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Target priority Last means the tower will target whatever bloon has traveled the least distance
~ BTD4 Round 9 Pre-Round Comment

Last is a target priority, released since Bloons TD 3. It is the second target priority of the majority of the towers in the game. Towers set on the Last target priority will target the last bloon visible within its visible range.

In Bloons TD 6, some attacks are locked on Last. These include, but are not limited to:

In the Monkey Knowledge, Flanking Maneuvers can let this target priority of specific Military towers grant 10% attack speed buffs.



As a counterpart to First, this target priority is primarily used to maximize the amount of bloons hit by ensuring that a tower always shoots in a given spot or direction. It is best used with towers such as Cluster Bombs on calculated spots, Juggernaut on straight lines, and on occasion, Boomerang Monkeys. It also has synergy with FlankingManeuversIcon Flanking Maneuvers in Bloons TD 6, improving maximum damage output, and on some maps, has synergy with Monkey Buccaneers, by maximizing the pierce of its dart. Its main downside is that it can be prone to leaking bloons, thus making it harder to use in CHIMPS, where leaking a single life causes a game over. This can be somewhat rectified with a cleanup tower.


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