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Lemonhope can use his gift of music to inspire other characters to fight more efficiently.
~ BATTD description
Boosts another character to increase their attack speed.
~ Short description

Before potential collecting

Lemonhope is a Super Rare Ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD. He can support up to one character or ally from any distance by default. He initially only can support one character by increasing their attack speed by 10%, but he can be upgraded to support 20% and 30%, and even upgraded to support two characters or allies at once. He can only be equipped to Finn, Dungeon Finn, Jake, Tuxedo Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and Warrior Bubblegum. He costs $800 to place. Effects from multiple Lemonhopes can't be stacked with each other.



  • Boosts attack speed of another character


  • Cannot attack


  • Pleasant Melody ($600): Boosted character attacks even faster (20% attack speed boost for target)
    • Beautiful Melody ($800): Boosted character attacks faster still (30% attack speed boost for target )
      • Encore ($1,200): Lemonhope can boost two characters at once


  • Beautiful Melody increases attack speed of target character/ally by roughly 20%.

Version History[]


Buff Encore upgrade now automatically prompts the player to place second boost on the second character/ally.