Laser Blasts is the first upgrade on path 1 in BTD5. It shoots at the same rate as the Super Monkey's darts, but each projectile can pop two bloons instead of one, as with the darts. It can also pop Frozen Bloons.

It costs $2975 on Easy, $3500 on Medium, and $3780 on Hard.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This upgrade costs the same as the base cost of the Super Monkey in BTD5.
  • Despite having seemingly the same number of projectiles, a Robo Monkey with Laser Vision (1-3) is in fact better than a regular Super Monkey with Laser Vision (1-2).
  • Because the collision detection works differently on BTD5 Mobile, both lasers will do damage to MOAB-class bloons unlike its flash counterpart where both lasers will only register as one hit. This also applies when compared to Plasma Blasts.

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