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Can't touch these lumps! LSP is so lumpin' gorgeous that she stuns the bloons whenever they come near.
~ BATTD description
Stuns bloons with her beautiful lumps.
~ Short description

In-game info for Lumpy Space Princess

Lumpy Space Princess is a Rare Ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD that costs $280 to place. She regularly stuns bloons around her range with her beautiful "attack", comparable to a radial attack version of Bloon Impact but without the damage. She can be equipped to any Adventure Time character and Supermonkey. She appears as the main subject and cameo in the adventure, Promcoming.


  • Stuns bloons
  • No damage until fully upgraded


Icon upgrade faster
These Lumps
COST: $160
Description: LSP's skills of seduction entrance bloons quicker
Effect: Decreases attack cooldown to 1.6s
Icon upgrade faster
Can't Handle This
COST: $220
Upgrade(s) Required:
These Lumps
Description: LSP seduces bloons significantly quicker
Effect: Decreases attack cooldown to 1.1s
Icon upgrade damage
COST: $300
Upgrade(s) Required:
Can't Handle This
Description: LSP is so gorgeous she actually damages bloons she seduces
Effect: Deals 1 damage to nearby bloons per attack


Lumpy Space Princess is a staller, and as the title suggests, pairs well with other attackers to give more time to attack. She is one of the best allies to use for intermediates, due to her in-the-middle type of rarity and is somewhat easy to achieve, has a low cost and upgrades and can exclusively deal a lot of damage with her high pierce, given with her feature of stunning bloons giving more time to attack.

Lumpy Space Princess pairs well with any attacking character, but it is recommended to prioritize placing her with characters who have low attack speed. If characters like King of Ooo or Shoko, both allies who attack to make cash, it is not recommended to buy Lumpy Space Princess’s “Gotcha” upgrade, as it may waste the potential of receiving more cash.

It is questionable to use characters with well-proven statistics of such as range or speed, as Lumpy Space Princess serves primarily as a staller, stunning bloons will not esentially benefit the attacker, wasting the pursuit in her potential of stunning.

Lumpy Space Princess has an unfortunate disadvantage of the unavailability to pop Lead Bloons. So place a tower next to her that has the ability to pop lead, she can damage Purple Bloons, so it is not something to be concerned about mainly. Likewise, if a character uses magic attacks they may try to use her.

Lumpy Space Princess, altough with high pierce, can be ultimately reduced if a crowd of Bloons come, as that she considerably stuns bloons for a continues flow, her pierce can get full with each attack ignoring other bloons that pass by, altough not very problematic, the player may use Princess Bubblegum’s “Regal Presence” upgrade, or placing another attacker next to her.


Lumpy Space Princess is a great staller and a decent attacker, it is recommended to prioritize her when she appears in Wish Orbs, as there maybe different items worth getting.


Lumpy Space Princess, along with Treetrunks and BMO, are the few Allies that have voicelines. Lumpy Space Princess has the following quotes when interacted:

When placed:

When upgraded:




  1. Not stated in her information screen, it just simply saying "N/A".