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For other upgrades with the name Longer Range, see Longer Range (disambiguation).
Increases attack range.
~ BTD6 descrpition

Longer Range is the first upgrade of Path 1 for the Monkey Sub in Bloons TD 6. It gives the Monkey Sub with +10 extra range, from 42 to 52.

It costs $110 on Easy, $130 on Medium, $140 on Hard, and $155 on Impoppable.



A simple range upgrade for the Sub, and it can be used to let the Sub shoot at areas where a non-upgraded Sub could not.


  • This upgrade serves very useful on certain maps, such as on Streambed to reach beyond the skull, on Dark Castle to make it easier to reach entering bloons, or on Quad in order to reach the multiple paths easier.
  • One 1-0-0 Sub can be afforded at the start of CHIMPS. It can be a substitute to also adding a base Dart on easier maps, especially Streambed where the 1-0-0 Sub may make the greatest difference due to shooting beyond the close bend that an unupgraded Sub will not be able to reach.

Version History[]

Received a small range bonus buff. This has made a slight difference to the upgrade's viability on certain maps during the early-game.

Buff Longer Range grants more range (+8 → +10). This buff does not affect submerged Bloontonium Reactors.

Extra Notes (Version History)[]

  • When the Longer Range upgrade got buffed in Version 18.0, submerged Bloontonium Reactor did not receive the range buff, making it noticeably miss the top section of Firing Range. Submerge and Support remained affected by the range buff. Missing out on Reactor's range buff was likely an oversight. Tested on Version 27.3.


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