Can't touch these lumps! LSP is so lumpin' gorgeous that she stuns the bloons whenever they come near.
~ BATTD Description

In-game info for Lumpy Space Princess

Lumpy Space Princess is a Rare Ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD that costs $280 to place. She regularly stuns bloons around her range with her beautiful "attack", comparable to a radial attack version of Bloon Impact but without the damage. She can be equipped to any Adventure Time character.

Properties[edit | edit source]


Upgrades[edit | edit source]

  • These lumps ($160): LSP's skills of seduction entrance bloons quicker
    • Can't handle this ($220): LSP seduces bloons significantly quicker
      • Gotcha ($300): LSP is so gorgeous she actually damages bloons she seduces

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Lumpy Space Princess, along with Treetrunks and BMO, are the few Allies that have voicelines. Lumpy Space Princess has the following quotes when interacted:

When placed:

  • TBA

When upgraded:

  • TBA
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