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  • Place Spike Factories on the exit paths. Two of the exit paths are shared with an entrance path, so it may be wiser to place them slightly further away, to prevent the spike piles from popping too early.
    • Try placing one in the middle of the five-pointed star, or on the part of the topmost three star points that does not immediately intersect with an entrance.
  • In the early game, Monkey Aces are excellent at popping large quantities of bloons. They are prone to leaking one or two bloons, so road spikes may be necessary to earn No Lives Lost.
  • When the first MOAB starts arriving on Round 46, MOAB Maulers where they can hit bloons as soon as they spawn.
  • For handling massive swarms of grouped bloons, Operation: Dart Storm or Ring of Fire are excellent options. Ice Towers can also be used to help slow down bloons.
  • The Mortar Tower has a reload glitch involving retargeting it as soon as its shell explodes, that causes the mortar to pause and instantly fire another shot, but it does not work if the previous shell has not exploded yet. This is effective because it pops massive quantities of bloons for the price point, although it is only practically feasible with one mortar and should primarily be used as a saveup.
  • Like all maps, Banana Farms, in order to gain extra money.
  • In case if the last few Bloons are about to escape, add a few Road Spikes at the exit path(s). This does not work against Lead bloons.
  • Monkey Glue can be used to slow down bloons, while Exploding Pineapples can be used to pop massive amounts of non-black bloons, although they are more pre-emptive than reactive.
    • However, do not place too many road items as they drain significant cash without providing permanent defense.