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Bloons that slip past you will cost you some lives. If you hit zero, the Bloons win.
~ Max, Tutorial in BATTD

Lives (sometimes Health or Hearts) are a game mechanic that indicate how many mistakes you can make before the game is lost. In the Bloons TD series, lives are lost by letting Bloons escape. The Red Bloon Equivalent (RBE) of a bloon is the number of lives it will leak if untouched.

The main Bloons TD series uses lives to quantify the amount of "health" left after bloons exit. In Bloons TD 1, the player starts with 40 starting lives. In Bloons TD 2 and Bloons TD 3, the player starts with between 50 to 100 starting lives, depending on level difficulty. Lives in Bloons TD 4 can range from 1 to 100,000 starting lives, while Bloons TD 5 can provide 1 to infinite lives and Bloons TD 6 provide from 1 up to 9,999,999 starting lives.

In other games, the use of lives varies.

Hot Air Bloon iOS[]

Lives HABiOS


In Hot Air Bloon iOS, lives function differently from mainline BTD games. Lives are only present in the story mode exclusive to the iOS version of Hot Air Bloon, thus the Flash version does not have a lives system. To replenish lives, the player must pop a certain amount of bloons for the level. Collecting enough bloons will only replenish a singular life. The player is allowed to restart their current stage in a level so long as they have lives. Once the player fails a stage when their lives are set to 0, they will have to go back to the start of the level, where they will have three lives and start at the first stage of their current level. If the player beats a boss stage and progresses onto a new level, their lives will carry over.

Below is a list of how many bloons are required to replenish a life:

  • Level 1, Level 2, and Level 5 require 100 bloons to be popped.
  • Level 3 and Level 4 require 125 bloons to be popped.
  • Level 6 requires 150 bloons to be popped.
  • Level 7 requires 150 bloons to be popped. Replenishing lives will not work in Stage 1 of this level.

Bloons TD 1[]

In BTD1, you start with 40 lives.

Bloons TD 2 and Bloons TD 3[]

In BTD2 and BTD3, the amount of lives you start with depends on the difficulty.

  • On Easy Difficulty, you get 100 lives.
  • On Medium Difficulty, you get 75 lives.
  • On Hard Difficulty, you get 50 lives.

Bloons TD 4[]

In BTD4 lives are different depending on the difficulty. On Sandbox Mode you have 100,000 lives and on Apopalyse Mode and Deflation Mode you get 150 lives.

Bloons TD 5[]

Bloons TD Battles[]

In the Flash version, both players always start with 150 lives. Since there are no life regenerators in the Flash version, there's no way to get lives back.

In the Mobile version, the dynamics for starting lives, life loss, and life regeneration are more essential in gameplay. The starting value of lives is still 150 but can be changed depending on the game rules. Life loss also gives a penalty to the player in game modes that enable Sudden Death; the player with the most lives up to 150 will automatically win, or else Sudden Death, in which both players are reduced to 1 life and disable life regenerators, and the game continues indefinitely till a life is lost. Life regeneration is available with Support Chinook.

Bloons Monkey City[]

In Bloons Monkey City, the player can gain more lives depending on their city level. Since in this game lives increases by 5 every time one levels up, the formula for the number of lives is

(while x is that player's city level). So, if the player is level 40, then their starting lives would be 215.

Life generating abilities will give lives as they do in BTD5. However, the player still needs to not lose any of the extra lives to count for the No Lives Lost bonus.

Lives may be granted from:

Bloons Supermonkey 2 Mobile[]


Lives icon in BSM2M.

There is no lives system in any of the game's main levels, as the Super Monkey never takes damage, and the win/loss condition is determined by the number of bloons popped in a level. However, levels in Endless Mine has a special rule that incorporates lives as part of player progression. The player always starts with 150 lives there, and the game ends if the player runs out of them. One life is lost for every RBE escaped, and in turn resets the Score Multiplier. The amount of lives remaining carries over between stages. Lives may be gained through collecting a First Aid powerup, which grants 50 lives. The player may have up to 200 lives at any point.

Because the Endless Mine did not exist in Bloons Super Monkey 2 Flash, there are no lives in the original flash version.

Bloons TD 6[]



In Bloons TD 6, lives work as they do in previous games, giving more lives at the start of the game on easier modes and less on harder modes. While there are more life regeneration methods, the amount of lives earns decreases greatly after surpassing the 1000 lives threshold. In addition, except for CHIMPS, the player's save file for a given map or challenge is deleted the moment the player's lives hit zero, before the "Defeat" screen appears.

Default lives[]

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Player having a single life

  • On Easy Difficulty, the player starts off with 200 lives. It has 40 rounds to pass.
  • On Deflation Mode, the player starts off with 200 lives. It starts at round 31 and ends at round 60.
  • On Medium Difficulty, the player starts off with 150 lives. It has 60 rounds to pass.
  • On Apopalypse Mode, the player starts off with 150 lives. It has 60 rounds to pass.
  • On Hard Difficulty, the player starts off with 100 lives. It has 78 rounds (starting at round 3, ending at round 80) to pass.
  • On Impoppable Difficulty and C.H.I.M.P.S. mode, the player starts off with only one life. They both have 95 rounds (starting at round 6, ending at round 100) to pass.
  • On Sandbox Mode, the player starts off with 9,999,999 lives. Reaching 0 lives does not lose the game, and the lives can be set to any value from 0 to 9,999,999.

