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This page contains strategies and tips for Long Range.


Strategy 1[]

This Strategy is for playing on Medium only. WARNING: Using this strategy might cause you to have bloons leak. If so, it's recommended to place a Bloonberry Bush at the very end.

It is also recommended to activate the Dartling Ammo Dump specialty building.

  1. Place a Ninja Monkey at the very edge of the right side grass.
  2. Upgrade to Ninja Discipline.
  3. Wait until round 5, then sell the Ninja Monkey for a Dartling Gun.
  4. Upgrade to 2-1 as soon as possible (upgrading Faster Barrel Roll first, then Powerful Darts).
  5. Purchase two more Dartling Guns and upgrade both to 2-0.
  6. Purchase Mortar Tower and upgrade to 1-1 before Round 28
  7. Purchase Banana Farm and upgrade to More Bananas.
  8. Upgrade Mortar Tower to Bigger Blast.
  9. Purchase three more Banana Farms and upgrade them to 1-0. (Banana Farmer optional)
  10. Purchase Monkey Village to have enough range for the attacking towers
  11. Purchase another Dartling Gun if able to and upgrade the 3 newest Dartling Guns to 2-1.
  12. Purchase Sniper Monkey and Upgrade to 2-3.
  13. If you have extra money before Round 46, purchase Ninja Monkey at most to 4-1 at the left side grass.
  14. Upgrade Monkey Village to 2-1.
  15. Begin to upgrade Banana Farms to 2-0.
  16. Upgrade one Dartling Gun to Laser Cannon.
  17. If haven't so, upgrade Mortar Tower to 3-2.
  18. Begin upgrading Banana Farms to 3-0.
  19. Purchase Bomb Tower next to Ninja Monkey and upgrade to 4-2 (Bloon Impact before Missile Launcher).
  20. Upgrade one Dartling Gun to Hydra Rocket Pods.
  21. Upgrade Mortar Tower to The Big One.
  22. Finish upgrading the other Dartling Guns to 2-3.
  23. Purchase Monkey Village for Ninja Monkey and Missile Launcher and upgrade to 2-1.
  24. Purchase three Dart Monkeys and upgrade to Juggernauts near Ninja Monkey.
  25. If enough money, purchase second Sniper Monkey and upgrade to 2-3.

You should have completed this on Medium. Earn your $375 and Token4 reward.


  • Towers that aren't recommended:
    • Tack Shooters- doesn't have enough range to normally attack.
    • Boomerang Throwers- has just enough range to attack a small part of the track.
    • Ice Towers- even with the Arctic Wind ability, this tower doesn't have enough range to attack.
    • Monkey Buccaneers- if you were planning to add a Portable Lake in this area, the agent needs a lot of space to be placed. Because of this, this tower won't have as much range to attack then it would.
    • Monkey Apprentice- like the Boomerang Thrower, has just enough range to attack a small part of the track.
    • Spike Factory- has just enough range to not able to attack at all.
  • Towers with infinite range (Sniper Monkeys, Monkey Aces, ect) are recommended at most.
  • If you can fit a Portable Lake in the grass, you can use Monkey Subs as they have the Advanced Intel upgrade.
  • The Bloonchipper is able to suck up M.O.A.B.s as they have enough range to do so.