Lives are a game mechanic that indicate how many mistakes you can make before the game is lost. In the Bloons TD series, lives are lost by letting Bloons escape. The Red Bloon Equivalent (RBE) of a bloon is the number of lives it will leak if untouched.

In Bloons TD 1, you have 40 starting lives. In Bloons TD 2 and Bloons TD 3, you have 50 to 100 starting lives, depending on level difficulty. Lives in Bloons TD 4 can range from 1 to 100,000 starting lives, while Bloons TD 5 and Bloons TD 6 provide from 1 up to infinite starting lives.

Bloons TD 4Edit

In BTD4 lives are different depending on the difficulty. On Sandbox Mode you have 100,000 lives and on Apopalyse Mode you get 150 lives.

Bloons TD 5Edit

Bloons Monkey CityEdit

In Bloons Monkey City, the player can gain more lives depending on their city level. Since in this game lives increases by 5 every time one levels up, the formula for the number of lives is

$ 15 + 5x $ (while x is that player's city level). So, if the player is level 40, then your lives would be 215. However, in mobile version the player's lives can extend to 265.

Bloons TD 6Edit


  • Leaking any M.O.A.B-Class Bloon results in a game over in any difficulty (excluding Sandbox Mode) due to their massive RBE, unless the Healthy Bananas, Support Chinook, or More Lives premiums generate sufficient lives, or if a Daily Challenge gives enough lives to allow leaking M.O.A.B.-Class Bloons.
  • In Bloons TD 4, a Premium Upgrade called More Lives grants 200 extra lives in the current game, at the cost of CoinsIcon2.
  • In Bloons TD 4, Camo Bloons make players lose 9 lives despite the fact that their RBE is 11. Likewise, in Bloons Monkey City, D.D.T.s will cost the player 16656 lives despite having an RBE of 924.
  • In Bloons TD 5, the Premium Upgrade Triple Lives will give players triple the amount of lives in any game.
  • The Premium Upgrade Healthy Bananas allows to earn players some lives every round, making it possible to survive the leakage of MOAB-Class Bloons if the farms stayed long enough.
  • Players can lose a maximum of 490 lives on Impoppable with Mana Shield on BTD6.

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