This page is for a list of bugs that have been discovered. They are separated into Confirmed and Patched. Feel free to add a bug that you found that is not listed here.

Bloons GamesEdit

Explosion Restart GlitchEdit


Extreme example of this glitch. Notice that the dart is offset downwards.

  • If the player resets a level during the explosion screen shake effect, the position of the screen will be slightly offset. This also offsets the dart's throwing position. The only way to reverse this is to repeat it until the screen randomly moves into the right position (not very effective) or reload the game (always works).

Determined Pac-man GlitchEdit

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 2.38.35 PM

Hey, Pac-Man. Are you supposed to be there?

  • This happens on all Bloons Games excluding Bloons Junior.
    When a Pac-man Bloon is popped and the player clicks main menu before it disappears, Pac-man will still be there, and it can still go anywhere around the main menu before the time runs out. (link to video)

Exploding Ice BugEdit

  • Bloonsworld glitch

    You spin me right round baby right round like a record player baby right round round (Click the image for full results.)

    This happens occasionally in some Bloons World levels. When more than half screen is filled with Bomb Bloons, only some of them will pop, then they suddenly freeze and explode. There is no exit from this glitch other than closing the player's browser. This can be tested on the Bloonsworld level 759 or 3796143. (link to video)

Frozen Pac-man Bloon GlitchEdit

  • If a Pac-man bloon gets frozen, it doesn't appear to be frozen, but it can't be popped unless the Lightsaber Bloon, the Bomb Bloon, or Pac-man from another Pac-man Bloon touches it.

Spike Rubber Bypass GlitchEdit

  • Very often, when Spikey Bloons fall down and there's a Rubber Block under them in a position that is not the lowest row of the screen, the spikes will bypass the Rubber Blocks and will fall off the screen. This can be tested on the Bloonsworld level 1265859(more effective) or 3795343(less effective).

Dart Rubber Bypass GlitchEdit

  • When the dart gets in a position which is surrounded by 5 or more metal blocks, the dart will touch the Rubber Blocks like if it does only one bounce then it'll go in the opposite direction: if in the same direction there immediately is another Rubber Block, the dart will bypass it. This can be tested on the 46th level in Bloons Player Pack 3 (whose Bloonsworld code is 1100657): however, it requires a very careful aim, as to complete the level the dart must go rightwards popping the other bloon.

Dart Rubber Bypass Glitch 2Edit

  • Throwing a dart at a Rubber Block being close to the monkey will make the dart bypass it. This can be tested on the 50th level of Bloons Player Pack 1 throwing the dart rightwards at high power.

Quicker Bonus Dart Bloon Popping GlitchEdit

  • Sometimes the Bonus Dart Bloon can get popped when the dart is close to it, but not over it. This can be tested on the 37th level in Bloons Player Pack 3.

Quicker Bomb Bloon Popping GlitchEdit

  • Throwing a dart at a Rubber Block/Metal Block being close to the monkey, at high power will let the dart bypass the block and pop the Bomb Bloon, if there's one. This can be tested on the 12th level of Bloons Player Pack 2 (whose Bloonsworld code is 594832 and 3795344) by throwing the dart leftwards.
Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 8.09.34 PM

Come back, boomerang!

Not Popped glitchEdit

  • When the screen is completely filled with Tack Bloons or Pac-man Bloons, some of those may not get popped. This can be tested on Bloonsworld code 3795326 (tacks) or 3795338 (pacman).
A pickle helium bloon even more bloons glitch unlimited dart mode

Is this a magic trick?

Revolving Boomerang glitchEdit

  • Occasionally, when a boomerang comes close to the monkey after flying a circuit, it stops and rotates on the spot. Sometimes, the player will have to restart the level to make it vanish. Other times, it will eventually disappear. Or by moving the cursor to the right side of the monkey to make it disappear (if the next shot is not made). To make the glitch happen, the player has to throw it directly to the right. It can be tested on Bloonsworld code 3796656.
    Rubber block bug bloons junior

    The middle-left rubber glitch

Non rising helium bloonEdit

  • When its jar gets popped, the Helium Bloon remained at the same position.

Rubber block appearance changeEdit

  • Rarely, when a rubberblock gets hit by the dart, the block will change its looks to when darts hits the blocks.

No level completion after reaching targetEdit

  • Occasionally, in some Bloons Games, when a player reaches the target of a specific level, they didn't complete it, even though they were supposed to. However, this can be easily solved by throwing a dart after the target reach.

Hot Air BloonEdit

Vanishing Monkey GlitchEdit

  • When the hot air bloon pops at the very top and the monkey falls, the monkey vanishes before reaching the trees (probably intentional).
  • This is probably caused by the fact the blimp will get destroyed by trees. However because there is no blimp, it acts like a black hole and if the monkey reaches there, he will get "sucked in" and disappear.

Invisible Pursuer GlitchEdit

  • When the monkey falls, a board comes up saying the player's score and the player's highscore. However, the player can still hear bloons popping until the player makes the game reset (by trying again or going back to the main menu).

Bloons 2Edit

No gain of zone on last levelEdit

  • After passing the last level of a zone with either unlimited darts or a Super Monkey, the levels in the next zone can be played but not after quitting the level and trying to re-entering that zone again. Then the player cannot re-access the level again.

Frozen bloon glitchEdit

  • When a Ice bloon is popped near a 'special' bloon type, the bloon will not appear frozen, but will still be unpoppable by darts.

Bloons Pop 3Edit

Bloons pop 3 invisible bloon

The Pink bloon turned invisible!

Hint GlitchEdit

  • After earning 200 points, the player has unlimited hints, even if the player has no points.

Invisible bloon glitchEdit

  • Rare bug when a player attempts to buy hints when no points.

BTD1 (and BTD2)Edit

Iced Bug 1Edit

  • Sometimes when the Ice Tower attacks, some bloons will stop but not appear to be frozen.
    There is no need to be upset

    There is no need to be upset

Hypersonic Speed Tack Shooter BugEdit

  • If the player presses tab until the Faster Shooting box is surrounded in a yellow box while it can be afforded, press the space bar until the attack speed is hyper-sonic and the upgrade is bought. Then, most bloons can't get by that tower. This glitch can be done by other towers (such as Dart Monkey with infinite piercing darts, Ice Tower with unlimited freeze time, Most Towers With Infinite range(Still shoots just as far!), however they're either not worth the consequence of going super negative in cash, or don't work at all.
The player will appear to have their money decreasing as it pops bloons. In reality, the player has negative money, although the negative sign is not showing, and is actually gaining money. When the money reaches zero, you can now see your money increasing.
  • The "Buy for Afford" glitch.
  • Another occurrence of the Buy for Afford glitch.
  • The glitch can happen with an already bought upgrade as well.
  • The "Buy for Bought" variation of the glitch again.
  • Buy For Afford Glitch On BTD2
  • the buy for afford bug in reverse

Buy for Afford glitchEdit

  • Sometimes, after the player accomplishes the Hypersonic Speed Tack Shooter bug, part of the "Buy for" button appears in the "Can't afford" screen for the upgrades. This usually happens with the Tack Shooter the player does the glitch on, but it can happen with any tower, as shown by the slideshow below:
  • This can happen in reverse, with the can't afford text appearing on an already purchased upgrade


(Note that every BTD1 glitch works in BTD2 as well.)

Laser Vision BugEdit

  • In BTD2, the Laser Vision upgrade pops frozen bloons, but it makes the sound a sharp projectile when it hits a frozen bloon.

Double BOOM! BugEdit

  • When placing a Bomb Tower, it will shoot a bomb, then after the bomb explodes, another explosion sound is heard, even though the second bomb is not fired or detonated.


Giant missle


Huge missile bugEdit

  • Sometimes, when the Missile Launcher shoots it will shoot an abnormally large missile. As seen on Superjombombo2's throwback series E5 (Seen on picture on the right)
    • This only happens when the Bigger Bombs upgrade is purchased, this may have been done on purpose due to the name of the upgrade.
Beacon glitch

Isn't the beacon supposed to be more expensive?

Lack of Money Bug (Very minor)Edit

  • In BTD3, the player can place a Monkey Beacon when the player can't afford it. The player can choose where to place it. However, it says not enough money. and it won't be placed. It doesn't happen with the other towers.

Monkey Beacon bugEdit

  • This works only in BTD3. The player must have a Monkey Beacon with the Monkey Storm Beacon upgrade, it will allow the player to activate Super Monkey Storm. Then, sell the Monkey Storm Beacon, the Super Monkey Storm will still be there and the player can use it unlimited times without having the Monkey Storm Beacon, despite the description of the upgrade says that it allows it to call Super Monkey Storms.

Another Monkey Beacon bugEdit

  • This only works too in BTD3, when you have a Monkey Storm Beacon, activate Super Monkey Storm (you must activate it from the tower menu) and KEEP your cursor on that Super Monkey Storm icon. Then it will show the "TOP SECRET" description, but if you drag your cursor and hover it back, then it still show the Super Monkey Storm description.

Place Towers AnywhereEdit

  • This glitch allows you to place towers anywhere on the map. First, click on the tower you want to place. Then, right-click anywhere on the track where you ARE allowed to place that tower. While the drop-down is still there, click where on the screen you want to place the tower. (Also works on BTD 1-4)

Melee Bug 1Edit

  • The boomerangs/glaives that the boomerang/glaive thrower is holding count as projectiles, meaning any bloon that runs into them will be popped. Strangely, the held boomerangs/glaives do not appear to have a pop limit.

Start Round GlitchEdit

  • On the first track in BTD3, sometimes there will not be a start round button after a round. The player has to use super monkey storm to get the button back. This is more common on easy difficulty.

Overpowered Pineapple BugEdit

  • The pineapple is capable of popping 2 to 3 layers of bloon.
  • This, combined with its low cost, make pineapples extremely overpowered

BTD (iOS version)Edit

Orientation bugEdit

  • In HD versions of Bloons TD, when the player adjusts the volume, the orientation appears to be sideways even though the orientation is completely normal.

BTD4 onlyEdit

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 11.49.00 AM

Hey, that dart monkey is not supposed to be here!

BTD4 Challenge Restrictions bugEdit

  • In the Sweet Tooth challenge (pass in Easy mode using only Dartling Gunners and Spike Factories), the player can use a Dart Monkey by pressing its hotkey (D). The dart monkey still functions normally and the player can still earn the Lickity Split achievement as normal.

Beacon BugEdit

  • In BTD4, some towers covered by the Monkey Beacon's range will not get affected by its additional effects.

(Note: In earlier rounds where there aren't many towers, a tower that is newly placed will immediately get the effect of monkey Beacon's range. However as the number of towers increase, there is a chance that the newly placed towers will get the effect of monkey Beacon's range after a new round has been started.

Corrosive glue is not corrosive bugEdit

  • Sometimes in BTD4, the glue gunner's corrosive glue will not pop bloons on fast forward.

Spike Storm glitchEdit

  • The Spike Factory's final upgrade, Spike Storm will sometimes only cover up half or only a quarter of the screen in BTD4.
    Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 12.14.51 PM


Road Spikes Not On TrackEdit

  • On BTD4, if the player hovers Road Spikes half on the blue space with the player's rank, XP, round, and the Pre-Round Comment, the player's NK account, or the final side of the track, the player can place the Road Spikes there, even though they can normally only be placed on the track.

Rank 99 bugEdit


Easiest game ever!

  • In BTD4, when the player levels up, it says that the player has rank 99, but on the other rank thing at the bottom, it says rank 2. Players (sometimes) can get very excited over this, but it's actually a bug.
  • This can happen for any other rank as well.

Medal GlitchEdit

  • If the player completes, lets say Ocean Road easy, and they complete a challenge, that Ocean Road easy medal will disappear, but a new medal will show up under what they just did (MOAB madness: Kiwi medium, Lollipop challenge: Lollipops easy, etc.)

Upgrade GlitchEdit

  • Upgrade anything to level 3 or higher, then as it's upgrading, buy another tower. That tower will show the same upgrade for the other tower. You just skipped a couple of upgrades! However, lets say you skipped all the upgrades but the sun god, your super monkey will have a small range and lack Lead popping power.

Place Towers AnywhereEdit

  • This glitch allows you to place towers anywhere on the map. First, press the hotkey of the desired tower you want to place. Then, press the hotkey of one of the road items where you ARE allowed to place it. Quickly click, and press the hotkey of the desired tower you want to place. This can take a few attempts before successfully doing the glitch.
  • This does NOT work with dartling guns or spike factories, as there is no hotkey for either tower.
  • You can also do the place towers anywhere glitch from the #BTD3 section.

Spike Factory Cramming BugEdit

  • When spamming multiple spike factories together in a narrow spot near the edge of the screen (e.g. rightmost space in the Fireworks track), some of them will deploy spikes off the track and make some players lose.

Iced Bug 3Edit

  • On laggy computers, bloons can completely freeze and stop near the front. They will become impoppable and no more bloons will spawn. Exiting the track will not erase them, and so does switching tracks. The player will have to restart the game to get rid of them.

Pierce Increase with Fast Forward BugEdit

  • This has been tested with Super Monkey/Sun God and Dartling Gun/Laser Cannon in Sandbox. Sun God has a pierce of 2 on B.F.B on normal speed while a pierce of 5 when using fast forward. Laser Cannon has a pierce of 4 on B.F.B. on normal speed and a pierce of more than 10 when using fast forward. I can also confirm this at rounds 90-100 with fast forward on B.F.B and M.O.A.B. cant pass my sungod barrier while putting the game on normal speed, lots of M.O.A.B's pass the barrier and it almost ends up with a game over.

Track Leaderboard glitchEdit

  • Sometimes when clicking on the track leaderboard option it will darken your screen as if the leaderboard was showing but there will be no leaderboard leaving you unable to return you to the game.

BTD4 and BTD4EEdit

Round 0 BugEdit

  • Sometimes before you start a game a comment will appear saying "Round 0 passed. 99 money awarded", but you won't get the extra cash.

Disappearing Boomerang BugEdit

  • Boomerang Throwers' boomerang/glaive/lightsaber will always disappear before it can even come back to the tower, even if it hasn't reached its pierce cap. This has never been fixed due to Ninja Kiwi no longer updating this game.

