Long Reach is an upgrade to the Spike Factory, first introduced in Bloons Tower Defense 6. It increases the Spike Factory's range to cover an increased area from itself, spreading further along the track and potentially to other segments that were previously out of reach without assistance of the range enhancements from a Monkey Village. It costs $125 on Easy, $150 on Medium, $160 on Hard and $180 on Impoppable.


While it is a cheap upgrade, it is useful in only a few niche situations, spreading the damage out for a tower mostly centralized on single area blockage. The purchase of this path also has a disadvantage in the short-term of picking between Bigger Stacks and Faster Production. It does however pair well with the following Path 3 upgrade, Directed Spikes.


  • This upgrade is the cheapest to purchase out of all the upgrades for the Spike Factory.
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