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We turn to him, when all hope is lost...
~ In-game description

Legend of the Night (also referred to as LotN or The Night) is the last upgrade on the third path for the Super Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It gains a passive ability that summons a black hole at the end of the track if any bloon (including all MOAB-class Bloons, even BADs, but not Boss Bloons) escapes. The black hole ability absorbs the first bloons that leak and prevents the player from losing any lives for 7.5 seconds before disappearing, and it has a long cooldown of 2 minutes. The tower also becomes much stronger with a slightly longer range (+4 range to be precise), +15 pierce (from 7 to 22), base damage increased by 3 (from 2 to 5), and dealing 8 damage per hit to MOAB-class Bloons.

It costs $204,000 on Easy, $240,000 on Medium, $259,200 on Hard and $288,000 on Impoppable.



Legend of the Night is the second-most powerful tower in the entire game (excluding paragons), second to the True Sun God and its special variant (Vengeful True Sun God). Thanks to its black hole passive ability, it can temporarily tank bloons (except Boss Bloons) without losing lives, equivalent to instakilling leaking bloons but without the income gain. This makes the Legend of the Night excel at extreme late-game (Rounds 101+), as a safety net for leaks, since it can tank any bloon by effectively deleting them.

Outside of its special ability however, it is almost never used as it is simply too expensive compared to other Tier 5s that can beat the game just as easily as Legend of the Night but for cheaper.

However, alongside The Anti-Bloon, Legend of the Night is required as a special sacrifice to the Vengeful True Sun God, making it not accessible until the Vengeful True Sun God is sold. The most effective tactic is generally to exchange the Legend of the Night's ability for the 2x damage, as the increased DPS is more valued than the Legend of the Night's comparatively weak attack and niche ability.


  • The Legend of the Night can be placed along straight lines to increase the usage of its fairly large pierce.
  • Setting the tower to 'Strong' allows it to prioritize high health MOAB-class bloons, which is its specialty.
    • Do note that this means that if it is focusing on a higher-tier bloon, lower-tier MOABs may still pass through defenses.
  • This upgrade synergises very well with the Elite Defender and Bomb Blitz since it can trigger those towers' abilities without losing any lives (although Legend of the Night is very expensive for such a synergy).
  • Deleting bloons with the passive ability will not reward cash.
  • Althrough extremely expensive, selling and re-bying LotN resets it's ability cooldown, potentially providing a continiously active blackhole.

Version History[]

Mostly buffs to its main attack to make it more useful of an alternate powerful counterpart compared to True Sun God with sacrifices. It is still the strongest non-sacrifice tower in the game in terms of DPS.

  • Buff Pierce increased (9 → 21).
  • Buff Damage increased by +1.
  • Buff Legend of the Night now has a "Darkshift" ability which allows it to teleport anywhere on the map. This ability is inherited from Dark Knight.
Instead of saying the same thing each time; many specific crosspaths that add a 'camo specialty' to a tower end up being viewed as rather inferior crosspaths due to camo being quite available to pick up through other methods. To give these upgrades more use even with other forms of camo reveal in play, we have added a brand new Camo Prioritization option that is added to the towers when taking this crosspath. When enabled this filter combines the selected target method with Camo Prioritization (e.g. Strong Camo would work through all Camos in strength order, then revert to normal Strong until any new Camos show up).
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Camo Prioritization


When relogging into a game having Legend of the Night:

  • [Bat screeching]

When activating Global Darkshift Ability:

  • [Teleporting]


Official artwork[]


  • This tower, along with the Anti-Bloon, is required to create the Vengeful True Sun God, one of the most powerful towers in BTD6.
  • Legend of the Night is the second-most expensive upgrade in the game (excluding Paragons), with the first being True Sun God.
  • As of v17.0, the Legend of the Night is currently the only Path 3 Tier 5 tower in the game to have an ability.
    • Counting past versions of the game, however, it is the second tower to have this distinction, the first being the now-unused Soulbind.
  • While very expensive, a Legend of the Night was affordable as early as Round 173 on CHIMPS.[1]
  • Legend of the Night may possibly (Though very unlikely) be a play on the word "Knight" as previously used in the path 3 tier 3 upgrade, "Dark Knight".
  • It is also the first tower upgrade capable of one-shotting the BAD-Bloon, following 2nd Ezili with her lvl 20 MOAB HEX ability, and 3rd is the Navarch of the seas (Monkey Buccaneer Paragon).