Bloons get pushed backwards or slowed after each hit.
~ BTD6 descrpiton

Official BTD6 artwork

Knockback is the first upgrade of Path 3 for the Super Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It gives the Super Monkey the capability to push back or slow down bloons on each hit. The Knockback upgrade costs $2550 in Easy Difficulty, $3000 in Medium, $3240 in Hard, and $3600 in Impoppable. It will push back bloons below Ceramics, stuns ceramics, or slows down MOABs and above (except the BAD, which cannot be slowed at all).



  • The icon for this is a yellow boxing glove impacting a bloon.
  • This upgrade is the only upgrade below Tier-3 that costs exactly $3000 on Medium for the upgrade alone.
  • This upgrade costs the same as the Super Monkey did in BTD5. Likewise in BTD6, Laser Blasts now costs the same as the Super Monkey does in BTD6.
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