Leveling Delay BugEdit

  • Whenever a tower is upgraded, its "level" (shown above the selected tower's name) stays the same until the player either clicks it again or deselects it and selects again.
    200px-Glitchy dartling gun

    What is a dartling monkey doing in the middle of the road?!

Dartling Gun BugEdit

  • Bug 1: Sometimes in fast forward, the Dartling Gun shoots 2 streams of darts. It is more common when it is upgraded to Increased Barrel Spin.
  • Bug 2: (Does not work with Laser Cannon) When Fast Forward is active, sometimes the Dartling Gun's shots reach bloons; the darts will not pop the bloons.
    Double missile glitch

    Double missile glitch (This should be an upgrade!)

Double Missile BugEdit

  • In BTD4 or BTD4E, if the game is in fast forward, briefly a second missile can be seen launched from the Missile Launcher.

Iced Bug 2Edit

  • This bug is very rare. When a bloon is frozen by an Ice Tower, the bloon will stop forever, and it cannot be thawed or affected by the towers or road items, and the player needs to exit the game.

Skip Round Lag BugEdit

  • Sometimes, when the player starts a round in BTD4 or BTD4 expansion, the game will freeze, and then the round will be completed. The player will get their reward money, but no bloons will appear on the screen. This is more common on slower computers in BTD4. It happens most often in the first few rounds, but it may also happen in late game levels or the MOAB Madness mission on BTD4.
Boomerang glitch

Ice Tower! Give me back my boomerang!

Melee Bug 2Edit

  • The boomerangs that the Boomerang Thrower shoot, will not return to the tower; instead, they will vanish at about 2/3 of the way (with Fast Forward on). And even if Fast Forward is off, the boomerangs will not pop any bloons after that, but they will still be present. This does not happen in BTD4 iOS.

Explosion bugEdit

  • In BTD4 and BTD4 Expansion, if there are a large amount of bloons that the Bomb Tower is attacking, the game will not show the explosion, only the frags (from the Frag Bombs premium upgrade). This can also happen with the Mortar Tower; it only shows the bloons' layer popping. This is caused by lag.
Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 7.50.36 PM

Wizard Monkeys can hover over the void by gravity defying powers!

Black Patch BugEdit

  • Around Round 60 (or lower on laggy computers), a black/white patch will appear where a lot of action is going on. There is no known fix to this. Also sometimes, the spikes fired by a spike factory have a black/white square around them. (This may be just an imagination, but this seemed to happen more often when a bloon buster mortar fired at a spot within the spike factory's range.) This happens due to the fact that the computer can't handle all the graphics. Happens earlier on tracks with complicated backgrounds.
  • Placing lots of road items on one spot will result in this bug as well.

Monkey Glue BugEdit

  • In BTD4, the player can place Monkey Glue off the track. It is often around the borders.

Road Spikes Jump bugEdit

  • In BTD4 and BTD4 Expansion, there is a glitch where fast bloons can travel a short distance over road spikes before popping, causing the bloons that spawn from them to miss the road spikes completely. This also happens with the road spikes produced from Spike Factories.

Loud SFX GlitchEdit

  • When you unlock the Super Monkey at Rank 15, you will hear the unlock sound effect, but way louder than usual.

Save BugEdit

If you save your game in BTD4E, you can load your save on BTD4 and it will load a different map and the towers will be where you placed them in BTD4E. This could result in towers on the road, land towers on water and water towers on land.

BTD4E onlyEdit

Pineapple BugEdit

  • In this game, if you use a pineapple, you can see a second explosion behind the pineapple explosion.
Deflation cheating


Banana Farm On Deflation BugEdit

  • It is possible to get a Banana Farm on Deflation by pressing its hotkey (F). However, it gives no money.
    Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 9.13.33 AM

    Not really much of an achievement. What the heck does "null" even mean?

Track 6 BugEdit

  • If the player plays track one on BTD4 expansion and save, and then when the player goes to the original BTD4, it will take the player to Firecracker. Also, if the player quits BTD4 and reload the save, the player should click on Resume Game. The player might see a message saying Congratulations! You passed this track on null. The player can also earn an achievement for this.
  • If the player clicks "Keep playing in freeplay mode", then the player just starts from whatever round the player was at when the player quits BTD4. The player can even save.
  • Beating the track on the difficulty it was on still gives the player the You beat this track on (difficulty) notice, and then it becomes freeplay.
  • Sometimes, the player can't click Resume game. When this happens, go to any track, and the player has passed it on null.

Specialties bugEdit

  • In BTD4 Expansion, if the player uses the Vehicles specialty, it reduces the cost of Monkey Buccaneers and Monkey Aces, but it increases the cost of their upgrades.
Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 12.54.03 PM

That's one weird-looking spike factory!

Error by creating new towers bugEdit

  • In BTD4 Expansion, and in the towers menu, when the player hovers the cursor on the Dartling Gun or Spike Factory, it shows the image of the Dart Monkey instead of the image of the Dartling Gun/Spike Factory.

Locked Bloons BugEdit

  • In BTD4 Expansion, the player sometimes cannot play in the Subterranean Sewers track. If the player clicks Start Round, the round will only send up to 5 bloons (the other bloons will be locked at the beginning of the track), and if they reach the exit, the player loses lives, but the player can't start the next round. Then, if the player quits the game and play on another track, the locked bloons will remain on the track, and the player's towers cannot pop them.
    Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 12.56.20 PM

    Covered Menu bug

Covered Menu bugEdit

  • The tower description is covered by the bottom of the screen. See the photo for more.

BTD4 iOSEdit

Monkey Ace Bug 1Edit

  • In the Monkey Temple track, if the player puts an un-upgraded Monkey Ace before starting round 66, in the current round and round 69, Monkey Ace will shoot 6 darts instead of 8. This is more likely to occur if the player is playing on Hard difficulty.

Farm GlitchEdit

  • When selecting a farm, sell it, then quickly select another tower before the upgrade menu disappears. The farm will disappear, but it will still give its income when the round ends (there is no visual display of the +80 though). With Monkey Tycoon, you can get infinite cash this way.
  • For apopalypse mode, you can simply exit in and out of the game to gain infinite cash (and lives, with Healthy Bananas) that way too.

Non-Arctic Arctic Wind bugEdit

Playing after the player loses bugEdit

  • In BTD4 iOS, there is a glitch where if the player loses, and the player exits, and re-enter the saved game, the pause screen will appear; and if the player taps the resume button, the game will play for one frame. Towers will shoot, Bloons will pop, and the player can even get rounds to end, and even start the next round if the player taps the button during the one frame that the game is playing. Unfortunately, entering and exiting the game multiple times to keep playing is a very long and boring process.

Unplayable bugEdit

  • In the mobile versions of Bloons TD 4, "monkeying around" with the menu buttons might cause the player to be stuck on one screen, forcing the player to restart the application.

Debug GlitchEdit

  • Sometimes when "monkeying around" with the menus, you can enter a game with infinite cash (doesn't work with challenges or deflation).


  • A severe bug causes achievements to disappear, even if the player has gotten them.

BTD5: TowersEdit

All towersEdit

Tower Staying BugEdit

  • When you select a tower, then exit the track, and then open it up again, you'll see the tower info at the bottom.
  • When this happens, it is possible to do the 4/4 Tower Upgrade Glitch.

Wait, there's no Ice Monkeys here! Why the tower info?

Blinking Hotkey Bug (very minor)Edit

  • When you select a tower and then press the hotkey for the same tower without placing it, the range circle will blink red for 1/10 of a second. Probably intentional since the circle blinks red when you select a tower, so you basically re-place it.

Lag BugEdit

  • Bug 1: In BTD5, if the player clicks the Sell button very fast, the player can click the button 2 times and the player gets twice the money. Happens frequently in laggy computers (now patched).
  • Bug 2: On laggy computers, if the player has only one tower with an ability, and if the player clicks the button many times during a lag spike, the ability can be used more than 1 time (for example, the player has only one Spike Storm ability, but the player can use it 5 times). This ability can also be used when there are more than 1 of the ability. This is best result with Supply Drop Sniper Monkeys, where player may receive much more money. Best used with auto-clicker on co-op match, where both computers and internet connection between slows down game significantly.
  • Its best to do while activating the Super Monkey Fanclub Ability and having MOABs getting destroyed so the Lag is increased.

Ability Locking BugEdit

  • In BTD5, if the player loads a game that has towers with abilities, the abilities become unusable until they recharge again (this is probably intentional to prevent the player from getting a "cheating" kind of advantage). Precaution: Only save at round 1~46, 49, 59, 69 & 79 to avoid unusable ability.
    • Abilities already on cooldown seem to be unaffected.

Double Fire GlitchEdit

  • If a tower is upgraded when it is doing the pre-firing animation, it will have its attack interrupted, and will instead fire two upgraded shots afterwards.

Can Not Place Towers BugEdit

  • Sometimes, when you place road spikes or pineapples in large amounts with a clicking macro, you cannot place any more towers.
  • This can also occur with prolonged periods of lag, such as in late freeplay (tested in high quality).

Dart MonkeyEdit

IMG 0322

The Hypersonic Fail Glitch. Wait, Super Monkeys don't fire Juggernaut balls!

Hypersonic Fail GlitchEdit

  • On mobile, Hypersonic Spike-O-Pult Glitch doesn't work, and instead you get a Super Monkey that shoots a Spiked Ball at the normal rate. Also, 3/x or 4/x Dart Monkeys can be transformed to a Super Monkey that shoots a Spiked Ball.

Infinite Range Fan Club BugEdit

  • Use super monkey fan club many times (If you're lagging while doing so you have a higher chance) and it should eventually show the range equivalent to a Sniper Monkey (the small range circle)

Blindfolded Dart MonkeyEdit

  • Sometimes,the 1/2 Dart monkey would throw darts away from the target.
    Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 2.02.53 PM

    I almost feel sorry for that MOAB.

Hyper-sonic Catapult GlitchEdit

  • To accomplish this glitch, the player needs a 2/0 Dart Monkey and a 0/4 Dart Monkey. Then, the player should activate the Super Monkey Fan Club Ability and upgrade the 2/0 Dart Monkey into a Spike-o-Pult, but it is only hyper-sonic for 10 seconds. This also works on Juggernaut as well, allowing the player to easily obliterate ceramics and MOAB-class Bloons. This is known as "Super Juggernaut Fan Club" by fans, and fans call it an easter egg, though some calls it a hack.

Hotkey bugEdit

  • When using the Dart Training Facility (Level 3) building, and if the player uses the hotkey Q for placing a free Dart Monkey when available, but the player doesn't have enough money for placing a normal Dart Monkey, the hotkey Q does not work, and the player has to use the button in the tower menu to place the free Dart Monkey. The same goes with Spikes R Us level 3 building with the Road Spikes.

Boomerang ThrowerEdit

I Don't like Red Hot 'Rangs bugEdit

  • If the player has a Glaive Thrower and upgrade it to Red Hot 'Rangs, the glaive in the monkey's hand looks like a normal glaive until the monkey throws it, then it comes back to the tower, and it becomes a Red Hot 'Rang.
    Red Hot Rangs Glitch

    Wait, the people at Ninja Kiwi promised me red stuff! SO WHERE'S MY RED STUFF?! :(

Ninja MonkeyEdit

Ninja Always Seeking BugEdit

  • Sometimes, an x-0 Ninja's shurikens will seek anyways, even though you haven't upgraded him to do that. Cannot send his shurikens far distances if this is active, but can make course corrections to the weapon.

Ninja 1/1 glitchEdit

  • Conversely, sometimes a 1/1 Ninja doesn't seek.

Shadow Double glitch 1Edit

  • A ninja's shadow double's range will stay if it disappears while clicked on.

Bomb TowerEdit

Bomb on frozen black bloons bugEdit

  • When a bomb tower's bomb hits a frozen black it makes the sound of a sharp object hitting a frozen bloon along with the explosion. Also the explosion has no effect on nearby bloons.

Melee MOAB Assassin bugEdit

  • Bug 1: Sometimes a MOAB assassin will instantly kill a MOAB-class bloon with its normal shooting attack when you haven't used the ability. For example, a MOAB assassin is attacking bloons when a MOAB comes. You don't click the ability, but when the tower launches the missile like normal, the missile will kill the MOAB in 1 hit. Like the ability, it does 753 damage to ZOMGs with this bug.
  • Bug 2: This is a rarer bug 1. If you have a MOAB assassin and click the ability, the tower will only do its normal damage to the MOAB. Like if there's a MOAB, and you click the MOAB assassin again, the tower won't kill the MOAB but just do x10 damage to it like an MOAB mauler.

MOAB Mauler misfiring bugEdit


The bloons are hypnotising my towers!


These Super Monkeys are useless...

  • When a bloon is popped just before a MOAB Mauler was about to shoot at it, the Mauler will instead shoot directly to the left.
    • This may work on other Bomb Tower upgrades as well.

Glue GunnerEdit

Popping-less BugEdit

  • Glue Gunner's pops are inaccurately measured when multiple bloons pop at the same time (from splitter bloons or splash upgrade). For example, a White Bloon is glued. White layer counts as one pop, and the resulting bloons pop simultaneously, so the two bloon pops count as one.

Meerkats don't like Corrosive Glue BugEdit

  • Normally, a 2/2 Glue Gunner looks like a 2/0 Gunner. However, when placed within the range of a Meerkat Spy, they'll look like a 0/2 Glue Gunner.

Monkey BuccaneerEdit

Outstripped GlitchEdit

  • An ill-placed x/3 Buccaneer will miss most bloons (including reds) completely and therefore cause leakage. Although this happens with other towers (even Super Monkeys), x/3 Buccaneers placed a little bit away from a large bend in the track suffers the most.

Monkey Pirates GlitchEdit

  1. If you buy a monkey buccaneer and upgrade it to monkey pirate,the MOAB Takedown ability will still be in effect if you sell the tower while taking down an MOAB or a BFB. This will cause the MOAB class bloon to look as if it's being dragged to the bottom of a lake.
  2. If the MOAB Takedown Ability is used and there is a Ceramic bloon, MOAB, or a BFB on the screen but it is already partially damaged so there are cracks and rips in it, once the hook begins to drag the Ceramic, MOAB, or BFB in, the cracks and rips will disappear, as if the bloon/blimp has regenerated itself back to full health. This glitch happens every time, and if it is intended is unknown.
Monkey pirates glitch

Monkey Pirates of the Caribbean V: Monkey Pirates Glitch. Coming soon to a theater near you! Rated G for glitch.

