Lobby is a Beginner track released on 19 March 2014.


A circular track located in a lobby, hence the name, with a highly-polished floor. There is one path for the bloons to appear. They loop once every circles in the track, from biggest to smallest. The direction of odd circles is going to the left, and the even circle is going to the right. After they had looped all the circle, they go back to the starting point of the track as they exit. There is water at the top-right and bottom-left of the second circle from the centre.


Main article: Lobby/Strategies


Name Awesome Points Image
Lobby Bronze AwesomeIcon10 Lobby Bronze
Lobby Silver AwesomeIcon25 Lobby Silver
Lobby Gold AwesomeIcon50 Lobby Gold


Monkey Money Rewards
Monkey-Money Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
First Time $75
Completed $15


  • This track is similar to Clock in many ways, including a circular appearance, the same entrance and exit, and the absence of multiple paths.
  • A 3-2 sun god in the middle of the track can destroy a full health ZOMG by itself. (on normal mode but a vanilla temple just leaks a couple of moabs)
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