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Lobby is a circular map where bloons go on a "spiral" (not exactly), each circle will let bloons go clockwise and anti-clockwise, after looping enough times, it will exit where it started. Similar to Clock.

Recommended Towers[]

Mostly towers are best to put on the center-most of the circle. This includes but not limited to:

ShinCyber's Medium Strategy[]

Requirements:Monkey Tycoon (Its recommended but not needed) Tier 3 Dart Monkey Facility

  1. Get A Sub And let it mow the first few Rounds Get The Sub to 0/1 and then 1/1
  2. Start Saving up For a 2/2 Sub 2/1 First once you have advanced intel Put the free Dart Monkey Where The sub Can't Reach
  3. Use A Road Spike For Round 24
  4. Get A 3/1 Ninja And Sell The Sub
  5. After That Get Two More 2/3 Boomer And Then Start Saving up
  6. Don't Do Anything Until Round 40 Start Getting 3/2 Destroyers (Unfortunately I Use The Dreadnought if You Don't Have it Get A Cannon Ship)
  7. Get 5 More Destroyers And Other Towers Recommended 3 Bionic Boomers. And Also Sell The Ninja
  8. After That Just Do Whatever Recommended Bionic Boomers

Congrats You Got Silver Medal For Lobby