Monkey AceEdit

Blind Dart StormEdit

Super MonkeyEdit

Temple on Weird Angle bugEdit

  • Play one of the tracks until you get a temple. Save, then quit the game. The next time you play, the temple will sometimes be on a weird angle.

    Seems legit.

Temple Outline bugEdit

  • Similar to Temple on weird angle, but this time if you place the temple and look at its white outline, it will be on a different angle to the temple. (the default one)
    TOTMG Blink glitch

    Oh, great and banana-craving one, not to bug you, but... I think your front lights are on. (May need to view full image for best result)

Temple of the Monkey God BugEdit

  • When the Temple of the Monkey God stops firing, its eyes will be blinking as if it is still firing. This bug was removed but it came back when three new tracks (Fireworks, Tunnels, and Country Road) were added. This bug can be fixed by placing a Monkey Village next to the Temple of the Monkey God.

Outside the Range bugEdit

Monkey VillageEdit

Harmless TowersEdit

  • If the player gets 6 MIB Call to Arms and a 2/4 Boomerang Thrower, and the boomerang thrower is within the range of the MIB Call to Arms, activate all 6 MIB Call to Arms, and then a second later, activate Turbo Charge. For a few seconds, the Boomerang Thrower will shake around. Then when the MIB Call to Arms ability ends, the Turbo Charge will act like a normal Turbo Charge (On fast forward, this doesn't happen).

Monkey Village Harming BugEdit

  • Placing a Monkey Village near a Bloonberry Bush will unintentionally reset the amount of spikes it has.


Mortar Tower SFX BugEdit

Dartling GunEdit

Ghost Ray of DoomEdit

Rarely, (usually when a ZOMG is spawned) a Ray Of Doom will appear where the beam was firing when you move it.The beam is a ghost and will not damage bloons.This glitch can be fixed when you exit the map.

Invisible Death Beam GlitchEdit

  • In some games (usually on Sandbox Mode), if an MOAB appears right after all bloons on screen have been popped, the Ray of Doom will become invisible.
Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 4.43.30 PM

Excuse me, not to be rude, but your gun is somehow firing the wrong way.

Bloon Area Is Blind GlitchEdit

  • Sometimes, if you have a dartling gun upgraded to Bloon Area Denial System and no bloons incoming, the gun will fire straight up, no matter where you aim it. Weirdly, this does not work with Hydra Rocket Pods. Rockets can still pop bloons when this way. Aims normally when bloons come. On Sandbox mode in BTD5, the gun will fire this way when you haven't sent bloons and none are onscreen.

Monkey ApprenticeEdit

Lag Bolt BugEdit

  • Sometimes the lightning will travel to the edges of the map and temporarily drops the frame rate drastically. This is most common when playing the Random Mission "Ride the Lightning: Part Deux".


Allergic Meerkats BugEdit

  • Normally, a 2/2 Glue Gunner looks like a 2/0 Gunner. However, when placed within the range of a Meerkat Spy, they'll look like a 0/2 Glue Gunner.

Hypersonic Tower ExploitEdit

  • If you use Call to Arms or Overclock to a 0/x Tack Shooter, then upgrade it to 2/x, the tacks/blades will shoot at a hyper-sonic speed, much like the one in BTD1/2. This also works with the Bomb Tower, Mortar Tower, Monkey Buccaneer, Dartling Gun, Sniper Monkey, and Ninja Monkey.

Anger Issues GlitchEdit

  • Rarely happens, even when bloons haven't leaked, angry squirrel will be end up berserking permanently. This happens during rounds on random occasions.

Bad Aim BugEdit

  • Sometimes towers will attack to the left away from the bloons and still pop them in BTD5. This happens frequently with fast firing towers, such as Plasma Blasts.

Disappearing Towers BugEdit

  • Sometimes when you zoom out the screen, some towers or part of them will disappear. They will appear when you move your mouse over them or when you drag a tower near them( without placing them). Sometimes they will also appear or disappear suddenly in the middle of a round when they are shooting at bloons. They will still shoot when they are invisible but sometimes the projectiles will be of bad quality or resolution.There is sometimes an invisible square around the bloons and only the projectiles in the square will be of high resolution. The invisible towers will also appear in this square until the square moves away. This usually happens on older browsers such as old versions of Internet Explorer. This usually does not work on some towers such as tack shooters but is more common on some towers like super monkeys or apprentices.This can be fixed by setting the zoom to 100%.

Hypersonic Ballistic Missle bugEdit

It is EXTREMLEY rare, but sometimes the Monkey Sub will fire and reload missles at hypersonic speeds, which can easily destroy ceramics and MOAB class bloons.

BTD5: GameplayEdit

Co-Op ModeEdit

No Continues in Freeplay Mode

  • Sometimes after beating any track and selecting "Continue in Freeplay Mode", the game will start the next round but after popping all bloons for the round the round does not end, only continues without any new bloons or round progression.

Fast-Forward BugEdit

On old or slow computers, the screen freezes when you turn off fast-forward gameplay goes back to normal when you activate fast-forward again.

Undo Tower Placement bugEdit

  • Sometimes in Co-op Mode, the game does not allow the player to place towers, sending the message Tower placement declined. Your ally placed a tower there before you, and the player needs several tries before placing them. This usually occurs when the player is on low quality and the player's ally is not, making the game detecting the tower on an illegal position (for example, in the opposite side), or when the player places more towers very close to each other. This only happens when the player is on the right side.

The Teleport Bloons Have Been Added in co-op bugEdit

  • On a laggy computer, if you play on co-op and you get a big lag spike, all bloons on screen (including MOAB class bloons) will skip very far in the map, and mostly to the exit. This bug tries to fix itself by freezing the game completely or blacking out the game (but not the border including Towers, Agents, etc.), but it doesn't work. Sometimes they don't count as leaks, but most of the time they do, resulting to a loss of lives or game, depending on what bloons leak. This bug makes it very difficult to win a co-op track on hard.

Special Missions/TracksEdit

Shadow Double Glitch 2Edit

  • In Daily Challenges, if there is a maximum total tower limit, and you try to place another tower while having a shadow double active and there are still less than the total, the game won't let you place any more towers. This is fixed by selling another tower.

Short-Lived BugEdit

  • Sometimes, the game messes up on how many rounds are left for the player's tower in the mission. Most commonly, it skips a round, so the player's tower(s) only has 9 rounds instead of 10.
North Pole track bug

Is the track... a piece of wood?

North Pole track bugEdit

  • Sometimes, the North Pole track doesn't appear correctly in the "Tracks" menu. You can fix this glitch by closing and opening again the menu.

Blank Screen BugEdit

  • On rare occasions when clicking on a track, a white screen will show and you will have to refresh the page.

Endless Fast Upgrades Bug

  • In the "Fast upgrades" Special mission, Once round 5 has ended, your turrets can stop firing but the round itself will not end, meaning you cannot win.
    • This is particularly likely if you get a temple (upgraded from a free Super Monkey placed on round 1) and it sacrifices a tower.


Game Over after new game bug if it's laggyEdit

  • Sometimes, when the player loses a game, and after the player starts a new game, the game will show the pop-up that says the player lost the previous game (and the round where the player lost).

RBE bugEdit

  • In Apopalypse Mode, in an update, the RBE of the round does not change; it stays at 24 (or some other random number if on fast track) independently from the round the player is playing.

Invisible 4/4 Tower bugEdit

Invisible Force Fields

Invisible Force Fields

There's more than just dart monkeys waiting for some bloons to pop. Watch out for supernatural forces during your game.

  • If the player places a tower, hits backspace or delete, and clicks on the spot where the tower was without moving their cursor at all, an upgrades bar for the sold tower will appear at the bottom. It will have no Official Artwork. The player upgrade it to 4/4 (if it remains 3/1 or 1/3 and the player buys the less upgraded path first).
  • This bug used to give you invisible abilities, however that is no longer possible, ever since the Monkey Sub update. It still deducts money though, making it practically useless.

BTD5: Menus and ButtonsEdit

Go Button GlitchEdit

  • Main menu glitch

    Can't I take a break from popping bloons for once!

    On laggy computers, sometimes the Go button will appear when a round is not done. Also, the Go button can appear in Sandbox mode.
  • If you click the button when that happens, you'll see the next wave of bloons come as well as this round's bloons.
  • If it appears in Sandbox mode, and you try to send bloons, the bloons won't come until you hit the Go button.

Automatic Chest bugEdit

  • Sometimes the Treasure Chest gets opened without clicking, and the Monkey Money will not get deducted, and the days in a row streak will still count.

Glitchy Chest BugEdit

  • Sometimes, the player can't click on the Monkey Money chest. Refreshing the game helps. Sometimes though it will tell you to wait until the next day to try again, thus also losing your day in a row streak.

An example of the Achievement glitch. Is this some fancy new Pig Latin?

Main Menu BugEdit

  • When the player wants to leave a game, and sometimes when the player leaves the border of their previous game, Towers, Special Agents, Lives, Money, etc. Will be around the Main Menu (see picture).

Main Menu Glitch 2Edit

  • This is sort of the opposite of the main menu glitch; if the player clicks the menu button, the game will still show, but not the border.

Delicious Banana GlitchEdit

  • In BTD5, if the player clicks play while the title screen monkey is eating his banana, the eating sound will continuously play with no end, even when the player goes onto a track. The player can fix this by refreshing the page or closing the browser then going back on the game (this also happens with the other title screen sound effect after the logo comes up; that sound is the monkey falling). This can also happen with the fireworks sound.
    Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 2.16.47 PM

    No, this is not what Absolute Zero looks like.

Playing In Main Menu bugEdit

  • When the player is severely lagging and clicks the home button many times in quick succession, and clicks yes, then play another track, there will be another box saying Are you sure you want to quit?.

Achievement GlitchEdit

  • Sometimes, when the player taps on a achievement and wait, it will become invisible, but some letters of it will remain.

White Screen Of DeathEdit

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 2.17.11 PM

Dart Monkey, that's not a bloon... OR banana.

  • Sometimes, with a bad connection, and when the player loads BTD5, it loads like normal, but the player logs in as a guest (or on rarer occasions, as a user). After a few seconds this happens: (see photo)
  • It sounds like the "monkey eating banana on top of the BTD5 letters" screen. If the player clicks GO!, nothing happens. Clicking on the dart monkey will cause the monkey to appear on the top left corner.
  • It says round 12345678 and RBE 1234567 at the bottom of the screen.
    • The round 12345678 is very-very-very-very-very impossible to reach. since there's no way to reach it other than this bug.
    • Also, you have 1234567 money and 12345 lives from this bug.
    • These are most likely placeholders.
    • This can be fixed by using the "Ground Zero" ability of the monkey aces.

Grey Unlock GlitchEdit

If you unlock a tower in a mission where you can't use it, the picture will still be grayed-out as if it were locked. This can only happen in BTD5 Mobile, as on Flash, Daily Challenges are unlocked at Rank 19, the same rank where the Spike Factory and Monkey Sub are unlocked.

Crash your ChestEdit

If you open the game and click the chest, sometimes your Flash player will crash at the precise moment that the monkey money is about to be added to your stash. If you reload, it will say you already opened the chest but you won't get the monkey money. This is not a very common glitch.

Infinitely Falling MonkeyEdit

When you first pull the game up and the play button pops out of the ground, if you click it at a specific moment as the monkey is falling onto the 'Bloons TD 5' text, the sound effect of the monkey falling will play over and over again. This sound continues even if you start playing a track. It can be only fixed by reloading the page.

BTD5 DeluxeEdit

Non-overclocked tower GlitchEdit

  • To achieve this glitch, get any tower and a Monkey Engineer upgraded to Overclock. Then use overclock on the tower. You'll notice it shoots hyper-sonic. Then, while overclock is still effective on the tower, upgrade it. You'll notice it will not shoot hyper-sonic, but just shoot at normal speed without Overclock. This also works with M.I.B call to arms. However the hypersonic speed is another glitch and will only be achieved sometimes.

Maximum Enhancements BugEdit

  • Sometimes, on the special mission The Crucible, if you try to use Overclock on a tower in a socket of power, Overclock will have no effect on the tower's speed at all. Also works with M.I.B call to arms.

Bloonchipper BugEdit

  • Sometimes, the Bloonchipper pops all layers of bloons in one shred.

Rank 53 Profile Wipe BugEdit

  • Sometimes, at Rank 53, it will wipe your profile of the game off the computer.
Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 4.43.30 PM

Excuse me, not to be rude, but your gun is firing the wrong way.

Meerkat Seizure GlitchEdit

  • Occasionally, the meerkat spy's head will rapidly jerk from side to side, giving the illusion of a seizure.

Bloon Area Is Blind GlitchEdit

  • If you have a dartling gun upgraded to Bloon Area Denial System and no bloons incoming, the gun will fire straight up, no matter where you aim it. Weirdly, this does not work with Hydra Rocket Pods. Rockets can still pop bloons when this way. Aims normally when bloons come. On Sandbox mode in BTD5D, the gun will fire this way when you haven't sent bloons and none are onscreen.
Mar 11 DailyChallenge Glitch 2012

Look at the black arrow. You are now immortal and stuck on the track for all eternity! You are now forced to exit the track.

Life BugEdit

  • This bug can happen on almost everything the player does on BTD5 Deluxe. The first cases of it happened on the March 11, 2012 Daily Challenge, and the Wizard Lord Special Mission. The glitch is when the player loses all of their lives, the Game Over screen will not appear and the player can still play. However, the player's towers cannot attack and there will be no "Go button" as if the player had lost.

BTD5 MobileEdit

Piercing Bombs BugEdit

  • On version 2.0 and below, when you had a Monkey Fort in the range of anything that wielded explosives, the explosives would pierce the bloons (So it looks like it pops 2 layers). This was fixed on version 2.1, but only fixed for Bomb Towers.

