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If you're wondering what laser vision does, its like piercing darts only it can pop frozen bloons as well.
~ Round 47 on Bloons TD 2

Laser Vision is the first upgrade for the bottom path of the Super Monkey in BTD2, BTD3, and Bloons TD iOS. It increases its pierce by +1, for a total of 2, and converts its damage type from Sharp to Shatter.

In BTD iOS and its related handheld ports, it signifies how much pierce it has left by visually removing one laser from the projectile when it only has one pierce remaining. This does not happen in any other BTD game.

Prices are different between BTD2 and BTD3.


  • Bloons Tower Defense 2: $4050 on Easy, $4590 on Medium, $4680 on Hard
  • Bloons Tower Defense 3: $2975 on Easy, $3570 on Medium, $3780 on Hard
  • Bloons TD iOS: $2975 on Easy, $3500 on Medium, $3780 on Hard


Laser Vision fires one projectile with 2 pierce as a Straight Attack Straight Attack; these projectiles are now Shatter Type (pops Black, White, Purple, Frozen) Shatter type, allowing it to pop frozen. On the iOS version and its related ports, the projectile also visually loses one laser beam when it uses up one pierce. Jungle Drums cannot boost its attack speed due to how rounding functions on Flash, and Jungle Drums doing nothing on iOS.

Targeting Priorities[]

Laser Vision uses the standard target priorities in BTD3: First and Last. In BTD iOS, Near and Far are also targeting options.



The Laser Vision Super Monkey is not recommended on its own. In BTD2 this makes it borderline useless due to the cost efficiency of Dart Monkey spam. In BTD3 this means that it is only useful to save up for Plasma Vision.


  • This tower should only be used to save up to Plasma Vision. It is overall not worthwhile to buy on its own due to its poor cost efficiency.