Assassinate ability does 6x damage with a shorter cooldown.
~ In-game description

MOAB Eliminator is the fifth-tier upgrade for the Bomb Shooter's second path in Bloons TD 6.

MOAB Eliminator functions similarly to MOAB Assassin, but buffs its base damage and activated ability, increasing the ability's damage to 4500 and reducing its cooldown to 10 seconds instead of 30 seconds, which makes its ability more viable against tougher MOAB-Class Bloons, like Z.O.M.Gs, D.D.Ts, and B.A.Ds. It also increases the main tower's attack damage to M.O.A.B. Class Bloons to 80 damage per shot. The upgrade can also allow the tower's base attack to pop black and zebra bloons.


  • It is not advised to use the MOAB Eliminator's ability against single MOAB-Class Bloons like MOABs or BFBs as they will not be fully eliminated and instead leave behind their children. Instead, this ability should be used against grouped blimps as MOAB Maulers cannot easily defeat them on their own.
  • To fully maximize the MOAB Eliminator's special ability, use towers or monkeys that can further reduce its cooldown, such as Striker Jones.
  • This ability is one of three in the game that does not have an initial cooldown (the other two being Pirate Lord and Absolute Zero). Players can utilize this by being able to sell and repeatedly use the Eliminator multiple times in quick succession. This can be very effective when dealing with the B.A.D on Round 100, as 7 uses of it can completely destroy it (6 if Big Bloon Sabotage in Monkey Knowledge is owned). However, every selling of the tower will only refund 70% of the cost (75% with Monkey Knowledge) and this also cannot be utilized in C.H.I.M.P.S. mode, as selling towers is prohibited.
  • This is very useful with Tech Bot since it will auto-activate the ability. The ability will not be wasted from use against a single MOAB-class bloon.

Version History (BTD6)Edit


Buff MOAB Eliminator now has increased attack speed from the Missile Launcher upgrade (every 1.2s --> 1.043s)

Buff MOAB Eliminator main attack now deals +5 damage to Ceramics.



  • The Eliminator missile strongly resembles the MOAB Assassin's missile (when activated) from BTD 5.
  • The in-game information about this upgrade was partially incorrect. While the ability does have a faster recharge time, the damage was not 4 times as much as the MOAB Assassin, but rather 6 times as much (the Assassin does 750 damage, while the Eliminator does 4500)
    • This was corrected in the 2.0 update.
  • The Eliminator's ability, when activated plays a chime tone similarly to the First Strike Capability ability activation sound.
  • MOAB Eliminator has the shortest ability cooldown in BTD6, at only 10 seconds.
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