Monkey Money bugEdit

  • In BTD5 iPhone/iPod Touch/HD, the player can get infinite monkey money by changing the day of their mobile device ahead by 1 and opening the treasure chest. This also happens in PC versions (but only for deluxe). Though, repeating this may not be recommended as the chest may not be functional after a few "days".
  • After this bug has been exploited, the chest stops working until it is actually the day after the "day" the chest was last opened.

Temple BugEdit

  • If there is a sun god placed on top of a pontoon, upgrading to a temple will sacrifice all the towers around it (including the pontoon as well), do its animation and then unintentionally disappear.

Achievement BugEdit

  • Rarely, some achievements will reset themselves back to 0% (like impoppable, steely, etc.), besides the streak achievements which are the daily challenge ones. If it happens on a track achievement, winning that track will refund you the achievement.

Firing BugEdit

  • Sometimes with most towers, they look one way but fire somewhere else. It can happen in any track.

Super Monkey Spike-O-PultEdit

  • (Only works in BTD5 iOS) If the player activates the Super Monkey Fan Club ability, it will affect Juggernauts and Spike-O-Pults as well, but they will only shoot darts. Oddly, they also shoot Spiked Balls/Juggernaut Balls at ordinary fire rate.

Performance DropEdit

  • When there are fireworks (after the player completes a track), going into Freeplay Mode will cause significant performance drops.

Wacko sentry bugEdit

  • Sometimes, when a 1-0 monkey engineer is placed near the track/edge where you cannot place towers, a sentry is spawned on the track/edge.

Spike Factory GlitchEdit

  • Sometimes, the Spike Factory won't place spikes on the track. However, if the bloons touch them, they will still pop.
  • Other times,it will produce spikes between rounds(happens when round ends as the spike factory is producing Spikes when the Round ends.)

Banana Research Facility producing extra CratesEdit

  • If a 3/x Banana Farm is upgraded to 4/x AFTER the round starts, you will get 13 crates of Bananas. In later rounds, you can sell the farm, redo this glitch, and gradually gain money.
    • This bug was fixed in BTD6; upgrading one to 4/X/X during a round will only give out five crates of Bananas.

Losing Rewire BugEdit

  • If bloons come in and are about to leak, you can hit pause and quit. Then you can re-enter the game from the previous round. This is very useful in missions like Wizard Lord as the player can get forewarnings against MOAB rushes, and is especially useful in Impoppable . This will also work on all random missions, and will allow you to go into late game if you use this at the victory screen. In addition, you can replay the special mission from the beginning due to an additional glitch caused by the game's confusion over what it should not do. You keep the Monkey Money, but the restrictions are the same, as well as any Bloon boosts given, such as they get boosted one rank. On Apopalypse mode, this will also skip a round. This glitch even works on Odyssey missions as well. Further experimenting will prove if the research coin (token) is given at round 100 or not in random missions.

Volume BugEdit

  • In version 1.2 of Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile, the music gets noticeably quieter after the player resets the track.
    • This can be fixed by opening the pause menu and closing it.
    • This also happens in Bloons Monkey City Mobile.

Special Missions BugEdit

  • If you complete a Special Mission or a Random Mission, and close the game without exiting the victory screen, the game will save. After that, the game will continue, and Bloon waves will be normal (unless on certain Random Missions that alter which Bloons come out).

Cheaper Village BugEdit

  • If you place 2 Monkey Villages by each other and then sell one of them, the unsold Monkey Village's upgrades will still be the same price as it was when there was another Village by it (10% off every upgrade). Quitting the game and then resuming it will cause the prices to go back to normal. This bug is present on every mobile version of BTD5 (BTD5 Mobile, Battles, and Monkey City)

Saved Money BugEdit

  • If you complete MOAB Madness and exit, go to the main menu screen and click the save button, the game goes to the screen with your towers you had at the end of MOAB Madness with also a huge load of cash at Round 2.

Over The Limit Bug (Steam Version)Edit

  • If you press a tower and hold shift on a random mission that has a limit of towers (eg: 5 towers max) you can have plenty of that tower (eg: 26/4 Ice Towers). This does not work on mobile due to not having a shift-place option.
Temple No Range

Why can't I see the range?

No RangeEdit

  • Very rarely, your towers will have range so tiny, towers will not attack. This can be fixed by re-entering the saved round.

Stacking Towers Bug/ExploitEdit

  • This glitch happens also on BTD Steam and BTD Battles
  • A easy way to do this bug is by getting X/4 Heli Pilots and getting them to be placed in points far away from the tower you want to stack, then use the tower moving ability to place the tower where you want, and quickly use it again to get the second tower in same place before the first Heli Pilot reaches it's tower, if done correctly, the tower should be placed on the other tower.

Rank Skip BugEdit

  • Upon reaching Rank 98, your rank is skipped to 134.


BTD Battles (IOS,Android and PC)Edit

캡처 2014 03 15 05 24 07 438

I really remember him sacrificing MOAB Assassins for his temple... Am I losing my marbles?

Unusable Monkey Farmer (Steam)Edit

  • From December 6th, 2017, Monkey Farmers couldn't be used on the Steam version of BTD Battles. As of December 8th 2017, the monkey farmer now works as intended.
    • Despite choosing the Banana Farm as a tower, the monkey farmer icon does not appear in-game. The number of farmers owned does not affect this.

Headprint glitchEdit

  • The 0/2 boomerang tower's artwork lack the marking from its head.
    • This appears in BTD5, older versions of BMC, and the mobile versions (except for BMCM)

Temple BugEdit

  • When an opponent has a temple of the monkey god, the game will only show the temple using its original sun rays, without any sacrifices. This causes lots of lag.

Energy BugEdit

  • Most of the time when the player gets energy in Bloons TD Battles, there is "Negative Time", where time goes negatively and the player never gets energy until the player reloads the page.
  • After refreshing, on rare occasions, the energy regen time then rises to a huge amount (over 100000 hours, which is roughly equivalent to about 11 years), preventing you from gaining more energy. The only way out is to purchase an energy potion from the shop and get the energy to max to clear the timer or to contact Ninja Kiwi. You may be able to get away with refreshing the page or logging out and then logging back in, but usually those don't work.

Harmless TowersEdit

  • Some Towers will not shoot with its weapons sometimes. This happens commonly with Glue Hose, Turbo Charge and very often with Boomerang Thrower/Glaive Thrower/Ricochet/Lord and Mortar Tower with Rapid Reload in BTD Battles. It is unknown why this happens.

Purchasing BugEdit

  • Very rare, when a player purchases something from the shop the game will crash, the medallions will be taken and the tower or upgrade will not be given. The only fix is to contact Ninja Kiwi.
  • Sometimes, when purchasing energy potions or max energy boosts, they will not give the energy (still gives the max energy though) and unlike the towers and upgrades, the game doesn't crash.

Monkey Ace flying away bugEdit

  • Sometimes when a Monkey ace is brought it will fly off the screen and in to the opponents screen, and It will not be able to pop any bloons until it gets back on your screen.

Hypersonic Spike-O-Pult GlitchEdit

  • To accomplish this glitch, the player needs a 2,0 Dart Monkey and a 0,4 Dart Monkey. Then, the player should activate the Super Monkey Fan Club Ability and upgrade the 2,0 Dart Monkey into a Spike-o-Pult, but it is only hyper-sonic for 10 seconds. This also works on Juggernaut as well, allowing the player to easily obliterate ceramics and MOAB-class Bloons.

Closing ErrorEdit

  • When the app opens, it shows the loading screen, quickly followed by the ninja kiwi screen and then closes completely (or crashes), unable to play and when double pressed the home button on iPad, the apps thumbnail is of the menu screen and when pressed it too force closes. Apparently the reason for this is when the home button is pressed while still in a match without pressing surrender or on a screen that says "Victory" or "Defeat", then entering after a couple minutes.

Corrupted Matching System bugEdit

  • Since April 17, 2014, the player may only battle opponents that have a similar battle score to the player's (must not have a 10000+Battle Score Icon difference). This sometimes occurs and sometimes not. NK confirmed that this wasn't done intentionally, but it's unknown why this happens. Does not happen on private matches.

Boomerang Thrower GlitchEdit

  • If you have a 2/2 Boomerang Thrower, the glaives will appear normal until thrown, and when they come back they turn normal again.

16 Second Finding Match BugEdit

  • When you try to find an opponent, while waiting for the game it will disconnect you from the server when the loading game times reaches 16 or in rare cases 15 or 17 seconds. However, when you enter the screen again time will go on like normal with out stopping at 16 seconds. This bug can be quite annoying.

Busted AudioEdit

  • On the Everyplay update, SD versions of the game has audio that is messed up. The music will sometimes make a screeching sound and bloon pops will sometimes sound like snow. The messed up popping sounds were fixed on the next update but the music could still screech. This was completely fixed in a later update.

Energy Bug (Mobile)Edit

  • Go into Private Match, and use all your Energy rolling the extra tower. Then, go to your device's Settings and change the time forward. Your Energy will go to 20, and if you quit the Private Match/Practice menu, you get your Energy back. You can keep doing this and get hundreds of Energy.
    • In short, run out of energy, and then change your time forward.
      • If you revert back the time after you got back your energy, nothing will be changed.
      • It was fixed on practice mode, but you can still go into private match and do it.

Kill ScreenEdit

  • Very rare, on mobile you can get a loading screen that says "Connecting". It is actually a kill screen, and it will make your game crash if this happens.

Game is UnstableEdit

  • SD versions on the 3.2 update made the game unstable, making game crashes occur more often than usual, and can't be avoided.

Chinook Glitch/ExploitEdit

  • Temples cannot be moved by Chinooks normally, but by using the moving ability, you can move a sun god WHILE it is upgrading to a temple by moving the sun god then getting the upgrade to temple while the Heli-pilot is still going towards the sun god, making temples possible to be very close together. Might want fast hands for this glitch. This glitch also works in BMC Mobile.

COBRA Blackout glitchEdit

  • If your opponent is using COBRAs, after the second disconnect, part of your screen is unreachable - you cannot place any new towers or upgrade towers in that area. This is a very rare bug.

28-second rewire defeatEdit

  • If you exit the game, and then come back when the timer is at 28 seconds, you and your opponent will get a defeat.

Shop Freakout GlitchEdit

  • By moving your cursor over the very top of one of the buttons in the shop, the button's outline will constantly flash between Black and White. Works on all buttons. (Note: May require semi-pixel perfect cursor location.)

Edit Deck GlitchEdit


Cannot find button or one of its components so it will be replaced with fonts

  • In Card Battles, if you and your opponent clicks the ready button at nearly the same time, the Edit Deck button will glitch and skip to a different graphic.

Bloons Super MonkeyEdit

Invisible Sun God BugEdit

  • A glitch occasionally occurs with the Sun God: its head will become completely invisible/transparent.

Bloon Cycle BugEdit

  • When viewing the .SWF file or using another method of seeing outside the screen, if the game is paused while Bloons are spawning they will loop through bloon types from red to ceramic repeatedly. When the game is resumed the bloons spawn as the normal type.

Bloons Super Monkey 2 FlashEdit

Red Blop Counter BugEdit

  • The player can get 100% Red Blops even though there are still Red Blops in a level. Only known to exist in level 3-5, due to the amount of bloons there.
  • Sometimes it occurs in level 1-5 just for collecting all Red Blops from all non-lead bloons

Join The Club Earlier BugEdit

  • The player can get the achievement "100% Club" if the sum of every level played's Red Blops collected % is equal to 500%.
  • If you do the math, however, 500% divided by 5 levels is precisely 100% red blops collected in a level, so of course you would get the achievement.

Upgrades/research lost glitchEdit

  • When the player closes BSM2, then log back in again, the player may lose all the upgrades the player has purchased. Refreshing the game will make the upgrades re-appear. Also works to researches, though you may get it after refreshing the game.

An example of the Mirrored Boss glitch in BSM2. Don't they know I'm allergic to seafood?

Mirrored Boss glitchEdit

  • Sometimes, in Stage 5 of Deep Bloon Sea, the Calamari Blimp glitches out and it will display a mirrored version of itself in the upper corner while the real boss might come down all the way to the end almost immediately, making the player lose the level.

Ninja Kiwi flashing lock bugEdit

  • Occasionally, BSM2 will fail to identify the site of origin, giving the player the message "play now on Ninja Kiwi" when the player plays the game on Ninja Kiwi.

Wrong Background GlitchEdit

  • When you play a level in hardware, it shows the true background of the level you are playing. However if you change to software, the level shows the incorrect background.

Third Boss Glitch 2 (AKA No Boss Glitch)Edit

  • When bronze is obtained near the end of 3-5, the boss will not appear and the player completes the stage.

Upgrades Not Bought Before bugEdit

  • This seems to be the opposite of the Upgrades Lost glitch. When starting the game at Stage 1-1, a player by the name, Ninjakiwimine2 experienced a glitch that he has Fire Wave upgrade for Left Arm (Magic Upgrade 3), even though he hadn't bought it. This glitch is also possible when Intense Magic and Fireball upgrades aren't bought.
  • Hardware
  • Software

Black blob of Fire GlitchEdit

  • On Software mode, Elemental Strike will look like a big black blob with a flame in the middle. When this happens, switching to Hardware mode will cause the game to turn into the background color of the zone.

Super Monkey still has the Golden Bloon/Power-Up Bloon's Power-up when the player quits a Level GlitchEdit

  • When the player quits a Level while the Super Monkey still has a power from a popped Golden Bloon or a Power-up Bloon, and when the player goes to the Upgrade Menu, Super Monkey still has that power.
    Example: Pop the Golden Bloon or the Power-up Bloon on the Fourth Stage of Monkey Lane and collect the Power-up (i.e.: The Wizard Lord Power-up). Quit the Level and view the Upgrades Menu. Super Monkey still looks like the Wizard Lord, even though the player quits the Level.

Not so real GlitchEdit

  • When player beats a level without touching or doing anything, earned blops will be different than before.

Bloons Super Monkey 2 MobileEdit

Blow Back CrashEdit

  • If the player uses the "Blow Back" ability when there a lot of bloons on screen, the game will crash.