Lives generation[]

Extra lives may be granted in Bloons TD 6 via the following:

Restoring lives can be granted in Bloons TD 6 via the following, and only restores lives:

All these lives generation abilities are disabled on Impoppable difficulty.

Means of infinite lives generation give only 10% of generated lives, rounded down, if the player has over 1000 lives.

When the player crosses the 1000 lives threshold via one of those abilities, the normal amount of lives granted is cut off and a greatly reduced amount of lives is also added onto the lives given by the ability that crossed the threshold. So when a Spirit of the Forest ability use is supposed to give 25 lives and the player has 998 lives, it will only bring the player to 1002 lives, instead of 1023.

Note that when one reaches 5000 lives in normal games, they will not gain any more lives, so 5000 lives is the cap in normal cases. In Challenge Editor, maximum lives can be changed to any arbitrary amount from 1 to 9,999,999.

Bloons Adventure Time TD[]

Default lives[]

  • On Normal Difficulty, the player starts off with 200 lives. It has 30 rounds to pass.
  • On Hard Difficulty, the player starts off with 150 lives. It has 45 rounds to pass.
  • On Extreme Difficulty, the player starts off with 100 lives. It has 60 rounds to pass.
  • On Impoppable Difficulty, the player starts off with only one life. It has 75 rounds to pass.
  • In Martian Games, the player always has 200 starting lives unless stated otherwise.

Lives generation[]

Restoring lives can be granted in Bloons Adventure Time TD via the following, and only restores lives:

Extra lives and life loss-preventing shield points may be granted in Bloons Adventure Time TD via the following:

Life generation from a character can be augmented with Anti-Gravity Tote Chamber.

Bloons Pop![]

In Bloons Pop!, the player has 5 lives maximum and needs to have at least 1 life to play regular levels. Unlike lives from the Bloons TD series, they behave similarly to other modern casual puzzle games. One life is lost whenever the player fails, exits, or restarts a level, excluding all levels outside of the set of regular levels. The amount of lives is carried between levels, and each life can be replenished through waiting around 1 hour. Additionally, players may buy packs through microtransactions or obtain a specific reward via the Daily Reward scratch ticket to get temporary Unlimited Lives for a limited time.

Bloons TD Battles 2[]

In Bloons TD Battles 2, both players start with 150 lives. When bloons reach the exit(s) on either side, lives are deducted accordingly. When a player's life count reaches 0, they lose the match. Lives are also used to determine the winning player if both players survive to Round 40, in that case the player with the most lives remaining claims victory. However, if both players have the same amount of lives by Round 40, and both players have at least 150 lives by that point, the match enters Sudden Death, and all life counts are reduced to and capped at 1. If both players survive by Round 50, the match ends in a draw. One player may get the First Blood bonus by letting the opposing player lose lives before losing own lives. Lives cannot go over 5000 lives.[1]

Bloons Card Storm[]

In Bloons Card Storm, the health both players would have vary depending on the special condition. By default, it is 500. Whenever a bloon reaches a turn counter of 0, it will attack the opposing player for the amount of health it has left. Should one player's remaining health reach 0 or lower, they lose the match. In the first beta, the only way to restore health was via the Quick Break card which restores 100 health to the player.


When a player loses lives in Bloons TD Battles 2:



  • Leaking any M.O.A.B-Class Bloon results in a game over in any difficulty (excluding Sandbox Mode) due to their massive RBE, unless the Healthy Bananas, Support Chinook, or More Lives premiums generate sufficient lives, or if a Daily Challenge gives enough lives to allow leaking M.O.A.B.-Class Bloons.
    • Benjamin's Bloon Trojan can also reduces the RBE of a M.O.A.B. to exactly 200, allowing one to leak on Easy provided the Mana Shield monkey knowledge is used.
    • Corvus at Level 9 and above can use Soul Barrier to tank a MOAB in full without losing any lives if he has 616 mana or more.
  • In Bloons TD 4, a Premium Upgrade called More Lives grants 200 extra lives in the current game, at the cost of CoinsIcon2.
  • In Bloons TD 4 Flash, Camo Bloons make players lose 9 lives despite the fact that their RBE is 11. Likewise, in Bloons Monkey City, D.D.T.s will cost the player 16656 lives despite having an RBE of 924.
  • In Bloons TD 5, the Premium Upgrade Triple Lives will give players triple the amount of lives in any game.
  • The Premium Upgrade Healthy Bananas allows to earn players some lives every round, making it possible to survive the leakage of MOAB-Class Bloons if the farms stayed long enough.
  • In previous versions, players could potentially lose a maximum of 490 lives on Impoppable in BTD6, using the Mana Shield's regenerative properties to "gain" 5 lives every round.
    • However, as of Version 16.0, Mana Shield is now disabled in Impoppable mode.
  • In Bloons TD 6, the player can tank a maximum of 5,025 RBE at once (5,825 RBE with Corvus), with 5,000 normal lives and 25 from Mana Shield if purchased, which is enough to survive multiple DDTs or MOABs. This is also enough to survive two B.F.B.s, or one Fortified B.F.B.
  • If the player loses the tutorial in Bloons TD 6, the game will automatically reset the life counter back to 150.