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M.I.B. Call to Arms is the final upgrade of Path 2 for the Monkey Village. It costs $20400 on Easy, $24000 on Medium and $25920 on Hard. It is a special ability and doubles the attack speed and attack power for all towers in the radius for 10 seconds.


  • If the player uses this while a Boomerang Thrower used the Turbo Charge, the Boomerang Thrower throws ultra hypersonic boomerangs.
  • This increases the range of the tower, as well as adding the ability.
  • This is one of the few abilities to increase attack speed dramatically, another one being Turbo Charge for the Boomerang Thrower, and Overclock for the Monkey Engineer.
  • Unlike Overclock, M.I.B Call to Arms affects everything in its range and can be used with anything, even other Monkey Villages with High Energy Beacon.
  • It can be very useful for the later rounds just in case of an emergency. In fact, when you activate the ability, the tower sounds off an emergency alarm.
  • This is the 2nd most expensive Special Ability, the first being Technological Terror.
  • In BTD5 iOS, the double attack speed stacks with each ability used, making several of these around any tower an using more than one ability can make the tower attack as fast as one shot per frame. In other words, the effect can stack.
    • If the player uses M.I.B. many times (maybe 10) on a Operation: Dart Storm, it will look like the darts are ropes and leaving a trail of pineapples that keep on exploding (iOS only).
      • This has been patched.
Super 1/3 Monkey Ace

Super fast firing 1/3 Monkey Ace.

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