Bloons Monkey CityEdit

Triple darts don't like enhanced eyesight glitchEdit

Sometimes a 2/3 dart monkey shoots one dart at each time.

Super overtime SMFC glitchEdit

Sometimes when you use an SMFC ability, it never ends even if you sell that x/4 dart monkey, until you sell all of the dart monkeys or quit or win the game.

Strange Monkey knowledge showing glitchEdit


Ok. Please tell me why that dartling gun and mortar tower(monkey)'s book's appearance look so strange? They are rank 10, not 11. Ok, they are evil sometimes.

When you open a pack and discovered a card that can directly causes your MK books to level up (only works for lvl 5 to 6 or lvl 10 to 11, for example a lvl 10 mortar book and after you collect the card it goes to lvl11), but you haven't collect the card and clicked the MK book, you will see that that tower's book has a one lvl higher book appearance just like the pic. 3 above.

Of course, after you collect that card, that tower's book will turn to the new level and so the correct appearance.

Smart Glaives bugEdit

When a 2/x Bommerang Thrower throws glaives, it sometimes riccochets, even if the Glaive Riccochet upgrade isn't bought.

Beacon on building GlitchEdit

Sometimes the Bloon Beacon will appear on a building. To fix, move the building. It is still possible to capture a captured area for more easy loot, however this won't increase the tiles captured amount. This can happen more commonly when nearly the entire game world is cleared of Bloons.

No lives left but win glitchEdit


The Bloonarius is so evil! He commit suicide before killing me!

When fighting any of the four Boss Bloons (Bloonarius, Vortex, Dreadbloon, or Blastapopoulos), when you defeat the boss and run out of lives just in time, you see the defeat message, saying "DEFEAT! ...But the boss is damaged. Chase it down and try again!" In the same time, the boss is currently in its death animation. And then, the victory message is shown after few seconds. You will still win the fight and claim the reward.

Wrong City Level GlitchEdit

  • If you go into the My Cities selection screen, it may say that your city in Grassy Pass is in a city level higher than the actual city level in the first city. (e.g. your first city is level 24 but the My Cities selection shows that the first city is level 25.)

Cash Starve GlitchEdit

  • Sometimes when you go into your city, all your Banana Farms will not produce any city cash. To fix this, reload Bloons Monkey City again.

Pacifist Mode GlitchEdit

  • Sometimes when Pacifist Mode is on, your city can still get attacked even though Pacifist Mode is activated.

Game PausingEdit

  • Also works in BTD5.
  • Let's say, we have a 4/0 Ninja Monkey, and it will pop Bloons in SLOW MOTION while the shurikens are still popping.

Double Fire GlitchEdit

  • If upgrading a tower when it is doing the pre-firing animation, it will have its attack interrupted, and will instead fire two upgraded shots afterwards.

Ninja Seeking BugEdit

  • Ninja Monkeys with the Seeking Shuriken upgrade can/will only target the closest Bloon, regardless of targeting preference. If another Bloon passes them, they will face the first one, and then throw towards the nearest. The Shuriken SHOULD target the bloon the monkey is facing, and then bounce TO the nearest, but it does not. This happens in BTD Battles as well.

Damaged In-Construction BuildingsEdit

  • Sometimes, when your buildings are damaged after losing a Monkey vs. Monkey defense without sufficient City Cash, in-construction buildings can get damaged, adding up the damage time to the construction time. This can only apply to Unit Buildings, provided that one is currently in construction.
    • Warning: It is possible but very rare for the damaged building's construction time to stop completely. Should this ever happen, the only two solutions to fix this are to either finish the building with Bloonstones, or contact Ninja Kiwi.

Upgrade BugEdit

  • If you have an upgrade building in research progress, you can still access it by clicking another research building and selecting the other building from it. Most likely intentional.

Building Disappeared BugEdit

  • Extremely rare, but sometimes you can place a building on one of four super monkey villa spaces. If you move the villa, the building will either disappear or you can't put the villa in its original spot. Also, when moving the villa, the tile where the building disappeared will have a green-striped pattern. The building will reappear when the player moves the villa off of the spot and reloads the game.

Bloon SendingEdit

  • In the closed beta version of Bloons Monkey City, it was possible to send Bloons to yourself by pressing certain keys on the keyboard. It was actually possible to send Bloons one has not fought yet, like pressing the '4' keys summon D.D.T.s. Ninja Kiwi actually left this in the game for testing, and they removed this when the game was officially released in open beta.

Defended Attack BugEdit

  • Rarely, when a player defends your attack in Monkey vs. Monkey, the message continues to pop up, and you lose honor every time it does. This causes your honor to eventually reach 0. However, this is fixed by reloading the game.

Pillage it all!Edit

  • When winning an attack, you can get double, triple, or even quadruple the original pillage amount of city cash. The additional money will not be shown at first, but after refreshing the page or switching cities the value will update. This also goes alongside the Careless City Cash Counter Calculation glitch.

MOAB Class Bloon GlitchEdit

  • Sometimes, when you are playing a track with multiple paths, MOAB Class bloons (especially BFBs and ZOMGs) can start on one path, disappear, and reappear at the beginning of the other path.

ZOMG Sabotage GlitchEdit

  • Some Packed B.F.B. or Packed M.O.A.B. tiles may not show any Z.O.M.G.s, even if there the highest Bloon type shown for the attack.

Contested Territory Reward BugEdit

  • If the CT panel is open when the milestone/occupation event ends, the next event will start shortly before the map changes, giving any possible rewards for the new event as well as the previous one.
  • For example, if you held CT for 1 day while the milestone event was on, you will also get the 1 day occupation reward when it starts, along with all the previous occupation rewards. If you go for the 2 day occupation now, you have to hold the CT for 2 more days since the capture times are reset when the map changes. You also can't recollect any rewards you've already gotten by hitting the desired hold times.

Contested Territory Fail glitchEdit

  • Sometimes if you win a CT, you will not be holding the territory, even if you are first mainly after one day. It could also happen to other winning opponents.
  • Sometimes, your total time you held the territory will reset. This is fixed by refreshing the page.
  • If you begin a CT round directly before the bloons retake the territory, and win the CT after they would have taken it back, the territory will remain unclaimed.
  • Ninja Kiwi said it is by server failure saying that the game may not remember the process of CT and may say someone else took it.
  • Sometimes, the page will not load properly, showing all 6 cities names as Player Name.

Infinite Cash For CTEdit

If you win a CT, wait a while. When holding, the farm cash exceeds into hundred millions of cash after a while. Abusing the glitch can get your account banned.


I hope those cash trucks can carry that much- i'll be upset if it doesn't. Well, REALLY upset...

Sentry range bugEdit

  • For some reason, if you click on a sentry that doesn't attack any bloons in its duration and the time expires while the stats for the sentry are still shown, its range will still be on the screen. clicking on one of the targeting options will cause all four buttons to disappear.

Godly Or Wacko Sentry BugEdit

  • Boomerang Monkey 2-0


    Strangely, when the player buys at least a 1/0 Engineer, and if there are towers that fill the 1/0 Engineer's range and when there little to no space for sentries to randomly spawn within the Engineer's range, sentries will start spawning on the pathway where bloons travel or if the Engineer's range covers water then sentries can start spawning there too.

Incorrect Music GlitchEdit

  • Sometimes when you play a contested territory (possibly any tile) in your second city, you'll go back to your city noticing it is playing the tune from the 1st city.

Red Hot Spikes GlitchEdit

  • When you buy red hot spikes with fewer than BloonstoneIcon5, they are free. Possibly intentional.

Lose when you haven't glitchEdit

  • If you click on monkey boost when you have fewer then BloonstoneIcon5 and press cancel, it will say that you ran out of lives, even though you still have lives. While it's saying that you've ran out of lives, and you really do run out of lives, the screen will get darker. Exit and re-enter the same level and the screen will still be dark. It won't let you place anything, so you'll have to reload the game.

No Victory BugEdit

  • Sometimes after capturing a tile, it has the appearance of a non-captured tile in your city until you move your mouse off of it.

I Lost All My NK Coins BugEdit

  • Occasionally, the game may not allow you to spend any Ninja Kiwi Coins when purchasing Premium Buildings, Monkey Knowledge Packs, or Bloonstones. If the page is refreshed, however, any purchased Monkey Knowledge Packs will disappear, and your NK Coins will not be given back to you. Should this ever happen, you can contact Ninja Kiwi (via to recover any lost NK Coins from this bug. They have found this and is confirmed known; they are working on it currently.

Game Disconnect BugEdit

  • When you collect money/bloontonium from a specific building the game may give a server error causing you to reload the game. After that you may duplicate or lose all the resources. The errors should stop after around an hour.
    • Moving that building will error the game, forcing you to reload and the building will be duplicated.
  • The game may also error when spending Bloonstones, which in that case you lose the bloonstones.
  • The game may error when you claim a tile. You might lose the tile and all rewards. If that does not happen then you will lose the money gained from the tile.
  • The game may error just randomly after a while.
  • Descriptively, certain occasions can pop up an error that says Server Error with a monkey holding a cord. Retry will not do anything and after a few attempts the monkey is electrocuted and the Data Connection Error is given, stating that you must re-connect to the game server. After that, you are sent to the title screen. Clicking play will make loading stuck on "Connecting to Server..." This forces you to reload the game.

Temple MisdirectionEdit

  • When attacking relatively weak bloons such as blacks, whites, or zebras, a Temple of the Monkey God may very briefly fire directly to the left, even if there are no bloons in that direction. Influence of a Monkey Village does not affect this glitch. This can happen with any tower.

Flash Crash of DeathEdit

  • Usually caused by a old or laggy computer or by an outdated processor, if you win a tile and then flash crashes, you will not win the tile because the game did not have time to save your data. The only workaround is to use a high end computer or upgrade your processor as flash will less likely to crash on a better computer or processor.

Re-winnable MissionsEdit

  • Sometimes, when transferring from your first city to your second, two messages will appear, one after another. The first says that you have completed the Longer Darts mission (which requires research of Long range Darts for the Dart Monkey), and the second says you have completed the Better Boomerangs mission (which requires research of Multi Target for the Boomerang Thrower). You receive the indicated rewards for the two missions if you click the continue button. This glitch only occurs if you have already completed the missions by doing the required research.

Ultra-Temple GlitchEdit

  • Occasionally, when sacrificing a 4/x Mortar Monkey, a Temple of the Monkey God will become incredibly powerful, being able to completely destroy even Z.O.M.G.s before they fully appear. This makes it impossible for anything to get past the tower (unless in a high round on Contested Territory). While it might be said that sacrificing a 4/x Mortar Monkey would make each shot from the Temple pop five layers, the fact that it only happens every so often identifies it as a glitch, no matter if the Mortar super-powers the Temple or the Temple fails to absorb the ability of the Mortar.
BMC bugs

Since when are there two Bloon Research Labs here?

Duplicating Bloon Research Lab BugEdit

  • When a Bloon Research Lab finishes an upgrade, it may create a duplicate of itself 2 tiles below it, replacing anything that was previously there, even if the tile is not captured. If it replaces a building larger than 1x1, then the previous building will still exist around the lab, and the bug is corrected the next time the city is loaded. If the bug occurs in one city, it will probably occur in the other. The screenshot shows a second Bloon Research Lab that took the place of a Dart Monkey Hall.

Repeating QuestsEdit

  • Very rarely, the game can bug out when loading a city, and all of the quests will reset and can be re-earned. Some of them will be completed immediately, like having a certain researched complete, but others will require you to complete a tile to earn them again. All of the money and XP are earned again like normal and can drastically boost your cash and experience. The screenshot to the right shows some of the quests that returned.

Tunnels BugEdit

  • On the desert map 'Arrow', road spikes can be placed on the tunnels. The road spikes will disappear, but they are actually hidden in the tunnels. Also, any tower can attack bloons in the tunnels. Bloons can even be frozen in the tunnels!

Careless City Cash Counter CalculationEdit


The amount of City Cash is indeed full, but the counter did not display its counter right.

  • In BMC, after Monkey Vs Monkey messes around with the money and makes the amount of money owed is greater than the money owned, the counter gets confused and underestimates the amount of City Cash the player has. This also caused the player to be able to buy upgrades that are higher than what the counter claims it to be. Unfortunately, the actual amount of City Cash held cannot go further than the correctly stated max amount. Possibly fixed on the August 2015 update.

Ray of Doom blackens the screen bugEdit

  • Sometimes, when the player tries to upgrades a Dartling Gun to Ray of Doom, the map turned black thus forces the player to quit the map.

Overclocking BugEdit

  • When you click on the overclock icon just before the game is over, the next tower you place in the next tile you capture gets overclocked for free.

Lonely Captured Tiles BugEdit


Tile unconnected to the rest of the city.

  • This bug can occur if a player captures a tile while he/she is not connected to the NK server. If the player captures an adjoining tile afterwards when he/she IS connected the NK server, then reloads the game, the game will occasionally fail to load the tile captured while offline. This results in a captured city tile/tiles which are unconnected to the rest of the city. The tile captured while offline must be recaptured.

The Caves Terrain with wrong iconEdit

Cave is Grass

This is not a Grass Terrain; this is a Caves Terrain!

  • The icon for the Caves Terrain is incorrectly displayed as the Grass Terrain icon when replaying tracks, or through Contested Territory. Nevertheless, the Caves Terrain still plays that correct track if track is replayed, despite different Favors and Restrictions.

Backwards progressEdit

  • Sometimes when moving from Grassy Path to Bloon Dunes or vice versa, the progress is reset to what has been done at the start of the latest gaming session of the player. This may be fixed by simply waiting for a "saving" bunch of words to disappear before traveling between cities.
  • Similarly, an upgrade in progress of buying upgrades may sometimes be marked "cannot afford" even though there is enough City Cash to buy such an upgrade. This can affect the Double Shot upgrade.
  • The solutions to these include:
    • Refreshing the game every few hours, if playing for very long periods.
    • Give the computer a rest from BMC.
Fog bug

A Special Terrain tile!

Fog BugEdit

  • Sometimes after completing a tile, the fog around the city will disappear, allowing you to hover over all of the tiles on the map and see the tiles that would normally be on the edge of the fog without difficulty. This happens most if the computer is lagging.

