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Lightning Scar is an Advanced Difficulty track that is featured in Bloons Tower Defense 5. Released on May 10, 2012, this track was added in the same update as Main Street.


Lightning Scar is a bleak, desolate, and barren, with little to no scenery. There are small amounts of vegetation, both live and dead, littering the track. The path that the Bloons travel along is in the shape of a typical lightning bolt, hence the track's name. The path also appears to be burnt. The Bloons first come into the track from one path, which later splits into two paths. There is a 50% chance the Bloons will choose either path.

The relatively short length of the track will make players think twice before placing towers. The straight nature of the track helps certain towers such as the Ninja Monkey pop more Bloons per projectile, however, towers such as Boomerang Throwers could miss more often. There is also a large empty area in the upper-left portion of the track, which can be used to place towers such as Banana Farms and Mortar Towers. Taking advantage of the track's convenient features will assist earning the medals for the track a lot.


Monkey Money Rewards
Monkey-Money.png Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
First Time $225
Completed $45

Token Rewards
Easy Medium Hard
Token.png 3 Token.png 4 Token.png 5


Name Awesome Points Image
Lightning Scar Bronze AwesomeIcon.png10
Lightning Scar Silver AwesomeIcon.png25
Lightning Scar Gold AwesomeIcon.png50


Lightning Scar on iPhone

Large horde of red regens

  • The track has a somewhat similar shape to the Anthill Track from BTD4, but it is much easier because it only has 2 exits.
  • Lightning Scar seems to be the opposite counterpart of Snake River in terms of its path.
    • The path of Lightning Scar is straight, while the path of Snake River is curvy.
    • Lightning Scar is dark and desolate, while Snake River is nice and pleasant.
    • The path of Lightning Scar starts out as one path, which later splits into two. The path of Snake River starts out as two paths, which later merges into one.
  • The path the bloons will take is not predetermined, this is evidenced by bloons that split. For example if a MOAB is destoyed before the split some ceramics will go one way and some the other.
  • This is the track used for the Wizard Lord special mission.
  • The path this track takes is very likely to have been carved by lava, making it possible that this track is connected to Mount Magma. Either that, or it was created by a lightning storm.
  • This track might have been based off Harry Potter, since Harry has a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead, and also because the Wizard Lord special mission takes place on the track and the Harry Potter series is about wizards.