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Can throw boomerangs further than normal.
~ BTD6 description

Long Range Rangs is the first upgrade of Path 3 for the Boomerang Monkey in BTD6. It increases range by 15.1%, or from 43 to 49.5 units, and allows the boomerangs to travel on a wider arc (it is the only way of extending the arc).

It costs $85 on Easy, $100 on Medium, $110 on Hard, and $120 on Impoppable.



With extra range and an extended arc, this upgrade can be helpful in certain maps where a specific increased arc range would help. However, Long Range Rangs is usually more of a stepping stone towards upgrades such as Red Hot Rangs.


  • This upgrade is a simple upgrade that simply acts as a boost to the Boomerang Monkey's range if needed. Certain maps may especially benefit from this, the most significant example being Infernal, as it allows a Boomerang Monkey to reach both lanes without assistance from Alch buffs.
    • Otherwise, this upgrade simply serves as a stepping stone to the next upgrades on this path.

Version History[]

Only affected by base Boomerang Monkey attack speed buff.
  • Buff Affected by base Boomerang Monkey attack speed buff


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