Building on TerritoryEdit



  • Rarely, when you reload the game after a large building is finished (Monkey Ace or Super Monkey), one of the tiles captured will be displayed as not captured, and the building will be on land that is not captured by the city.

No Monkey Teams for youEdit

  • Sometimes Monkey Teams fails to realize that the player has used all of the eligible towers and does not reward the player its reward, even if not using any non-eligible towers. This can be fixed by refreshing the game every time new events come.
  • On the Flash version, finishing a game with the monkey team towers when the event ends in the middle of it will cause the game to hang and force a refresh.

Sticky Dragging and Stubborn ClickingEdit

  • Sometimes when running BMC for too long, clicking and dragging to select a tower does not work as well and forces the player to manually drag the tower into the gameboard instead. It also causes clicking of a tower to be clicking on the wrong tower or on the wrong part of the screen. This can be fixed by refreshing the game regularly if deciding to leave BMC to run for long periods of time.

Floating MvM upgrade descriptionEdit

Floating mvm upgrades

This upgrade description of Camo Bloon research floats

  • Occasionally, placing the cursor over the research icon leads to a constantly floating description bubble that does not stop even when the cursor is out of research icon.

Permanent Super Monkey Fan ClubEdit

  • If you place Dart Monkeys, upgrade one to x/4, and sell the last one you placed, you will have an infinite Super Monkey Fan Club. This is similar in function to the Overtime SMFC glitch, only you can do it intentionally.
    • If the last dart monkey is the one upgraded to SMFC or increases the dart monkey count beyond 10, then the glitch will not work!
    • Combining Permanent SMFC with Spike-O-Pults can trigger the Hypersonic Spike-O-Pult glitch as well.

Repeating Info glitchEdit


Man, I feel sorry for that player, they only wanted to try out MvM

  • Sometimes the same information may repeat multiple times.

"Where'd my towers go?" glitchEdit

  • Sometimes switching between the game and other tabs during heavy lag will cause all active towers to apparently vanish for a brief period of time. They do reappear quickly and function normally even while "gone".

BMC saving glitchEdit

  • Sometimes the game will be constantly saving. This causes you to lose progress and messes up your battles record. MvM will be saved in your Battle History page, but will not show up in "Attack wins ?/?" or "Defensive wins ?/?". Your city cash/bloontonium will be reset to the start of your session, but attacks defended stay defended. Any cash won from successful attacks will disappear. Any money in farms will be reset to the start of the gaming session (probably full capacity) but CT cash collected will be lost. There are other things that may not be determined.

To prevent this glitch, ensure the computer is a strong computer, and that you ensure that the game is continually refreshed if the computer sleeps.

Single DartsEdit


Triple Darts is now Single Darts

After the duration of a Super Monkey Fan Club is over, sometimes the Triple Darts and Super Monkey Fan Club Dart Monkeys will subsequently only shoot single darts. Fortunately, this bug is rarely seen outside a very few occurrences.

Bloons Monkey City MobileEdit

BloonstoneIcon2 Left Continue GlitchEdit

  • Sometimes, when you continue for BloonstoneIcon20, the continue uses all of your Bloonstones and only leaves two of them left.

Infinite Snowmonkeys/Blimp Monkeys/Dragon KingsEdit

  • If you open edit mode and try to store either a Snowmonkey (from the Christmas pack), Dragon King (from Chinese New Year special event), or a Blimp Monkey, it'll add one to your inventory, but you can continuously tap it, allowing you to create potentially hundreds of them without spending money.
    20191102 233544


Building Duplication CrashEdit

  • Rarely, when a building is moved into a large area of space, a duplicate of itself will appear next to it. The duplicate will not affect gameplay and cannot be moved whatsoever. This is corrected by demolishing the duplicate, which will crash the game and makes everything turn back to normal. It only happens in the HD version.

Upgrade CrashEdit

  • Upgrading towers can sometimes result in a game crash. It can only happen in the SD version of the game.
    • It was confirmed when upgrading a Bomb Shooter to an MOAB Mauler that will result in a crash. This chances increases when it is under a Monkey Village. This also happens in BTDBM, but it is patched there.
    • Upgrading a Sniper Monkey to Deadly Precision or Cripple MOAB can trigger this glitch as well.

Defending Against Contested TerritoryEdit

  • When there is a MvM attack and you defend against it and go to an uncaptured Contested Territory the play button instead of saying "Play" it will say "Defend" and will display the shield.
  • A similar effect happens sometimes after playing a Bloon Beacon tile.

Activating Ability UpgradeEdit

  • When tapping a Monkey with an Activated Ability, tap another Monkey without closing the menu. The Activated Ability will still display, and it will still say "Activate (Monkey name)." This can also happen with Sentry Guns as well, as it will be floating out of nowhere. However, this interface bug was soon patched in an update.
  • This also happens in Special Missions with Activated Abilities or ones that use their own towers. For example, in Submarine Alliance, when you tap on the damaged 2/4 Monkey Sub and then tap on another Monkey, it will say "Repair for $8,000."
    Banana Bug

    Why can't I build a Banana Farm here?

Banana Farms can't be built on Volcano tilesEdit

  • For some reason, Banana Farms cannot be built on captured Volcano Terrain tiles, even though said tiles appear to look like land tiles.

Can't Stop The White Bloons!Edit

  • White Bloons and Zebra Bloons cannot be frozen by Ice Monkeys that are under the effect of a Monkey Intelligence Bureau, but they can still pop them with Snap Freeze. This ruins the tower's late game viability without Snap Freeze, although it is not commonly used without said upgrade during that point. This bug also happens in BTD5 Mobile as well.

Contested Territory Fail Glitch 2Edit

  • This is very similar to the same glitch on the flash version, but now it instead restart them back to round 0. Milestones are still saved. This is due to ending CT with no internet connection or having the game crash.

Those boosts know how to fly...

Floating Red Hot Spikes & Monkey BoostsEdit

  • Using your iPhone, open the Monkeys menu. Now, set your device to sleep. Wake it up, and you can see that the Red Hot Spikes and Monkey Boosts are misplaced and look floating.
  • This only happens on earlier iPhone models, as iPhone 6 and later models usually have a wider screen.

Incorrectly RewardedEdit

  • If you have a complete a tile by beating an MOAB-class bloons in quest, and you successfully defend the MvM attack that was the MOAB-class bloon tile that matches the quest, you will complete the quest even though it is just a MvM attack and you do not capture the tile.
Z.O.M.G. Message

Army Monkey doesn't show the Z.O.M.G.Edit

  • When the player first encounters a Z.O.M.G., the Army Monkey will say "This is the Z.O.M.G. The Zeppelin of Mighty Gargantuaness. Popping this is very, very difficult." but he doesn't show it directly.

Bloons not appearingEdit

  • Tiles that have the highest Bloon ranking as Lead Bloons contain Zebras instead, because of the fact that Leads are stronger than Zebras, unlike seen in-game. This also applies to the D.D.T. Bloon strategy, where D.D.T.s sometimes don't appear.
  • Conversely, D.D.T.s can appear on other tiles, namely Camo Craziness and Fast and Furious that show the highest Bloon ranking as Z.O.M.G.s.

Cookoo Bloon StrategiesEdit

  • When accessing track replays, when choosing a Bloon strategy, you will most likely get a different strategy than the one you wanted to do. (e.g. Camo Craziness or Regrow Rush of Death do Hard and Heavy instead)
  • With Cash Starve, MOAB/BFB Pack, and D.D.T.s, it is possible to have combined bloon strategies, like Cluster Chaos combined with Cash Starve.
IMG 0141-1-

Behold! The amazing water-walking sentry gun!

Flying sentriesEdit

  • An easily reproducible glitch, monkey engineers may build sentries on any terrain. However they prefer to build sentries on build-able ground, but if there is no space (due to filling the nearby area with monkeys) a sentry will spawn wherever it can on the map within the engineer's range. This also happens in BTD5 Mobile, BMC and BTD Battles Mobile.

"Follow Mouse" is "Follow Touch" instead.Edit

  • On the PC version, when the player buys a Heli Pilot, the patrol option for following the mouse will say "Follow Touch" instead. This error was eventually corrected in an update; it now properly says "Follow Mouse" like normal, and "Follow Touch" if the player is using the touchscreen, if their computer supports this feature.

Dark City GlitchEdit

  • Occasionally, the game will bug out, causing all of the building and decoration sprites in the city to become solid black squares. This can also include buildings that are in construction, damaged, or for Upgrade Buildings, researching an upgrade.

Temple of the Monkey CrashEdit

  • The game crashes when you press either "Cancel" or "Do it!" if a round ends while you are on the Temple of the Monkey God's Temple Sacrifice upgrade screen, provided that the upgrade has been researched.

Lives bugEdit

  • Sometimes the game gives you an extremely large number of lives.

Bloons TD 6Edit

Lost Map But Didn't PlayEdit

  • Once the player loses all their lives and quickly presses the options and then the home button, the next game the player plays will have the game over screen.

7/8 CrashEdit

  • On some devices, the game will crash right after "7/8 Progress" is shown.

Removable Obstacles are BuggedEdit

  • If the player plays a map with removable obstacles, remove it, and then save afterwards, the obstacles might not be removed.
  • Likewise, sometimes unremoved obstacles save as removed.
  • Rarely, removable obstacles are disregarded and monkeys can shoot through them.

Broken Selection GlitchEdit


I'm loving this fancy new backdrop!



  • If you have a saved game on a track, the glitch can be performed. Select a difficulty, then a game mode, let's say Deflation. It will ask the player if you want to overwrite the player's saved game. Press the back button in the top left corner, which, for some reason, is still usable. Then press yes (to overwrite the player's saved game). It will bring the player to the track, but the menu will still be there. Pressing on one of the options and then clicking a game mode will crash the game. This is the player's only option, since the play button won't work.
  • You can also press the back button again (you can do this by clicking on a difficulty it,s the only button that won't crash the game), which will take the player to the track selection menu. This will cause some rather weird effects, like letting the player change your hero in the middle of the game (although the player can't place him/her). There's probably more that can be done with this glitch.


What are those guys doing there?

Liquid CratesEdit

  • In the map Town Center, there are two crates near the exit that water towers can be placed on. This can actually work towards the player's advantage, since the water on the map is far from the track. This was patched in update 2.0.

Invincible Ceramic Bloon OversightEdit

  • Sometimes, Ceramic Bloons spawning from MOABs are immune to thorns from the x/5/x Druid monkey. This only seems to happen with ceramics spawned by MOABs. Possibly intentional, but unlikely.

Pirate Lord/Monkey Pirate Glitch featuring Cripple MoabEdit

Screenshot 20180717-221748

It looks like the ZOMG is headed into the infinite abyss.

When using the Pirate lord's ability or the Monkey Pirate's with a Cripple Moab with Even Faster Firing the M.O.A.B. Class Bloon is being stunned while a grapple hook is trying to pull it. The results are a hook that is phasing through reality or it will disapper. If all towers are sold the M.O.A.B. Class Bloon will be pulled like in the glitch for Bloons Tower Defense 5.

Infinite Spike StormEdit

  • This glitch will cause the fifth tier middle path spike factory to endlessly spew out spikes.
    • Buy the 0/5/0 Spike factory
    • Put the speed to slow (optional, but makes the timing easier) and when the next round starts and it starts spreading spikes, buy it into a 2/5/0 or a 0/5/2
    • It should now be spamming spikes everywhere! (Recommended to sell the factory after a while, otherwise the game may crash.

Eternal WrathEdit


Wait so this is the True Sun God?

  • This glitch is done using the Avatar of Wrath.
  • If you upgrade it to 1/0/5 or 0/1/5, the wrath particles will stop changing and a second set of wrath particles will appear. Upgrading it again will create a third set of wrath particles. If you sell the tower after this, you can see that one set of wrath particles is permanent.
  • This can be done an infinite amount of times, just make sure the Avatar of Wrath is a 0/0/5 Druid so the glitch can be performed.

Flagship Vision GlitchEdit

  • If towers on top are moved via a Support Chinook, they will retain their ability to shoot over projectiles, despite being on ground level.

I can now have more than one Hero!!Edit

  • In update 4.0, Ninja Kiwi added a feature where you can select the Hero you want in a Daily Challenge. However, when you complete a round with that Hero, go to the main menu and select another Hero and resume the daily challenge you played and you can place a different Hero. You can have up to 6 Heroes in a map currently with this bug/exploit.
  • However, having more Heroes in a single game will make them level up slower, since Hero XP is shared with all Heroes and is independent from tower XP.

    Dynamic Octet!

  • It was patched in the 5.0 update, but brought back in the 12.0 update.

Superpowered TemplesEdit

  • Any buffs applied to a Sun Avatar or Sun Temple before they are upgraded are kept with the next upgrade. While this may seem intentional at first, these buffs include the Call to Arms ability, x/x/x/1 Sun Temples x/x/x/2, True Sun Gods, and 2+-X-X Alchemist buffs. Furthermore, these can be reapplied, leading to extremely powerful temples. Additionally, buffs applied to the Sun Avatar can be carried to the True Sun God and Vengeful Sun God.
  • However, if the player exits out of the game, these buffs will be reset.

Always ActiveEdit

It is unknown if this is a bug or not, but a 5-X-X Sub may make some abilities have no cooldown, by the time their abilities finish.

  • The X-5-X Ninja's Grand Sabotage ability may have no cooldown once the Sub is upgraded to 5-X-X, allowing to make Bloons permanently have Less health and Speed(Excluding BADs), being a good source for late game runs.
  • Another ability which is affected is Pat Fusty's Rallying Roar, which can make towers permanently do extra Damage to MOAB Class Bloons. This is also great for late game.

Start TwiceEdit

Btd6 Title and load screen bug

Btd6 Title and load screen bug

This video shows the "Start Twice" and "Downloading..." bug

When the player clicks/taps the screen when the title is appearing as part of the beginning animation, the title will pop up twice.


Whenever the player starts the game after downloading an update, every time the game is opened afterwards the load screen will display the downloading bar (this happens on mobile and possibly the PC version)

Necromancer: Unpopped ArmiesEdit

Whether or not it was intentional, X-X-4/5 Wizard Monkeys are able to summon extra Undead Bloons if only a few Bloons are popped (ex. 3 Necromancers will summon 3 Undead Bloons for 1 Red Bloon).

