Spikes last much longer and can carry over one round.
~ Upgrade description in BTD6.

Long Life Spikes is the 3rd upgrade of Path 3 for the Spike Factory in BTD6. The spikes produced by the Spike Factory can pop the same amount of bloons as the base form (which is 5, or 10 with Bigger Stacks, plus one more if the One More Spike Knowledge Reward has been applied). However, the spikes look different, now appearing as blue spikes. These spikes can last much longer than the other spikes produced by the Spike Factory. They can last up to two rounds, or 140 seconds whichever is shorter.


  • Always purchase this upgrade on single-entry-single-exit maps near the end of the track. Then spikes won't be used up immediately, allowing spike stockpiling to slowly make the tower more and more valuable.
  • It is recommended to purchase the Path 2 Upgrades (Faster Production and Even Faster Production) over the Path 1 Upgrades (Bigger Stacks and White Hot Spikes) as Bigger Stacks only increases its pop count per spike from 5 to 10 and although White Hot Spikes allows it to pop any D.D.Ts that may rush through your defense, a Monkey Intelligence Bureau or Acidic Mixture Dips can easily solve that problem while also providing it and other nearby towers with the bonus as well.
    • Path 2 upgrades will add 120% extra pops with a fast refresh, while Path 1 upgrades will add only 100% extra pops with a slow refresh but allows Lead-popping. It is worth noting these two facts.
  • Avoid leaving the game, as the stockpiled spikes do not carry over between saves.
  • It's been proven that Long Life Spikes does NOT decrease spike amount when purchasing Bigger Stacks. Click for the link.


  • The spikes produced by Spike Factories with this upgrade look somewhat similar to the Caltrops that Ninja Monkeys use.
  • This spike factory appearance mostly resembles the Bloons Tower Defense 5's MOAB-SHREDR upgrade.
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