This is a list of all Bloon types, as well as their modifications as seen in the Bloons Tower Defense games, from Bloons TD to Bloons Adventure Time TD. For a list of Bloons in all other games, see List of Bloons.

Normal BloonsEdit

Picture Name Notes Speed relative to Red Bloon Health


Parent of Child of
Red Bloon Weakest Bloon in the game 1.0 1 None Blue Bloon
Blue Bloon 1.4 2 Red Bloon Green Bloon
Green Bloon 1.8 3 Blue Bloon Yellow Bloon
Yellow Bloon 3.2 4 Green Bloon Pink Bloon
Pink Bloon Fastest Bloon in the game. 3.5 5 Yellow Bloon Black, White
Black Bloon Immune to explosions. 1.8 11 Pink Bloon x2 Zebra Bloon
White Bloon Immune to freezing. 2.0 11 Pink Bloon x2 Zebra Bloon
Camo Bloon BTD4
Camo Bloon (BTD4)

Cannot be seen by certain towers.

Only appears in Bloons TD 4.

1.4 11 Pink Bloon x2 None
Purple Bloon Immune to energy, fire, and plasma. 3.0 11 Pink Bloon x2 None
Lead Bloon Immune to sharp projectiles. 1.0 23 Black Bloon x2 None
Zebra Bloon Immune to explosions and freezing. 1.8 23

Black Bloon

White Bloon

Rainbow Bloon
Rainbow Bloon 2.2 47 Zebra Bloon x2 Ceramic Bloon
Ceramic Bloon

Takes 10 hits to pop.

Immune to glue (Only in BTD5 flash).

2.5 104 Rainbow Bloon x2



Oie transparent

Strongest bloon in BTD 5

Golden Bloon

Has Lead and Camo abilities as well as being as fast as a Pink Bloon.

Takes 300 hits to pop.

3.5 300 None None
Ghost Bloon

Ghost Bloon

Ghost Bloon BTD 6 Sandbox Exclusive 1.0 9,999,999 None None

M.O.A.B-Class BloonsEdit

Picture Name Ability Speed relative to Red Bloon Health (RBE) Parent of Child of
Massive Ornary Air Blimp Requires 200 hits to pop. 1.0 616 Ceramic Bloon x4 B.F.B.
Brutal Flying Behemoth Requires 700 hits to pop. 0.25 3,164 M.O.A.B. x4 Z.O.M.G.
Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness

Requires 4,000 hits to pop.

Slowest bloon in the game alongside with the B.A.D.(excluding boss bloons)

0.18 16,656 B.F.B. x4 B.A.D.
Dark Dirigible Titan

Requires 400 hits to pop. Fastest M.O.A.B.-Class Bloon in the game.

Has Lead, Zebra, and Camo properties.

2.75 816 Camo Regrowth Ceramic Bloon x4 B.A.D.
Big Airship of Doom

Strongest M.O.A.B. Class Bloon

Big Airship of Doom

Requires 20,000 hits to pop. Immune to glue, freezing, slowdown, stunning, knockback, and most abilities. Slowest bloon in the game alongside with the Z.O.M.G.



Z.O.M.G. x2

D.D.T. x3


Bloon ModificationsEdit




Camo Bloon
Camo Gives Bloons a special camoflauge that allows them to become undetectable by towers that don't have Camo detection.
Regrowth Bloon
Regrowth Gives Bloons the ability to regenerate popped layers.
Fortified Gives Bloons an extra armor that doubles their health but can be only applied to MOAB-Class, Lead, and Ceramic Bloons.
Shielded Give Bloons a shield that takes 5 hits to be destroyed.
Low qualtiy zombie bloon icon placeholder
Zombie Give Bloons the ability to come back to life after being popped; each Zombie Bloon can only resurrect itself once.

Boss-class bloonsEdit

Picture Name Ability Speed relative to Red Bloon Health (RBE)

The Inflator


Demon of the Core

Shoots a stun ball at the most expensive monkey/tower and does it more often the weaker it is. Recommended to use monkey village since stun has no effect on it and will still make the nearby monkeys better and cheaper (monkey village + triple dart dart monkey with no left side upgrades)

Master of the Air

Creates a stun effect to monkeys and towers near it. Stun blast is used more as it weakens. Recommended to use monkey that can shoot across the map or just very far and avoid stun blasts like dart lung gun in, sniper monkey, and super monkey.m

Armoured Behemoth

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