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Multiple Object Advanced Ricochet greatly enhances the already extraordinary powers of the Glaive Ricochet Monkey.
~ BTD6 description

M.O.A.R. Glaives (sometimes referred to as MOAR Glaives) is the fourth upgrade of Path 1 for the Boomerang Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It enhances the ricochet ability of the Boomerang Thrower's Glaives by doubling its attack speed, jump distance between bloons, and pierce (from 50 to 100).

It costs $2550 in Easy, $3000 in Medium, $3,240 in Hard, and $3,600 in Impoppable.

The artwork is a Boomerang Monkey with a light gray hood with a dark gray x on it and dark gray gloves.



MOAR Glaives is an extremely powerful tower against bloons. It is generally best paired with an anti-MOAB attacker midgame, such as Arcane Spike or MOAB Mauler. Although it begins falling out of favor late game, it can still do fair chunks of damage to hyperclumped superceramics.


  • MOAR Glaives is usually best paired up with Red Hot Rangs. Despite shooting around 55% faster than when upgraded to Faster Rangs instead (1.25*1.25 attack speed bonus), the +1 damage essentially doubles the damage of MOAR Glaives, while also allowing it to pop Lead and Frozen bloons. However, the Faster Rangs crosspath will overcome the Red Hot Rangs one on DPS if Berserker Brew or higher is used.
    • In the same idea, a 4-0-2 Boomerang can beat round 63 all by itself on many maps.
  • Similar to Glaive Ricochet, MOAR Glaives projectiles are thrown straight rather than curved, though this is rarely noticeable unless in special custom challenges where bloon speed is extremely rapid.

Version History[]

Minor changes for the upgrade alone, inherited from Glaive Ricochet. However, 4-0-2 crosspath is a more viable option thanks to the Red Hot Rangs damage buff.
  • Nerf Homing algorithm for glaive bouncing decreased. Glaives now seeks the closest bloon per hit instead of the first bloon.
  • Buff Homing algorithm for glaive bouncing has improved.


Official artwork[]


  • This upgrade wears the almost same clothing as the BTD5's Glaive Lord, except with an additional two crossed stripes.
  • Part of the name "M.O.A.R." in "M.O.A.R. Glaives" is a corruption of the word "more", implying the Boomerang Monkey's increased quantity and quality of the glaives.
    • "MOAR" also appears in other media used to imply a corruption of the word "more". In terms of meme culture, the word "MOAR" is "a popular misspelling of the word 'more'", according to Know Your Meme.
    • One of the more popular instances of "MOAR" in meme culture comes from a certain SpongeBob SquarePants meme "MOAR Krabs". MOAR Krabs is a caricatured version of Mr. Krabs who appears after repetitively demanding SpongeBob to catch more jellyfish, after continually shouting "More!" every time SpongeBob catches a jellyfish.
  • Before Version 18.0, the in-game 4-0-0 MOAR Glaives lacked two dark gray stripes unless upgraded along Long Range Rangs or Faster Throwing, despite its artwork featuring them.