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Massive damage to MOABs and Assassinate ability deals 6x damage with a short cooldown.
~ In-game description

MOAB Eliminator is the fifth-tier upgrade for the Bomb Shooter's second path in Bloons TD 6.

MOAB Eliminator functions similarly to MOAB Assassin, but increases its base damage and activated ability, boosting the ability's damage to 4500 and reducing its cooldown to 10 seconds instead of 30 seconds, which makes its ability more viable against tougher MOAB-Class Bloons, especially versus ZOMGs and BADs. It also increases the main tower's attack damage versus MOAB-class Bloons to 100 damage per shot. In addition, its main missile attacks can now pop bloons with Black Bloon properties.

It costs $21,250 on Easy, $25,000 on Medium, $27,000 on Hard, and $30,000 on Impoppable.



The MOAB Eliminator is amazing at crushing ZOMGs and BADs with its ability and directly removes Round 100 as a threat. Additionally, it contributes decent damage against MOABs and BFBs with its main attack. Unfortunately, its high cost compared to other anti-MOAB abilities such as First Strike Capability on maps with water and Spike Storm on most other maps causes the MOAB Eliminator to become outclassed. In late game, the MOAB Eliminator may be used, however its damage and the high density of ZOMGs and even multiple BADs cause it to struggle heavily. That being said, Striker Jones is the best support with MOAB Eliminator, particularly with his Level 20 Artillery Command ability that both resets ability cooldowns and temporarily doubles damage for all attacks including abilities.


  • It is generally suggested to upgrade the top path to maximize the splash damage from the main attack of the MOAB Eliminator, although the bottom path grants extra range that would allow the MOAB Eliminator to have a greater reach against further away MOAB-class bloons.
  • To fully maximize the MOAB Eliminator's special ability, use towers or monkeys that can further reduce its cooldown, such as Energizer, Striker Jones, and Primary Mentoring or Primary Expertise.
    • In fact, Striker Jones pairs extremely well with MOAB Eliminator. He buffs the main attack with +20% attack speed, +25% pierce, and +5% range. His Artillery Command ability resets the MOAB Eliminator special ability, although MOAB Eliminator already has a fast cooldown, but at level 20 it also doubles the damage from both refreshed ability and its main attacks. Finally, his Concussive Shell can almost permanently stall blimps in front of the Eliminator.
  • This ability is one of four in the game that does not have an initial cooldown (the other three being Pirate Lord, Absolute Zero, and Total Transformation). Players can utilize this by being able to sell and repeatedly use the Eliminator multiple times in quick succession. This can be very effective when dealing with the B.A.D on Round 100, as 7 uses of it can completely destroy it (6 if Big Bloon Sabotage in Monkey Knowledge is owned). However, every selling of the tower will only refund 70% of the cost (75% with Monkey Knowledge) and this also cannot be utilized in C.H.I.M.P.S. mode, as selling towers is prohibited.
  • This is very useful with Tech Bot since it will auto-activate the ability. The ability will not be wasted from use against a single MOAB-class bloon.
  • While quite expensive compared to other anti-BAD options, MOAB Eliminator is very reliable against the BAD, especially when paired with Level 20 Striker Jones' Artillery Command and Primary Expertise's reduced cooldowns. It pairs successfully with Cluster Bombs spam to support the general high-HP weaknesses of such other towers.

Version History[]

Most of the MOAB Eliminator's balance changes are inherited by those from MOAB Mauler and MOAB Assassin. It has overall been buffed, but only slightly.

  • Buff MOAB Eliminator now has increased attack speed from the Missile Launcher upgrade (every 1.2s → 1.02s)
  • Buff MOAB Eliminator main attack now deals +5 damage to Ceramics.
  • Buff Base MOAB Eliminator range increased from 44 to 54
  • Buff MOAB Eliminator attacks faster (1.02s → 0.9s)
We're really excited about the recent rise in Bomb fame, and we want to encourage this by buffing some of the detracting parts of Bomb Shooters. But larger groups of basic T3 Maulers are now performing far too well against everything when they are intended to be more of a MOAB Specialist. This change means little in the early game, but should pull these groups back a little in more higher round gameplay.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff MOAB Eliminator deals more MOAB-class damage (80 → 100)
  • Nerf MOAB Eliminator deals less Ceramic damage (+5 → +4)
Some low tier Bomb pierce has been shifted further up into the 2xx Heavy Bombs upgrade to effectively nerf 130 Mauler meta in price, but the price of these upgrades and MOAB Damage of T4 Maulers have both been buffed to benefit other variations of bomb better.
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to MOAB Mauler
  • Nerf Base pierce decreased (18 → 14)

Description changes[]

  • Change Description corrected from "4x" to "6x" for factual reasons.
    • While the ability does have a faster recharge time, the damage was not 4 times as much as the MOAB Assassin, but rather 6 times as much (the Assassin does 750 damage, while the Eliminator does 4500)
  • Change Changed from "Assassinate ability does 6x damage with a shorter cooldown." to current description


When activated Assassinate MOAB Ability:

  • [Launching]


Official artwork[]


  • The Eliminator missile strongly resembles the activated ability BTD5 MOAB Assassin's missile.
  • The Eliminator's ability, when activated plays a chime tone similarly to the First Strike Capability ability activation sound.
  • MOAB Eliminator is tied with Adora's Blood Sacrifice by having the shortest ability cooldown in BTD6, at only 10 seconds.