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MOAB-y Dick is an extreme track in Bloons TD 4 iOS. The entrance is on the bottom left, and the exit is on the bottom right.


This map features a monkey swimming above a classic BFB who appears from below. Bloons follow the bubbly track that appears above the BFB.


  • The track's name, MOAB-y Dick is a reference to Moby Dick. Also, the track's background resembles the cover from The White Shark/Jaws. The B.F.B. is supposed to be the shark while the Dart Monkey is supposed to be the swimmer.
  • Despite the track being MOAB-y dick what is part of the track is a BFB.
  • The Monkey on the top part of the track is from Bloons 2.
  • Even though there is water on this track, Monkey Buccaneers cannot be placed on it. It is not known whether this was intentional or not.
  • Like the Bloons TD5 Mobile trailer's Z.O.M.G. and the Z.O.M.G. featured in one of the profile pictures of Bloons TD 6, the B.F.B. has a rather creepy smile on the bottom side, below the eyes. This could be real on the B.F.B. or Z.O.M.G. But the player just can't see those teeth in-game due to the top-down view.
  • The BFB on the track has a mouth just like the BFB in the Apopalypse mode symbol in BTD4 iOS.
  • This is possibly the easiest Extreme Difficulty track because it has only 1 path. All the other Extreme Difficulty tracks have more than 1 path.