Special knockback kylies trigger more often and do lots of extra damage.
~ BTD6 Description

MOAB Domination is the fifth and final upgrade on path 3 for the Boomerang Monkey in BTD6. This upgrade doubles the range of the special Kylie boomerangs, briefly stuns the affected blimp(s) for 0.25s before knocking them back, and increases damage to 20 per 0.1 second contact, allowing these special Kylie boomerangs to inflict up to 280 damage per shot, as well as deal a powerful burning explosion upon projectile expiry. The explosion deals 100 damage and deals a 50 damage per 1.0s burn for 4 seconds to up to 20 bloons (30 with Glaives), with an explosion radius of 50 (75 with Glaives).

The MOAB Domination upgrade also enhances the main boomerang to pop 12 layers of bloon and doubles the attack speed of both the normal attack and the special Kylie attack.

It costs $51,000 on Easy, $60,000 on Medium, $64,800 on Hard, and $72,000 on Impoppable.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • When placed near the end of the map, it can knockback MOAB-class bloons back considerably, especially effective on ZOMGs.
  • Use the 0/2/5 crosspath, as the increased attack speed is generally far superior over the increased knockback or the increased explosive pierce and explosion radius from Glaives crosspath.
  • It is poor at popping ordinary bloons, considering its main attack only has a relatively low 18 pierce for its high price.
  • As of Version 19.0, it can target BADs and deal rather decent damage to them. However, it's better off using other towers such as First Strike Capability for damaging BADs, as it is poor against those types.
  • When ultrabuffed with Ultraboost, Permanent Brew, and True Sun God support sacrifices, MOAB Domination is an effective option for destroying anything below BADs.
  • MOAB Domination is highly effective against MOAB-class bloons, especially MOABs, BFBs, and ZOMGs. In particular is the immense knockback against them with its special boomerangs.
  • To compliment the MOAB Domination and its weaknesses against Super Ceramics and DDTs, add Permaspike + Stronger Stimulant to assist popping Super Ceramics and DDTs.
  • For the BAD, which it tends to struggle against in terms of overall DPS, use an effective anti-BAD tower such as First Strike Capability or Level 20 Ezili's MOAB Hex ability.
  • The range for the special Kylie boomerangs noticeably increases with a Monkey Village nearby, especially with Primary Training. As such, it can be used to increase the range at which they can start targeting blimps.

Update History[edit | edit source]


Nerf.png Cost of MOAB Domination increased ($50,000 --> $75,000)

Nerf.png Special attack has a slower attack speed (per TBA seconds -> per 5.0 seconds) and doesn't knock back higher MOAB-class bloons as much

Buff.png Regular attack has increased attack speed and damage.


Buff.png Base damage increased from 7 to 12

Buff.png Price reduced from $75,000 -> $60,000

Nerf.png Special attack range reduced from Unlimited to 100


Buff.png Special MOAB attack is now affected by crosspaths.


Buff.png MOAB Domination applies a brief stun of 0.25s on the special knockback boomerang before knocking back

  • Buff.png xx5 MOAB Domination can now target but not Stun or Knockback BADs
  • Buff.png xx5 MOAB Domination’s secondary boomerang will now explode and ignite instead of returning
    • Impact damage of 100
    • Radius of 50 increased to 75 with 205 Glaives
    • Pierce of 20 increased to 30 with 205 Glaives
    • Burn application of 50 damage per second for 4 seconds

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Version 2.0, the MOAB Press upgrade, the preceding upgrade of MOAB Domination, was nerfed so that its special MOAB-knockback boomerangs no longer had infinite range. This was not the case for MOAB Domination, which during its time had kept its special infinite-ranged special MOAB-knockback boomerangs.
    • In Version 7.0, its special MOAB-knockback boomerangs no longer have infinite range; instead they are limited to 100 range (approximately the range of 3 Dart Monkey radii).
  • MOAB Domination features a firey pattern on its boomerangs, even though upgrades Kylie Boomerang and MOAB Press do not feature fire themed upon Red Hot Rangs.
  • In Version 17.0, the buff that allows MOAB Domination to briefly stun blimps with the special knockback boomerang before knocking them back was specifically designed to make it more reliable at knocking back DDTs, as explained by NK employee Rohan. He written that comment down on the pinned comment at this Reddit link for the official Version 17.0 patch notes.
  • On Version 18.0, the artwork for MOAB Domination was flipped to face rightwards.
  • Following the 19.0 buff, the addition of damage over time for the secondary attack caused both the MOAB Domination and Glaive Lord damage over time to become a burning effect. In 19.1, this was changed to the slash effect for both towers, which means that the appearance remained incorrect for MOAB Domination. Link.
    • This was fixed yet again on Version 19.2; now Glaive Lord correctly uses the shred DoT effect, and the MOAB Domination correctly uses the burning DoT effect.
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