Sub GlitchEdit


The 3-0-0 sub and 4-0-0 sub

On the map "Spice Islands," placing a sub in a certain spot and upgrading it to 3-0-0 will cause it to have the "submerged" option and the radar, but it will be above water. Upgrading it further will show the sub in water, but no radar and lower in the water than usual (it will be less visible). Upgrading it one more time will cause the energizer's tall fin to be the only one sticking out of the water.

Un-Enhanced EmbrittlementEdit

If you upgrade an Ice Monkey to Embrittlement, purchasing the Enhanced Freeze upgrade causes a bug where the tower will not pop Black bloons or higher on their first hit - this also applies to Deep Freeze. This can be avoided by simply not buying the upgrade or by purchasing Super Brittle.

Invincible White and Zebra BloonsEdit

After using the Snowstorm ability, all White and Zebra bloons affected by the ability's freeze will momentarily be unpoppable by methods which do not have frozen popping properties.

Invisible SpikesEdit

If a player chooses the expert map "Dark Castle", any spikes on the bridge at the exit will be invisible. The spikes will still pop bloons that pass over.

Thanos-Snapped PhoenixEdit

In version 17.0, after using the Wizard Lord Phoenix ability, the base Phoenix that usually accompanies the tower will not respawn once the ability ends. This update also corrected a bug where Wizard Lord Phoenix was mistakenly counted as two towers, so it is possible that this is related in some sense.

Darkshift Tower stackingEdit

  • Wizard Lord Phoenix inside a Dark Champion, created accidentally in co-op
  • Legend of the Night on a Heli Pilot base, created in Sandbox
  • Wait, have we lost? (No game over in co-op bug)

When using the Darkshift ability, and a tower is placed at the destination during the animation or before the server realises the ability was used in co-op mode, the super monkey appears in the same place as the other tower.

No game over in co-opEdit

If a player disconnects (not simply leaving, causing game to wait for reconnection) at the precise moment you run out of lives, the game over screen won't show up. You can interact with towers, sell, upgrade, etc but the current round won't end.

Middle-Centered TowersEdit

Middle Inferno

Middle-centered Inferno Ring in Infernal, with Special Poperations and Carrier Flagship sold for display purposes


Multiple Spiked Mines placed in illegal positions

It is possible to place certain tower types on the center of the map regardless of map placement. Using Special Poperations with Door Gunner plus a Carrier Flagship, activating the Door Gunner Redeploy ability onto a Carrier Flagship platforms and immediately selling the Carrier Flagship just before placement will default the Special Poperations to place the tower at the center of the map. It is possible to place towers such as Spike Factories in the center too, even though they cannot fit on Carrier Flagship, which can bedone by placing an Arctic Wind (or higher) on top of one of the Carrier Flagship's platforms and placing the Spike Factory within one of the Arctic Wind's ice platforms. Interestingly, the Special Poperations occasionally places it next to the center, and sometimes near the end of the track (tested on Park Path with multiple spike factories)

No towersEdit

Sometimes, when placing towers they don't get placed.

No attack animation bugEdit

When a tower attacks every frame or faster continuously for long enough, the tower will go to idle animation. Most noticeable with x-x-5 Elite Defender snipers.

Mortar Monkey crashEdit

When placing a Mortar Monkey and selecting where to target, the game crashes. This happens more often when placing the target near the edge of the screen.

Bloons Adventure Time Tower DefenseEdit

Infinite Ghost MoneyEdit

  • Ghost Bloons are immune to damage from non-energy characters like Finn without the right trinkets but many trinkets still have an effect.
  • By equipping a melee character with the Thief King's Dagger and the Power Ring of Strength the character will get $2 in game cash per attack and indefinitely stall the ghost bloon, so if no other character pops it they will slowly accumulate infinite money for you.
  • Finn is the best character with his good attack speed and the Right in the Glubs upgrade that occasionally lets him to full speed burst of attacks (Stunned bloons also don't go backwards).

Flying Kick MisplacementEdit

  • Sometimes, when the player moves Finn close to a MOAB-class Bloon with the BMO's Skateboard ability and he uses his Flying Kick attack on it, he can fly back to the place he was before the player moved him. He can still attack and kick the MOAB-class Bloon because the game still registers him at his new position. When Finn uses his Flying Kick attack while the bug is active, he will fly quickly to the MOAB-class Bloon to kick it.



An example of the Tower Bug. Doing the dirty work.

Save BugEdit

  • Saving the game in BTD4 originally required a MochiGames account, prior to Ninja Kiwi's account system being used as a replacement. Ever since MochiGames shut down, the player's game hasn't been able to save, even if the player presses the Save button in a game. The bug has been fixed; a Ninja Kiwi account is now required to save your current game in BTD4.

Challenge Saving Bug (Minor)Edit

  • It is possible to save in Challenges, however, it's only before the player starts the first round, which is rather useless.

More than max glitchEdit

  • In the July 18th 2012 challenge, if the player has reached the limit of one tower type, and sell a different one, the player can buy another one of that one, but once the player buys it, it will be locked again.

Noob Engineer BugEdit

  • If you upgrade a monkey engineer to 0-4, then upgrade it to 1-4, the engineer's appearance and thumbnail look like a 0-0 engineer. It still has its normal functions, and this can be fixed once you upgrade it to 2-4. This was fixed in 2.1, but when the Odyssey mode was introduced, the bug was put back in, but now only the appearance is changed. This bug was fixed again in December 4, 2015.

Unlimited NK Coins/MM GlitchEdit

  • When the player purchases MM with NK coins, the player won't lose MM when they buy Special Agents, nor NK coins. See: Here,or here..

Missing Menu BugEdit

  • On the intro screen in BTD5, right click, then click on the play button. The play button screen will still be there, yet, if the player clicks where any of the menus would be (e.g.: special agents), that menu will be opened.

10 BugEdit

  • This rarely occurs, once the player loads a save game with a Portable Lake with Monkey Buccaneers on top of it, it will show the number ten with a hour glass next to it, as if the player is on the special mission, Short-Lived.

Alarm BugEdit

  • If The player clicks the quit button, run out of lives, then click yes, an alarm will sound until the player plays, where the player gets a Game Over. This also happens in the Wizard Lord special mission when the player runs out of towers, except there is no escape from it other than reloading the game.

Track 2 BugEdit

  • If the player plays a beginner track on BTD4 and save, and when the player goes to the expansion, it will take the player to track 2 although Ninja Kiwi seems to know this as when the player does this there is a message saying that the save is from the original game and results may be unexpected.
Bug no Site do jogo


Bug when logging into the gameEdit

  • The game has a system where the player can only play right into Ninja Kiwi. But in an update, double monkey money, the game itself did not identify the site of origin. Even if the player is on Ninja Kiwi, it gives the message "play now on Ninja Kiwi".
200px-Abilities glitch

Special Abilities Glitch. I have abilities that I can't use. this sucks

Special Abilities BugEdit

  • When a tower with an ability is sacrificed to a temple, the ability will stay, though it is supposed to disappear. The ability can't be used.

Description bugEdit

  • Bug 1: In the MOAB Madness special mission, after winning the challenge, a comment will appear (it says Easy peasy.), which is the default comment for Round 2, and that's ironic, because there is no Round 2 in the MOAB Madness special mission. However, an update (April 2, 2013) made no pre-round messages appearing (even if tips are turned on) in Daily Challenges, nor Special Missions.
  • Bug 2: When opening a Daily Challenge (or Special Mission), when starting the challenge or mission, the default comment for round 1 (the welcome message) appears instead of the description of the challenge or mission. This was fixed on the same April 2, 2013 update.

Hotkey Abuse BugEdit

  • This is a glitch which is similar to the tower placement glitch except the player can use the hotkey of a locked tower.

Negative XP BugEdit

  • In BTD5 Deluxe, when it was first released, Ice Tower's XP was bugged and had negative values causing it to never level up. Fixed two days after release.

Money Losing bugEdit

  • In BTD5, when the player presses the hotkey (, for the left path and . for the right path) for upgrading on a path where there is an upgrade locked, the player will lose money (the cost of the upgrade) for nothing and the tower will not be upgraded. It will also increase the selling price. Fixed in Feb 20, 2013.

Fast Upgrade GlitchEdit

  • In BTD5 Deluxe, when playing the Fast Upgrades special mission, it was possible for a tower to upgrade to an upgrade you haven't unlocked yet. This was patched on August 26, 2013.

Saving bugEdit

  • This bug seems to be a variant of Deflation Saving bug.
    When the player tries to play a Daily Challenge or a Special Mission, the game will take the player to the previously saved game instead of the challenge or mission. This was fixed on April 2, 2013.

Giant Lock BugEdit

  • After the Double Monkey Money update in December 19, 2012, before starting BTD5, a giant lock flashing purple and green will appear, and in a second, the player starts the game quicker than usual. This bug was fixed in January 8, 2013, right when the Double Monkey Money event ended. This may be a holiday surprise for the players.

Monkey Dollar0 after buying Special AgentsEdit

  • When the player buys more than 1 special agent a time, the player loses all of their monkey money, and the player will not get the agent. The player gets back the Monkey Money only when earning them by completing a game.

Hydra Rocket Pods BugEdit

  • The 2/3 Dartling Gun shots don't explode, but just pierce through bloons.

Opening Title SFX BugEdit

  • There was a bug in which the sound effects in the opening title wouldn't play. This was fixed on Thursday, June 14, 2012. In the selfsame update, Specialty Buildings were added.

Premium BugEdit

  • This was a glitch where if the player left clicks at the edge of the premium upgrade, the player will activate the upgrade for free. This glitch was patched two weeks after Bloons Tower Defense 5 was officially released.

Tack Awesomizer BugEdit

  • Road Spikes do 13 pops instead of 22 with Tack Awesomizer.

Pro Tribal Turtle BugEdit

Monkey Ace Bug 2Edit

  • 3/0 Aces can target Camo Bloons but it cannot pop them. 4/1 aces can drop pineapples at the Camo Bloons, but the pineapples can't pop them.

M.O.A.B. and B.F.B. Mortar Tower GlitchEdit

Save BugEdit

  • (Only works in BTD5) Complete a difficulty and then click on the save button really rapidly before the message says "Congrats! You beat this track on _____!". Then when it has saved, the player must exit out then load it again. Once the player passed this level, the player can save in Freeplay Mode.

Tower Sell BugEdit

  • When the player sells a tower, it doesn't go away, and it just gives the player money. This occurs when a player opens their BTD4 save file when playing BTD4 Expansion (whether or not this is for the first time isn't confirmed).

Track Jump GlitchEdit

Fast Sandbox BugEdit

  • When Fast Track Mode is turned on, and you go into sandbox mode, you will only have the Fast Track Cash even though it looks like you still have infinite.

Challenge BugEdit

  • After playing a challenge in BTD4 (such as the one to defeat 50 M.O.A.B.s in one round), placed some towers but didn't yet start the game before quitting, and then when the player goes on it again and click "Load Game", the player will get a lot of money, and the towers the player placed.

The Treasure Chest Glitch

Treasure Chest GlitchEdit

  • When the player has already opened the Treasure Chest in BTD5, it will be open and have a small 999 in it. When the player clicks, it will still give Monkey Money. However, then the player can't get Monkey Money the next day. This is not completely a glitch, as this does occur at the time it is meant to happen.

Black Screen BugEdit

  • In BTD Battles, if the player loses, their screen will turn black after the player has won a new battle.
BTD5 News Table Bug

The News Table Bug

News Table BugEdit

  • Sometimes, when the player enters BTD5, the News Table is bugged, and the player can't view any news, or the BTD5 mobile table. It is unknown why that happens.

Banana Farm On Deflation BugEdit

  • It is possible to get a Banana Farm by clicking on the very edge of the button of the tower. It also gives the player money. However, this was patched and it is no longer possible.
    • Something similar could be done with the Monkey Engineer via the Bloon Trap upgrade on Bloons TD 5 iOS. However, this was also patched.
Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 8.06.36 PM

Those pesky mortars... I think they need glasses with lenses as thick as a Z.O.M.G.

Road Spikes Bug (minor)Edit

  • When spamming road spikes in BTD5 iOS, and the player ends up with less than $30, the player could buy their last pile of Road Spikes for less than $30. Fixed in version 2.1

Stupid Mortar GlitchEdit

  • Those pesky mortars can't aim right: When the player targets an area in BTD Battles, the mortar aims somewhere else, although the shells still explode at the target.

Get ready, Wait and win! Piece a cake.

Disconnection BugEdit

  • After you and your opponent choose towers on Bloons Tower Defense Battles iOS, one player will see the waiting for opponent screen, while the other one is already playing round 1. After Round 1, the game doesn't start Round 2. The player who first played Round 1 will get infinite money in several seconds.

Banana Farm Flash Crash bugEdit

Unnecessary Lag bugEdit

Bullet/Slo-Mo Matrix speed bugEdit

  • In Bloons TD Battles, as of October 14, 2013, there are added codes for an anti-hack system, which never got implemented until a few months later, adding some memory. These codes cause lag for no reason in at least 20-40% of the games. The lag can cause the game to be slower from 1.5x slower to 8x slower. Sometimes the lag starts only in late rounds, but it's much worse than the normal lag. Computers' speed seem to affect this. Example of unnecessary lag here.
Bloons Tower Defence 4 Glitch

Bloons Tower Defence 4 Glitch

How to Place towers any place you want... Even on the track

Earlier is Later bugEdit

  • In the February 23, 2013 challenge (I Spy with My Eye), the description says the challenge ends at round 70, but when the player starts the challenge, it says 85. It is changed when the player reaches round 2. It will also happen with other challenges.

Towers Placeable EverywhereEdit

If the player hovers their cursor over a spot where the player can place a tower when the player has a tower selected, and right click on that spot, and then while the right-click menu is shown, click anywhere and the player can place that tower anywhere. (Patched in v1.12 BTD4 original and v1.18 expansion)

Screen shot 2014-03-15 at 4.57.54 PM

Shouldn't this be red and not black?

