Lockdown is the 39th level of Bloons.


To complete this level, you need to pop the bloons on the right, but be careful not to hit the Metal Blocks. With the same dart, it can pop the 6 bloons on the bottom. Next, aim between the north and the north-left mark with a decently high power, in order to pop the groups of bloons on the top. This level may take a few tries to complete.


  • It may be considered as one of the harder levels of the original Bloons game due to the metal blocks obscuring 50% of the dart's possible trajectories. Other than the metal blocks, it only consists of rubber blocks and regular bloons, scattered in hard-to-reach locations.
    • Fortunately however, the bloons are generally bundled together and the fact that the player needs to pop less than 65% of them makes the level a tad more reassuring.
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