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Special knockback kylies trigger more often and do lots of extra damage
~ BTD6 Description

MOAB Domination is the fifth and final upgrade on path 3 for the Boomerang Monkey in BTD6. This upgrade doubles the range of the special Kylie boomerangs and increases damage to 20 per 0.3 second contact, allowing these special Kylie boomerangs to inflict up to 280 damage per shot. This also enhances the main boomerang to pop 12 layers of bloon and doubles the attack speed of both the normal attack and the special Kylie attack. It costs $51,000 on Easy, $60,000 on Medium, $64,800 on Hard, and $72,000 on Impoppable.


  • When placed near the end of the map, it can knockback MOAB-class bloons back considerably, especially effective on ZOMGs.
  • It is poor at popping ordinary bloons, considering its main attack only has a relatively low 18 pierce for its high price.
  • It is not recommended to use this as the main popping power for B.A.D.s, as B.A.D.s are immune to the knockback and takes a low amount of damage from the boomerangs.

Update HistoryEdit


Nerf Cost of MOAB Domination increased ($50,000 --> $75,000)

Nerf Special attack has a slower attack speed (per TBA seconds -> per 5.0 seconds) and doesn't knock back higher MOAB-class bloons as much

Buff Regular attack has increased attack speed and damage.


Buff Base damage increased from 7 to 12

Buff Price reduced from $75,000 -> $60,000

Nerf Special attack range reduced from Unlimited to 100  


Buff Special MOAB attack is now affected by crosspaths.



  • In Version 2.0, the MOAB Press upgrade, the preceding upgrade of MOAB Domination, was nerfed so that its special MOAB-knockback boomerangs no longer had infinite range. This was not the case for MOAB Domination, which during its time had kept its special infinite-ranged special MOAB-knockback boomerangs.
    • In Version 7.0, its special MOAB-knockback boomerangs no longer have infinite range; instead they are limited to 100 range (approximately the range of 3 Dart Monkey radii).
  • MOAB Domination features a firey pattern on its boomerangs, even though upgrades Kylie Boomerang and MOAB Press do not feature fire themed upon Red Hot Rangs.
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