Black Bloon Sharp Shuriken BugEdit

  • Sometimes a discoloration of the the Sharp Shuriken upgrade for the bloon to be black and not red. It was later patched.

Spike Factory shooting Spiked Balls even without upgradesEdit

  • In Bloons Monkey City, when the Non-Stop mode update was first added, the Spike Factory was able to shoot Spiked Balls, even if the tower isn't upgraded or the upgrade hasn't been bought. This was quite game breaking, allowing for some tough non-Desert tiles like Ceramic and even M.O.A.B. tiles to be beaten at early city levels with almost no trouble. This is demonstrated in the following video:
    • This also allowed for Spiked Balls to combine with MOAB-SHREDR Spikes, allowing then to deal extra damage to Ceramics and MOAB-Class simultaneosly, or when upgraded to Spike Storm, you get a Spiked Ball Storm!
  • Shortly after Junior Monkey made the video, it has been patched, as of December 1, 2014.

Road Item CrashEdit

  • This glitch was bought up when Bloons Monkey City Mobile first released. This is an issue that's caused when a player tried to place road spikes or pineapples when they don't have enough money for them. This is because the game does not know if you have enough money or not so it won't exit. This will cause the game to crash by the time you tap anywhere. Fixed in version 1.1

Hole by Selling bugEdit

  • In mobile versions of BTD5, and in the Protect Monkey Town special mission, it is possible to sell the Monkey Town for $0, leaving a hole in the middle. The player still loses lives if bloons will go in the hole. The same goes for the Wizard Lord, and if this happens, the player automatically loses when a tower needs to be sacrificed. Fixed in version 2.1

Sextuplet DartsEdit

Banana farmer out of control bugEdit

  • Sometimes when a bloon trap is in the range of the banana farmer, the bloon trap will fly towards the banana farmer. However, you only get $40/$60/$400/$600, not the bloon trap cash. Fixed in version 2.1

Co-Op Ace Private Hangar BugEdit

  • On Android, If the Ace Private Hanger is activated while playing in Co-Op mode, Aces do not have the auto-aim dart attack. This was fixed in version 2.6.1.

Repeated Winning BugEdit

  • When you win a raid, it keeps popping up that your won the raid and gives you free cash, honor, and possibly achievements. The honor will go back to normal after reloading the page but the cash doesn't disappear. Also, in your battle log, it might show 10/7 raids won or more raids won than raids done.

Temple Trap glitchEdit

  • Similar to Spectre stole ground zero's ability glitch. activate the glitch with a super monkey. upgrade to temple of the monkey god with no super monkey on the screen. The temple will appear for a split second, sacrificing all towers around it like an average temple, then disappear.

Spectre stole Ground Zero's abilityEdit

  • If you buy a tower, make their white outlines appear then click, upgrade to 1/3 or 3/1, sell, and click
    4 4 Monkey Ace

    Spectre with Ground Zero's nuke. The Bloons are planning a hasty retreat.

    very rapidly. It will show the upgrade section where you can upgrade to 4/4. Only Monkey Ace is allowed to still attack, every tower else is gone forever, so you can have a Spectre with Ground Zero combined. Through still every other tower being disappeared, they can still be upgraded to their ability, but the tower is still not there, being extremely useful for Daily Challenges where they restrict the number of towers with abilities.
  • You can get an unlimited amount of monkey aces with this glitch.

Super Overclock GlitchEdit

  • Overclock can stack with most towers, allowing them to become extremely powerful. In version v150831 however, this has been patched.

Okay, who's fixing this Bloon Trap now? (the Bloon Trap is still blinking but bloons are passing it, more notably a Red Bloon)

Broken Bloon Trap GlitchEdit

  • In Bloons Monkey City Mobile, the Bloon Trap was able to flash constantly, even if it's full. Once it has been collected, it turns into a ghost trap. It is not there, but you can still see it animating for a few more seconds. It can make you look like one Engineer has 10 or more Bloon Traps, when in reality, it only has the usual one. This is because each frame stacks on top of each other. Fortunately, it does not happen on the PC version. This was patched as of version 1.8; the Bloon Trap should work correctly as intended.

No Money GlitchEdit

  • When you use up all your money on the tutorial and it asks you to upgrade your dart monkey beacause of camos then you will not get extra money and you cannot finish the tutorial. Now, the game gives you money if you don't have enough.

Where is my free boomerang?Edit

  • On the 1.1 update of BMCM, you will not get a free Boomerang Thrower in Wattle Trees, even at the start and after three rounds. This was not fixed until the 1.3 update.

Bloon Trap CrashEdit

  • In BMCM on 1.2.1 update, if the last bloon for a tile was popped by a Bloon Trap, the game would crash. This was fixed in 1.3.

Ability Stutter GlitchEdit

  • If Active Ability is at rank 5 or higher, using an ability will cause towers to 'stutter' (even Banana Farms), resetting their attack cooldown. This makes supply drop farming a lot less effective, unless you have a couple Absolute Zero abilities to freeze the bloons when the stutter happens. This is demonstrated here:

How did a Ninja and a Bomb Tower get here? And why is the Buccaneer not favored?

No Restrictions, No FavorsEdit

  • Even on tiles they are not allowed, the restricted towers can still be used. However, all favored towers will then not be favored. This glitch has been out since the first release. It happens when you enter the track in the My Tracks menu. The picture to the right shows that Ninja Monkeys and Bomb Shooters (including Bloonchippers) can still be used on Lake Terrain when accessed in the My Tracks Menu.

D.D.T. can fit into the Bloon TrapEdit

  • Prior to a recent update for BMC Mobile, the D.D.T. can be ensured by the Monkey Engineer's Bloon Trap, giving the player 16,656 cash. When emptied manually, it gives 33,312 cash.
    • This bug has apparently predated the Engineer Monkey's XXXL Trap in BTD6, which is able to trap MOAB-Class Bloons other than the B.A.D.

Cheap WinEdit

  • If you skip the map when the tower selection screen reaches the last second, your opponent gets a random tower loadout. Your opponent will be unable to change the towers since the Ready button will be pressed automatically. However, your opponent can still counter the trick by skipping the map after you do before you choose your towers and press Ready. Technically this is not a glitch but a strategy, though.

Disconnection bugEdit

  • Rarely, on Defense mode on BTDB HD, if the internet disconnects, it won't throw you out of the game. Instead, no bloons appear, but you can still gain/take benefit of Income. The game will throw you out when you place down spikes.

Full House Infinite Towers GlitchEdit

  • By having the shadow ninja double ability unlocked, you can use the ability, click on the shadow ninja, and sell it. This will allow you to buy 1 extra tower. You can perform this multiple times to increase the amount of towers you can place.

No Monkey Sub in Special MissionsEdit

  • Very minor, but before it was announced on the site with the Monkey Sub update, the player could not use the Monkey Sub in Special Missions. This was fixed when Ninja Kiwi intentionally announced the Monkey Sub.

Reverser Difficulty BugEdit

  • Advanced Reverser, Expert Reverser or Extreme Reverser can be achieved on any difficulty.

Less Towers BugEdit

  • This bug came with 3.1 update. It appears at missions with limited number of towers at a time. It decreases the number of allowed towers in the field by one. For example, you can put 4 towers only in Full House Special Mission instead of 5. However, this bug don't affect the number of towers from one type. For example, you still can put 3 towers from each type in Third Time's a Charm Random Mission. This was fixed on next update.

Super Wired FundsEdit

  • You gain blue and red blops a lot faster than normal. However this has been patched.

Reward Wants 101%Edit

  • Sometimes rewards won't let you collect it at 100%. This was due to the achievement progress rounding the percentage to the nearest integer, making it seem like you've completed it when you still need a little more. This has been fixed in version 2.0.

Support Chinook Quantum PhysicsEdit

  • Normally during a game, the player cannot have two 5th tier towers or two heroes (without Master Double Cross). However there is a glitch which allows you to do all of that, as well as place towers anywhere.
    • Buy a tower's 5th tier or a hero (let's say a Plasma Monkey Fan Club) and then buy a Support Chinook or two. Change your control settings to Drop and Lock.
    • Activate the "move tower" ability and select the tower you want to replace. Hold your finger over the tower and do not let go. Then try to drop the tower down at the same time as you are constantly pressing the checkmark button in the top right corner. It has to be precise, and it is hard.
    • Eventually, your tower will be duplicated to your tower's new position. All the clone towers still function, even abilities. You can clone a tower as many times as you want. If you cloned a hero, abilities will stack.

Cash Drop Is BrokenEdit

  • If the player starts a round with a monkey placed, and then activates a cash drop, do not collect it when it comes down. Instead, wait a bit and the cash drop will give the player practically infinite cash. Patched in the June 20 bug patch update.

Too Many Free Dart MonkeysEdit

  • If the player has bought the Monkey City upgrade for the Monkey Village after round 80, the game will give the player infinite free dart monkeys. Patched in update 2.0 (?)

Gimme My StandEdit

  • If a 4-0-0 Druid is moved with the support chinook, it's stand won't be moved. Similarly, if a 5-0-0 is moved, it's cloud will not move.

The glitch in action. Wait, GIMME MY STAND BACK!

Crash ChinookEdit

  • If you place a Wizard Lord Phoenix and move it with the Support Chinook while its ability is activated, the game will crash. Fixed as of the 3.0 Update.
  • The same thing happened with the Arctic Wind in the 11.0 update, where moving the arctic wind that the Support Chinook was on would crash the game. This was fixed in the 12.0 update.

I Have Infinite PowerEdit

  • If a 0-3/4-0 Alchemist gives anything that has an ability to target and/or attack bloons from any place on the map (i.e. Pirate Lord, Pheonix,etc.) a Berserker Brew, it shows that the tower has infinite range. It's mostly a graphical bug, but the Jungle's Bounty (x/4/x druid) ability and Primary Expertise (5/x/x village) are affected by this and can be exploited.

The round hasn't started, but there is a ZOMG at the start.

Fake MOAB-ClassEdit

  • Sometimes a MOAB-Class Bloon pulled in by Monkey Pirates/Pirate Lord will stay on screen, even after the round has ended
  • It will stay there until you re-enter the game
  • It is simply a visual glitch that stays there, the worst it can do it obscure your vision.

Hesitant Spike FactoryEdit


Pls work!

  • For some reason the Spike Factory will not shoot outside of its original range unless you have one of the special targeting options for Directed Spikes.
  • Fixed in update 3.0.0.

Floating DumbbellEdit

  • When Benjamin uses Bloon Trojan while in the middle of his dumbbell idle animation, the dumbbell will appear to float in midair. This is a minor graphics bug and will return to normal when the same idle animation is activated. This was patched in the 4.0 update.

What Tower is This? BugEdit


Uhh... Is it the 80 Banana Tower???

In 9.0, The Banana Farm did not have a name, occurring in most parts of the game. This was a visual glitch and did not affected gameplay. It was fixed in 9.1, now the Banana Farm has a name again.

Not Really a True Sun God BugEdit

In 9.0, If you sacrifice towers to a Sun Temple with sacrifices, once you upgrade it to a True Sun God, it would mess up the True Sun God's sacrifices, losing the already existing ones as well as adding the new sacrifices to the Sun God. For example, let's say if you have a Sun Temple with $50,000 Military Sacrifices with 2 Golden Spectres flying around it, and then do another $50,000 Military Sacrifice, when you upgrade it to a True Sun God, it would lose the existing sacrifices but gain the new ones, making it STILL have 2 Golden Spectres flying around it. This was fixed in 9.1.

Killer Dart MonkeysEdit


Dart Monkeys rule!

  • This glitch requires you to have unlocked Super Monkey Fan Club or Plasma Monkey Fan Club and Total Transformation.
  • You can essentially use them in a combo, but it only works if you do Super/Plasma Monkey Fan Club first.
  • The result is a killer squad of plasma shooting attack monsters of absolute chaos, able to easily destroy a B.A.D.
  • You can throw in other stuff like Beserker Brew Alchemists and Monkey Villages for even more destructive power!
  • Only works on 5 dart monkeys at a time.
  • Ninja Kiwi said this "glitch" was intentional, however, this glitch was patched as of the co-op update.

Can't Stop the DDTs!Edit

  • In BATTD, if a D.D.T. is popped, but its children aren't popped fast enough, they would regrow back into D.D.T.s, making them near impossible to pop! If the children continually regrow back into D.D.T.s, this would cause tens, or in worse cases hundreds of D.D.T.s to overflow your defenses, unless it's very powerful. This bug has thankfully been patched in version 1.3.

Incorrect Boss SpawningEdit

  • After fighting a Boss Bloon, going into My Tracks and then selecting a special tile the Boss will incorrectly spawn on said map. This may be repeated without the loss of any city cash. If defeated the player will still be awarded with whatever milestone rewards they have reached but the city cash given at all levels corresponds with the cash given by the tile.
    Screenshot 20200229-163815 Monkey City

    Vortex incorrectly spawning in a MOAB Graveyard tile.

    Patched as of v1.12.1

Supersonic Elite DefenderEdit

If a player buys an Elite Defender on the expert map "Dark Castle", the Elite Defender will fire 4x as fast as usual, making it it gain thousands of pops in seconds.

Infinite MoneyEdit

In Version 16.2, if you place a land tower on water via Arctic Wind and sell it on a map where the middle pixel is blocked (like Rake, Dark Castle, Muddy Puddles and so on, but water is not considered as obstacle, and on some of the maps the towers should be large enough to cause the glitch), the tower will be sold twice, and by doing so repeatedly you can gain infinite amounts of money, even on Deflation. This glitch was patched in version 17.0.

Special Poperations MarinesEdit

In version 17.0, when the player uses Special Poperations to move a land tower and uses the marine ability right before the tower lands, the marine will be placed down and more marines will spawn at the same place every few seconds right on it. This 'marine stack' can easily take down a lot of bloons until the player uses the ability again, and if again in this way, the glitched marines will spawn in the new spot. This glitch was patched in version 17.1.

Sandbox rounds glitchEdit

for this glitch, you need to go into sandbox mode and press the round button to set the round instead of using the set round option. You will be able to set the round to up to 7 digits instead of 4. This means that you can set the round up to 9,999,999. It is unknown if this is intentional or not.

Proof of the glitch

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