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Strange noises have been coming out of the Earldom of Lemongrab. This can only mean trouble!
~ Adventure description

Lemon Grabbed is an Adventure in Bloons Adventure Time TD, located in the Earldom of Lemongrab. It requires the adventure Apple Thief to be completed on any difficulty. Completing an adventure for the first time on any difficulty unlocks Sai the Shadow.


These are rewarded upon completing Back Door, Lemongrab Fortress, and Reconditioning Chamber on their respective difficulties.

  • Normal: 125 Coins, 4 Gems, 3 Star Level Currency, 40 Shards, 1 Rare Wish Orb, 1 Random Power
  • Hard: TBA
  • Extreme: TBA
  • Impoppable: 250 Coins, 15 Gems, 12 Star Level Currency, 200 Shards, 1 Epic Wish Orb, 1 Random Power (Super Rare/Epic (?))


Intro transcript[]

[Enter PB (left) and Lemongrab (right, as building)]

PB: [thinking] Lemongrab's in there and he's up to something.

Lemongrab: [shakes as he yells] Unacceptable. Your silence is UNACCEPTABLE!

Max (bottom left): His silence would be greatly acceptable.

[Max covers his ears with hands]

Lemongrab: Talk to MEEEEEE!

PB: We need to get inside and find out what he's up to.

Max: No, we need to get inside and remove his talking part. Seriously, I can't listen anymore.

PB: [pointing] Look! Bloons coming out of that door, that's our way in.

Outro transcript[]

[Enter PB (left) and Lemongrab (right, as himself, huffing in exhaustion)]

PB: [rocking body side to side, cactus posing] You look pretty DEFLATED Lemongrab.

PB: That really burst your bubble. Didn't it?

PB: I really should POP you in the dungeon.

Lemongrab: [uncontrolled] Eeeennougghhh. Unacceptableeeee!

[PB becomes normal]

Max (bottom left): Whoa, calm down, don't BLOW UP on us, heh heh.

[Lemongrab leaves]

Max: [cups hands to mouth] Where are you going? Come back, we're just getting started.

[Sai (right) shows up]

PB: Max, a prisoner! So this is what he was up to.

Sai: ...

PB: Don't worry little one, you're safe now.

[Sai disappears]

PB: [looking around, surprised] Wait! What? Where'd you go?

PB: Who was that?

Max: Sai the Shadow. A deadly bloon assassin.

PB: [normal] Well we have to go after her, she can really help us.

Max: Don't worry. Wherever the Bloons are, Sai is never far away.