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Lcc example

Least Cost CHIMPS challenge example, showing clearance of goal for minimum spending (link to example)


Example completed LCC fan-made challenge since Version 31.0

Least Cost CHIMPS, or LCC for short, is a challenge, originally fan-made, consisting of beating CHIMPS with the least money spent. Unofficially, it is tracked in the BTD6 Index.

In Bloons TD 6, there is an in-game equivalent in Challenge Editor called "Least Cash", which is a slider that manually controls maximum quantities of spent cash. Aforementioned feature was added on Version 31.0.

Patch has a similar quest that introduces the player to Least Cash CHIMPS in a Quest named “Patch’s Cheap CHIMPS Challenge”.



The core intent of Least Cost CHIMPS is to stretch the potential to minimize cost on CHIMPS Mode on each map. From there, recorded LCC attempts may be used to measure the maximum amount of leeway possible. Combinations of strenuous penny-pinching, intense micromanagement, and analysis of powerful synergies form a majority of all community-collected LCC attempts. In terms of value in the BTD6 community, it challenges players towards the aforementioned extremes while also outputting valuable information that could potentially be usable in analyzing perfect defenses.


  • Extensive, optimized use of a Hero is a must, as they have minimal placement costs and upgrade themselves to become more powerful for free.
    • Admiral Brickell is a commonly used hero for LCC runs due to her flexibility with her various different attacks, as well as maximum stockpiling potential. More notably, her Mega Mine ability is used to obliterate high-HP targets while Ground Zero cleans up the weaker offspring.
    • Striker Jones with MOAB Mauler spam was formerly a very powerful combination for LCC attempts, but is much weaker due to the Mauler no longer doing extra damage to Ceramics and slight overall pierce and price nerfs.
    • Etienne is used on some harder maps thanks to his global camo detection and UCAV ability.
    • Geraldo is very flexible because he contains various items that can be used to ease runs. However, his items cost in-game money, making careful use of the items key.
    • Gwendolin helps in conjunction with large quantities of Dragon's Breath Wizards.
  • An important upgrade that greatly assists further penny-pinching is to use discounts provided by Monkey Business and Monkey Commerce.
  • Perma-Spike is a common sight due to it being effective against rushes in general for only a middle-of-the-road cost, enhanced even further when cheap stalling tactics are employed alongside it to maximize its spike piles, in addition to having full uptime with Acidic Mixture Dip.
  • Ground Zero is common in a lot of easier Least Cost CHIMPS challenges due to its high microability and an ability capable of nuking the whole screen.
  • Since Geraldo's release in the game, he and his various items from his store is commonplace for optimizing many LCC runs. Careful spending may be required for each item, however.
  • Embrittlement + Overdrive is a common combo used for most LCCs in Version 31.0, especially when paired with Geraldo.
  • Bouncing Bullet + Maim MOAB is another common combo used for most LCCs in Version 31.0, especially when paired with Geraldo, and most often used for difficult single-lane maps such as Geared and alternating lane maps such as Bazaar.
  • Pirate Lord + Admiral Brickell is a common combo on maps that have favorable water spots, as Pirate Lord's main attacks excel in the mid-game and carries well into the late-game.


  • The cheapest ever LCC was $18,325 on Logs, done on Version 36.3, shown in this image link of the final defense. This consisted of Brickell, a 0-4-0 T-Rex, a 0-2-2 Ice, and a 0-0-0 Spike Factory. It’s no longer possible as of 37.0 due to the lower-tier Ice Monkey receiving nerfs to its freeze duration on Ceramics.
    • Until then, the cheapest ever LCC was $19,120 on Logs, done on Version 18.0. By using Brickell with the bugged leveling rate, a Ground Zero, a 0-1-2 (?) Ice, and a 0-0-0 Dart, this feat was made possible. That specific LCC is no longer possible due to the Brickell leveling speed bug being fixed in 18.1.
  • The cheapest possible LCC in Version 31.0 is $23,320 on the map Resort, using a combination of Geraldo, Embrittlement, and Overdrive. Link to the screenshot of the final defense. In Version 31.2, this was lowered further to $20,505 on Resort, shown on this image link of final defense.
  • As of Version 31.1, the last map to achieve a LCC less than $100,000 belongs to Quad, which was achieved by Spiffy on May 4th 2022 in Version 31.1, finally cutting the previous LCC of that map to less than $100,000 down to $94,865. The link to the Imgur file can be found here.