Super Monkey

The Level Skip Button when a player has only 1 Super Monkey.

The Level Skip is a power up in Bloons 2. Players start the game with 5 free level skips, and can earn one extra level skip by passing a zone and packs of 3, 50, or infinite level skips when using MochiCoins. When players click the button, their dart monkey will convert into a Super Monkey with Laser Vision, which only lasts until the level is complete. The Super Monkey can be used by clicking and holding to make it shoot lasers, then moving the cursor to aim.


  • Even though it has Laser Vision, it can still destroy all blocks, including the Metal Block.
  • When a player clicks the Maximum Power button, it will automatically shoot the laser non-stop unless you click.
  • It is possible not to destroy the bloons by aiming someplace else.
  • When the super monkey destroys a reverse gravity bloon, instead of shooting lasers the opposite direction, its cape will fly up.
  • The player can buy more Level Skips with MochiCoins.
  • If a level is exceptionally annoying, then it is best destroying all blocks, then destroying the Bloons.


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