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This is a list of all Bloon types, as well as their modifications as seen in the Bloons Tower Defense games, from Bloons TD to Bloons Adventure Time TD. For a list of Bloons in all other games, see List of Bloons.

Normal Bloons[]

Picture Name Notes and games Speed relative to Red Bloon Health


Parent of Child of
Red Bloon Weakest Bloon in the game

Btd 1 and on

1.0 1 None Blue Bloon
Blue Bloon Btd 1 and on 1.4 2 Red Bloon Green Bloon
Green Bloon Btd 1 and on 1.8 3 Blue Bloon Yellow Bloon
Yellow Bloon Btd 1 and on 3.2 4 Green Bloon Pink Bloon
Pink Bloon Fastest bloon in the game
Btd 4 and on
3.5 5 Yellow Bloon Black, White
Black Bloon Immune to explosions.

Btd 1 and on

1.8 11 Pink Bloon x2 Zebra Bloon
White Bloon Immune to freezing.

Btd 1 and on

2.0 11 Pink Bloon x2 Zebra Bloon
Camo Bloon BTD4
Camo Bloon

Cannot be seen by certain towers.

Appears as its own bloon in BTD4, and as a bloon property in BTD5 onwards.

1.4 11 Pink Bloon x2 None
Purple Bloon Immune to energy, fire, and plasma.

Btd 6 and on(?)

3.0 11 Pink Bloon x2 None
Lead Bloon Immune to sharp projectiles.

Btd 2 and on

1.0 23 Black Bloon x2 None
Zebra Bloon Immune to explosions and freezing.

Btd 4 and on

1.8 23

Black Bloon

White Bloon

Rainbow Bloon
Rainbow Bloon Btd 2 and on 2.2 47 Zebra Bloon x2

(2 black and white each in Btd 2 and 3)

Ceramic Bloon
Ceramic Bloon

Takes 10 hits to pop.

Immune to glue

Btd 3 and on

2.5 104 Rainbow Bloon x2



Oie transparent

Strongest bloon in BTD 5

Golden Bloon

Has Lead and Camo abilities as well as being as fast as a Pink Bloon.

Takes 300 hits to pop.

Btd 5 mobile only

3.5 300 None None
Ghost Bloon

Ghost Bloon

Ghost Bloon Exclusive to BTD6 in Sandbox mode.

Also known as the Test or Invisible bloon.

1.0 9,999,999 None None
Golden Bloon

Moves erratically when struck and temporarily becomes immune to damage while doing erratic movement. Gains various immunities at later levels, including Camo, Lead, Purple, Fortified, and Zebra.

Btd 6

3.5 (?) Varies None None

M.O.A.B-Class Bloons[]

Picture Name Ability and game Speed relative to Red Bloon Health (RBE) Parent of Child of
Massive Ornary Air Blimp Requires 200 hits to pop.

Btd 3 and on

1.0 616 Ceramic Bloon x4 B.F.B.
Brutal Flying Behemoth Requires 700 hits to pop.

Btd 4 and on

0.25 3,164 M.O.A.B. x4 Z.O.M.G.
Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness

Requires 4,000 hits to pop.

Slowest bloon in the game alongside with the B.A.D.(excluding boss bloons)

Btd 5 and on

0.18 16,656 B.F.B. x4 B.A.D.
Dark Dirigible Titan

Requires 400 hits to pop. Fastest M.O.A.B.-Class Bloon in the game.

Has Lead, Black, and Camo properties.

Btd Monkey City and Btd 6

2.75 816 Camo Regrowth Ceramic Bloon x4 B.A.D.
Big Airship of Doom

Strongest M.O.A.B. Class Bloon

Big Airship of Doom

Requires 20,000 hits to pop. Immune to glue, freezing, slowdown, stunning, knockback, and most abilities. Slowest bloon in the game alongside with the Z.O.M.G.

Btd 6 and on(?)



Z.O.M.G. x2

D.D.T. x3


Bloon Modifications[]



Effect and game

Camo Bloon
Camo Gives Bloons a special camoflauge that allows them to become undetectable by towers that don't have Camo detection.

Btd 5 and on

Regrowth Bloon
Regrow Gives Bloons the ability to regenerate popped layers. Layers cannot be regenerated above the original bloon layer. If a Regrow bloon has multiple child bloons, then the child bloons can regenerate up to the original bloon layer, causing the bloons to multiply. Cannot be applied to MOAB-Class bloons.

Btd 5 and on

Fortified Gives Bloons an extra armor that doubles their health but can be only applied to MOAB-Class, Lead, and Ceramic Bloons.

Btd 6 and on(?)

Shielded Give Bloons a shield that takes 5 hits to be destroyed.


Low qualtiy zombie bloon icon placeholder
Zombie Give Bloons the ability to come back to life after being popped; each Zombie Bloon can only resurrect itself once.


Ghost Bloons
Ghost Make Bloons Immune to physical attacks.


Boss-class Bloons[]

Picture Name Ability Speed relative to Red Bloon Health (RBE)
Bloonarius: The Inflator BTD5 Mobile, BMC Flash, BMC Mobile
Summon a bloon at least the rank of a lead bloon. The strength of the bloon is based of the level of Bloonarius. Use upgrades like frag shooter to take care of the weak bloons while using upgrades like MOAB Mauler to take down the boss and higher ranked MOABs.

Summons various minions upon getting damaged in small increments, minimum of Green and maximum of Rainbow. Expels a rush of bloons (or a single BAD at Tier 5), minimum of Ceramic and maximum of normal BAD, upon reaching skull health.

BTD5 Generation:

20,000 (T1)
75,000 (T2)
350,000 (T3)
750,000 (T4)
3,000,000 (T5)
Up to +60% health per extra player in increments of +20%

BloonariusPortraitElite Bloonarius: The Inflator BTD6:
Summons various minions upon getting damaged in small increments, minimum of Pink and maximum of MOAB. Expels a rush of bloons, minimum of Ceramic and maximum of Fortified BAD, upon reaching skull health.
50,000 (T1)
300,000 (T2)
2,000,000 (T3)
8,000,000 (T4)
40,000,000 (T5)
Up to +60% health per extra player in increments of +20%
Blastopopoulos Blastapopoulos: Demon of the Core Shoots a stun ball at the most expensive monkey/tower and does it more often the weaker it is. Recommended to use monkey village since stun has no effect on it and will still make the nearby monkeys better and cheaper (monkey village + triple dart dart monkey with no left side upgrades) Depends
VortexBlimpMobile Vortex: Master of the Air Creates a stun effect to monkeys and towers near it. Stun blast is used more as it weakens. Recommended to use monkey that can shoot across the map or just very far and avoid stun blasts like dartling gun, sniper monkey, and super monkey. Depends
Dreadbloon Dreadbloon: Armoured Behemoth Not only does it have lead properties, but it can surround itself with clay, giving it armor. Using a fast tower like dartling gun to break the clay allows for lead popping powers to not waste shots. MOAB Maulers work well here do to being an anti-MOAB that can pop lead. Depends