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He put aside his life of crime to join in the fight against the bloons. He uses his laser gun to devastating effect.
~ BATTD description
Wields a laser gun and attacks the bloons.
~ Short description

Laser Butterfly (for more information, see Butterfly With Laser Gun) is a Common ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD. His main gimmick is to be placed over any placeable terrain (with exception track and unplaceable land) and be immune to ground-based negative effects. He can be equipped by Captain Cassie, Commander Cassie, Max, Finn, Hunter Marceline, Jake, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, and Warrior Bubblegum.



  • Flies over obstacles (Doesn't "fly" over line of sight obstacles)


  • Expensive


Icon upgrade range
Laser Scope
COST: $400
Description: Increases range.
Effect: +5 range
Icon upgrade faster
Atomic Cooling
COST: $550
Upgrade(s) Required:
Laser Scope
Description: Better coolant means faster firing.
Effect: Attack cooldown decreased to 0.8s


Laser Butterfly is used as an early counter against Ghost Bloons.



  • Even though his con is described as "Expensive", his main weakness is his low DPS for price. His price range is considered average when compared to other allies in the game.
  • Laser Butterfly can be placed on land, water and lava.