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Much longer range and projectiles fly faster.
~ In-game description

Long Range is the first upgrade of Path 3 for the Monkey Buccaneer in Bloons TD 6. It increases range of the Buccaneer from 60 to 71, as well as increases projectile speed of all attacks by 25% and adds +1 pierce to most Buccaneer projectiles.

It costs $155 on Easy, $180 on Medium, $195 on Hard, and $210 for Impoppable.



The cannons are now tipped with golden rims. In the artwork, the Buccaneer is sticking its tongue out.



Targeting Priorities[]



will be added soon quickly



Long Range improves the range, projectile speed, and pierce of the Buccaneer, allowing its base attack to snipe out bloons easier along either dart cannon and improve its overall popping power. Long Range works well with Grape Shot in the early-game to rectify the grapes' lower pierce. The upgrade's faster projectile speed is also effective for Aircraft Carrier main attacks to catch bloons better.


  • The Monkey Buccaneer already possesses a generous range, so if going for range then try use it there is a specific region of the track that may need more coverage, or if dart sniping is necessary. Otherwise, you should use this upgrade to lock in towards the Crow's Nest upgrade.
  • Grape Shot appreciates from this upgrade as a crosspath in the early-game to tackle early-game grouped bloons without needing to opt for the expensive Double Shot crosspath.

Version History[]

Added a bonus projectile speed and pierce with this upgrade to make crosspathing with Path 3 a bit more useful outside of getting Crow's Nest for camo detection.


Buff Long Range now adds +25% projectile speed for all attacks.


Change Description changed from "Much Longer range." to "Much longer range and projectiles fly faster."

Bottom crosspath feels behind compared to others here, so in addition to the new Camo Prioritization filter Longer Range on this path will now also grant bonus pierce. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Path 3 Buccaneer
  • Buff Long Range now also grants +1 pierce to most Buccaneer projectiles
    • Affected upgrades: Base dart, grapes, aircraft darts.
    • Unaffected upgrades: bombs, bomb shrapnel, aircraft anti-MOAB missiles


Official artwork[]


  • There was a bug where the Faster Shooting upgrade description mentions the Version 21.0 projectile speed buff of Long Range, rather than doing so for the Long Range's upgrade description. This was fixed in Version 23.0 (?).