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For the achievement, see MOAB Assassin (Achievement).
Special Ability: super deadly missile that seeks the nearest MOAB-class bloon and destroys it instantly. Does 1000 damage to ZOMGs instead of destroying them.
~ Description in BMC

MOAB Assassin (BTD5) is an upgrade to the Bomb Tower that made its debut in Bloons TD 5. It is the final upgrade for Path 2 for the Bomb Tower in BTD5 that grants the tower an ability that deals 750 damage (1000 damage in Bloons TD Battles Mobile)


In BTD5, MOAB Assassin deals 750 damage to MOAB-class bloons, which does not soak through layers. It also creates a small explosion that will deal 3 damage onto them.

Further ability details (BTD5)[]

In BTD5, the M.O.A.B Assassin activated ability does not work as advertised in its tooltip. Here are the steps it makes when activated:

  1. It targets the highest priority bloon anywhere on the map, be it MOAB class or regular.
  2. It stuns the targeted bloon in place (except for Bosses), deals 750 damage with a hitscan attack on BTD5F (projectile in any other game) and is able to soak through layers in the flash versions of BTD5 generation games, but in a strange way. Damage can only soak through layers if it completely pops a layer. Thus, if enough damage soaks through a ZOMG to leave the newly spawned BFBs with 1 HP, they will spawn with their full health, but if the damage soaks through a BFB to leave them with no HP, they will break into MOABs instead. On BMC, due to health multipliers, it is even possible to delete a ZOMG entirely, although it is harder to do on Bloon Dunes due to the hp multipliers being higher there.
    1. In the mobile versions of BTD5-gen games, the MOAB Assassin ability deals damage to that layer only. This means it pops at maximum a single layer of a bloon on mobile.
  3. The ability animation concludes with the rocket exploding on the original target. The explosion itself deals 3 damage in an area upon explosion, but cannot detect camo. The 3 damage penetrates through layers. This means the MOAB assassin destroys one layer instantaneously, and, if the rocket hits the bloons that spawn from that layer, can remove an additional 3 layers for a total of 4 layers.
  4. In conclusion, the total damage of the entire ability is 753 damage, via 750 damage to a single layer (not layer-penetrating), followed by 3 layer-penetrating damage to bloons within range of the exploding rocket on the original target. The 1000 damage stated in the tooltip is incorrect, except in Bloons TD Battles Mobile.

This means the MOAB Assassin completely destroys nearly all bloons, MOAB class or not, and deals a further 3 damage to their children bloons. The only bloon not destroyed is the Z.O.M.G., which suffers 753 damage per rocket and requires therefore 6 MOAB Assassin abilities to destroy its outer layer (4k health). However, 5 rockets will place it into critical condition, requiring only slightly more damage than a regular MOAB to finish off. There isn't any power variation between the MOAB Mauler and MOAB Assassin except its ability.

There is also a strange effect, that, upon hitting a Ceramic, for example, will pop the top layer (10 damage), but when it is destroyed, it then attacks the rainbows inside, doing 3 damage as per normal and turning them into pinks. However, if it hits a rainbow bloon, the rainbow top layer will instead become zebras, and immune to the 3 following explosions, thus the MOAB assassin will deal 24 damage to a Ceramic, while only 1 to a Rainbow. This is due to the ability explosion being unable to pop Black Bloons. This also applies to Camo Bloons, as they will be hit by the ability but not the explosions.

When it hits a Zebra Bloon, it will pop the top layer (Ability), then pop the White Bloon into Greens, then leave the Black Bloon, due to the aforementioned inability of the MOAB Assassin explosion to pop Black Bloons.


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Differences Between BTD5 Flash and BTD5 Mobile[]

BUFF MOAB Assassin single-damage projectile can hit multiple targets at once at once if the tower is received pierce buffs, notably from the x/1 Monkey Village.

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)[]


BUFF MOAB Assassin damage increased (750? → 1000). This means that Z.O.M.Gs can now be destroyed in 2 uses of the ability instead of 3.



  • The MOAB Assassin ability is the only way for a Bomb Tower to pop camo bloons by itself (the ability will target the camo bloon if it's the strongest bloon on the screen).
  • Black bloons are immune to the explosion but not the single target damage; thus, they will only appear if the ability is used on a Zebra bloon, but are destroyed otherwise.
  • In BMC, the ability prioritizes D.D.T.s over other MOAB class bloons because they are the highest priority target in the game.
  • Despite the fact that it can destroy a BFB's outer shell, Monkey Pirates is the better choice on a water map, because it takes out the BFB, children and all.
  • There is no animation of it actually being launched, instead the missile just flies from the tower.
  • In BTD Battles Mobile, the MOAB Assassin can be seen in the main menu.
  • The missile from the assassinate ability looks almost identical to the missile of the MOAB Eliminator in BTD6.