MOAB-class bloons.
  • Nerf Cost of MOAB Glue increased ($2500 → $3200)
[...] Additional changes are a follow up reduction to The Bloon Solver's price and a small increase to MOAB Glue's price due to dominance in conjunction with MOAB Press.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Nerf Cost of MOAB Glue increased ($3200 → $3400)
[...] Very small nerf to the slow amount on MOAB Glue as it has for a long time held a dominating spot in MOAB support, but this same amount has been returned to the previous value at Tier 4. We are still looking at future improvements here, including reworking the priority tree of glue stacks.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Nerf MOAB Glue blimp slowdown reduced from 37.5% slower to 25% slower.
[...] Due to quirks with game state interactions temporarily preventing more nuanced changes, we have decided to leave MOAB Glue's slow amount on MOABs as it was previously, coming back to Relentless later. However xx4 Relentless Glue will still layer over the top of it.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff MOAB Glue slowdown reverted to 37.5%.


Official artwork[]



  • MOAB Glue was the first BTD6 Glue Gunner upgrade to be nerfed. It is also the only Glue Gunner upgrade that received a direct price nerf.
  • The glue from MOAB Glue and its subsequent upgrades appear to resemble a thick pink substance, sort of like bubblegum, or Tubby Custard from the children's television series Teletubbies.
    • While the in-game asset for the pink glue appears to be a re-color of other glues, the upgrade icon suggests the glue is thick and gooey, but its distinctive magenta pink color is similar to how traditional bubblegum contains coloring that changes color into a more recognizable pink tone.
    • As for the case with Tubby Custard, various scenes showed Tubby Custard being splat inside the Tubbytronic Superdome (the Teletubbies' home), portraying this substance as a thick and gooey.
  • MOAB Glue is the first Glue Gunner upgrade to have a price nerf twice throughout its history.
  • The upgrade for the BTD6 Glue Gunner that has been nerfed the most number of times in history belongs to MOAB Glue, for a total of 3 times: 4.0, 22.0, and 23.0.
  • MOAB Glue seems to wear ballistic vest, and his face is obscured by a suit's hood and a safety goggle.
  • There was once a bug in the Version 23.0 MOAB Glue slowdown nerf whereby the 0-2-3 MOAB Glue's splash applied the old glue slowdown but the initial hit applied the new glue slowdown. This bug no longer exists because the MOAB Glue slowdown nerf was reverted in Version 24.0.