Lotus Island is an Beginner Map in BTD6. It was first released on the Version 19.0 update, on 9th July 2020.


Lotus Island is an island with lotuses. After three minutes, they bloom, revealing yellow orbs of pollen. If clicked, these orbs explode, stunning all bloons in its radius. It applies to all bloons other than the BAD. It then closes up and reopens again after another three minutes.

Lotus Island has a variety of obstacles on the map, blocking towers with Line of Sight. There is one highground spot on the stone podium where Snipers would favor much from. Obviously, as an island, there's lots of water outside the perimeters of the island. There are a few smaller islands where smaller towers can be placed. The smallest island on the map can place up to one of a moderate-sized tower (i.e. up to the footprint size of Boomerang Monkey, Wizard Monkey, and Engineer Monkey).


  • Due to their large damage increase (from x2 to x5 as much depending on the tier) to stunned balloons, middle-path Mortar Monkeys are very powerful on this island when using the flowers' stun property.


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Monkey Money Rewards
Btd6monkeymoney Easy[?] Medium[?] Hard[?] Impoppable[?]
First Time $75 $125 $200 $300
Completed $15 $25 $40 $60



  • This is the second Beginner Map to feature a special gameplay-related feature, the first being Frozen Over as of Version 17.0.
  • This map, as it was added at the same time as Odyssey Mode, is a reference to a part of the Odyssey where the Lotus Eaters give the crew magical lotus flowers which cause them to forget where they came from, forcing Odysseus to drag them back by force. The lotus's stunning effect is another reference to this.
  • The lotuses are affected by the reset cooldown button in Sandbox, recharging when the button is pressed.
  • The 82nd Race Event, first released a few days after Version 19.0, uses the map Lotus Island.
  • The first ever week of Odyssey Mode in BTD6 starts off with Lotus Island as the first island.
  • The shape of Lotus Island bears resemblance to Australia.

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